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Hotel Weber Ambassador, is situated in the Capri, Italy. Hotel Weber Ambassador is a nice place to visit in this area.

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  • Nice rooms and beach next to hotel. Sadly the customer service was appalling, every meal turns into an argument with the staff. It seems as if the staff here truly believe the customers are paying them to please them and that they're getting paid for the customer to keep them happy. Never in all my travels have I seen such an argumentative collective of staff. The family cannot wait to go home. Service is what you would expect at a one star hotel. Also wifi is non existent.

  • My first trip to Capri and this beautiful hotel and certainly not the last! From booking my room with Achille to being picked up at the pier, checking in and having lunch with a travel sick 7 yo, I couldn't ask for a better experience. It was a taste of paradise. All the staff were amazing and accomodating, the food is reasonable priced and very delicious. Views from my room were to die for! I will be definitely visiting again.

  • I honestly have no idea how this hotel is considered to be a four star hotel. It has great views, a pool and a free shuttle to the city center. The shuttle can pick you up or drop you off at the port for 5 euro per person which is worth it because a cab is 30 euro from the port to hotel. Those are the only positives about this property. We stayed here for one night in August so I know the prices are higher given the season and that its Capri but I paid $225 to stay in this hotel and it was a ripoff. The staff held our luggage during the day since the room wasn’t ready however instead of keeping it secure in a room it stayed in the lobby all day where anyone could have easily accessed it. Upon check in the room did not have a window at all but rather a glass door and you had to go around a corner to the bed, so there was very little natural light. I have never seen a room with no window in a hotel before. The decor was dated and dinghy, I would expect something more from a supposed 4 star hotel. There was a strange odor to the room and there were holes in the floor. It needed a paint job as well. There was no place to hang towels in the bathroom or bedroom, no hooks or bars, how does that even make sense. The shower drained slowly, had missing tiles and had mold!. Obviously cleaning is not a priority here. We paid the 11 euro for breakfast and if you sit outside they have plates with food on the railings which attracts a ton of bees. Also be careful to check your bill upon checkout because they automatically charged us 5 euro per person for pick and drop off to the port when we did not use these services. I would not recommend to stay here.

  • One of the best hotels in Capri. The staff were very helpful and friendly

  • Fantastic views, service, and breakfast. Get the room with the sea view.

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