15 Best Things To Do in Capri, Italy

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 15 Oct 2018

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Want to have some refreshing soul tour of a place which can provide you with a cherishing beauty of a lifetime. One such island you can visit is Capri in Italy. Rich is natural wilderness, strange rock structures and shopping this place has all the qualities of a perfect tourist destination. Although spread in an area of just 10 kilometers, the site holds immense beauty in itself. Here we have covered you with best places to visit in Capri. 15 of such top tourist attractions in Capri are listed below.

Let's explore the best things to do in Capri:

1. Visit Mount Solaro

Mount Solaro's is the highest mountain in Capri, Itlay. The peak of the mountains is the highest point on the islands which is 1900 meters high. Getting onto the chairlift, you can see the mountain ranges and natural greenery from a substantial height which is a beautiful sight to behold. Various types of flora and fauna can be seen on these mountains, and along with this, you can enjoy the snacks and tea stalls on the hilltop. One can take the cable cars to reach the hill and witness the strange scenic allure which is a refreshing element to cherish.

2.Watch the beauty of I Faraglioni

I Faraglioni the mountains on Capri Islands which dramatically emerges from beneath the sea and are one of the most famous sites in Italy. These timeless rocks are an exceptional art of nature and are an ideal spot for honeymooners. You can quickly reach near the twin rocks by taking a boat and make some interesting photographs of the fantastic pieces of structure. This place is not only beautiful but also the most romantic spots in the world.

3. Fortini Coastal Walk

If you want to achieve some sincere gratification from the crowded vicinity, take a walk in the Fortini Coastal Area of Capri, Italy. The trail up the hills is an interesting one as you get to see the mountain peaks touching the clouds giving it a surreal feel and an escape from reality. Since the path is quite long and treacherous, one needs to carry plenty of water and must be fit enough to complete the trail. Although the hiking is a bot tough, the pleasant atmosphere is worth the wait.

4.Visit Giardini di Augusto

Giardini di Augusto is an enticing garden in Capri, Italy. This garden is situated amidst the waves of the island and can be reached by taking a boat or a ferry. Once in the garden, you will get to witness various structures, stunning fountains and little shrubs alongside the clear paths which makes it look very bizarre and enchanting.  The Faraglioni rocks can be seen once you are in this garden and the refreshing aroma of the waves mingled with that of the flora will nurture you with a sweet and sublime feeling.

5. Visit Green Grotta

The cliffs of Green Grotta are situated amidst the crystal clear waters of the Capri Island which shines bright like an emerald in bright sunlight. It is a curious yet fantastic sight and even a romantic spot for couples. One can swim around the cliff, take photographs and also see the reflections of the cliffs in the waters which are so amazing that they will give you the feeling of being in a vast world. 

6. Pass through Parco Filosofico dell'Isola di Capri

Parco Filosofico dell'Isola di Capri is an arch-shaped structure made up of two cliffs between the sea. It forms a cave-like structure, and the boat on which you are traveling can pass through that tunnel. This journey will tend to diminish the difference between vast and temporal worlds and is a real natural beauty.  The surrounding blue-green and red Grotta will provide you with the feeling of being enclosed by an unrefined clarity. This site cannot be missed while in Capri, Italy.

7. Walk through Parco Astarita

Parco Astarita is a hilly area on the Capri Islands, Italy. The panoramic view and is an apt place for developing your photography skills. The hilltop site and the spectacular aspect of the island are worth watching. On the other hand, the fresh breeze will leave you with a coolant effect amidst the scorching heat. This hill is a must visit while one is basking in the waters of Capri Islands.

8. Visit Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Chiesa di Santo Stefano is a stylish church on the Capri Islands crafted with white marble and exquisite designs. This church is a partly modernized structure of craftsmanship with a pinch of traditional Italian culture. The beautiful chapels and the walls decorated with strong paintings are something you can cherish for your entire life. Although not a very fancy one, Chiesa di Santo Stefano church is one of those few pieces which are subtle as well as mesmerizing in their monotony.

9. Shop at Via Camerelle

Via Camerelle is a street in Capri famous for shopping for all types of a target group of people. Explicitly known for shopping and eatable shops, Via Camerelle has many branded shops and elegant shops offering various kinds of branded material even on a small island. Although the price is the area, in general, is quite high, still, people who come here from all over the world shop till their's heart content.

10. Visit Via Longano

Via Longano is another fantastic street for shopping and expensive boutiques in Capri and is an essential point of tourist interest in Italy. Often known as the heart of the island, this place has a variety of small shops and vendors selling local items and traditional Italian items which can be bought at reasonable prices. On the outskirts, there are little small bars, and food stalls which serves finger licking food and is a must visit.

11. On the pinnacle of Belvedere Cannone

Belvedere Cannone is a vital sight and attracts many travelers from all over the world due to its undeniable beauty and unusual shape and structure. Once you are in Belvedere Cannone, the perspective is spectacular as we can see an enormous amount of never-ending crystalline waters enclosed by high mountainous range. Reaching this place is quite sturdy, but the situation is worth the pain.

12. Dine at Piazza Umberto I

If you have a particular nerve for eating and trying multiple cuisines, Piazza Umberto I is the best place one could visit in Italy. The open space has some bars and eating shops providing cheap and delicious meals. This place is the best place in Capri, Itlay for relaxing and feeding your soul as well as the stomach.

13. Visit Villa Lysis

Villa Lysis is a breathtaking structure in Capri, Itlay made up of white stones and immense gratification. The decor of the place is subtle, and the way in which the villas and houses are crafted are a feast for the eyes. Moreover, the gardens surrounding the area are rich in flora and are a perfect spot for family picnics and refreshing activities.

14. Romantic spot-Belvedere di Tragara

Belvedere di Tragara is one of the most soul-enriching places in Italy. Belvedere di Tragara is situated on a height and amidst the mountains with a right perspective of the sea. One can enjoy the fantastic Italian cuisine and coffee along with a book amidst nature's arms. It is a pretty incredible spot to spend some romantic time with your partner as you will have all the privacy you need and being with a loved one feeling the chilling breeze is the best feeling of the world.

15. Visit Torre dell'Orologe

A landmark situated in the middle of Capri is Torre dell'Orologe. It is an open area with not a very special architecture but the food stalls offering the specialty of Italy, the famous Italian pizza. The mouthwatering pizza should be tried once you are in Capri, Italy.

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    Gelateria Pasticceria Buonocore

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    Parco Filosofico

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