Best Things To Do in Carcassonne, France

Are you looking for what to do in Carcassonne?

Carcassonne tourist attractions within and around the city which in itself is an attraction include:

  • Cathar Castles
  • Canal du Midi
  • Le Jardin du Calvaire
  • 02 Aventure
  • Basilica of Saint Nazaire
  • Chateau Comtal
  • Lac de la Cavayere
  • School Museum
  • Maison des Memoires (House of Memories)
  • Mayronnes Sculpture Trail
  • Le Parc Australien
  • La Bastide Saint Louis
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • La Maison Hantee

One of the things to do in Carcassonne is visit the Domaine O'Vineyards and  Chocolats Jeff de Bruges store. Carcassonne travel plans should also include a visit to Le Musee de la Torture de Carcassonne.

Below we have a list of things to do in Carcassonne and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Carcassonne getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Carcassonne with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Carcassonne

Here is the list of things to do in Carcassonne and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Canal Du Midi

    4.5 (920 Votes)
    Canal Du Midi

    Boating, Picnic Spot, Nature

    The Canal Du Midi is approximately a 240 kms long canal in the south of France. It runs right between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Boasting of a picturesque canal side, many people enjoy having picnics or cycling down the canal side and hogging on the food available at the many stalls. Canal cruises are also available.
  2. Basilica Of Saint Nazaire

    4.5 (836 Votes)
    Basilica Of Saint Nazaire

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    A national monument, the Basilica of Saint Nazaire (and Saint Celse) is thought to be built in the early 6th Century. It has since then undergone a number or renovations. The architecture, the stain glasses and the peace and tranquillity will leave you mesmerized.
  3. Cathar Castles

    4.6 (852 Votes)
    Cathar Castles

    Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    The Cathar Castles is a broad term given to a series of around 20 forts built and used by the Cathars (followers of Catharism) all across France. Coming with a rich and violent history, the castles present near Carcassonne are the Peyrepertuse, the Queribus, the Puilaurans and even the Chateau Comtal. Check out the panoramic views and the intricate architecture.
  4. Chateau Comtal

    Castle, Historical Site

    The Chateau Comtal (Count’s Castle) is a medieval castle inside the city of Carcassonne and a part of the Cathar Castles. The chateau has an intriguing yet violent history. Do hire a guide to help you explore the place.
  5. Domaine O' Vineyards

    Winery, Vineyard

    Situated around 12 kms away from the city of Carcassonne, visit the O’Vineyards for divine wines, succulent meals and a lot more. You can either go for a quick tasting session or some wine shopping or stay back over there for some relaxing and winetastic time!
  6. Le Parc Australien

    4.1 (748 Votes)
    Le Parc Australien

    Outdoors, Theme Park

    Le Parc Australien is an Australian themed park! Here, you will get to see kangaroos, ostriches, parakeets, observe the life of Australian Aborigines, learn to throw a boomerang and a lot more. A wonderful place to visit with your whole family.
  7. La Maison Hantee
    La Maison Hantee is a themed haunted house in the city of Carcassonne. Step in to scare the hair off your head! Not for the faint hearted! The atmosphere, the ambience and the darkness awaits you!
  8. Lac De La Cavayere

    4.2 (596 Votes)
    Lac De La Cavayere

    Golf Course, Walking Area, Leisure, Lake

    Situated around 6 kilometres from Carcassonne in France is the artificial Cavayere Lake. A walk round the lake takes about an hour. The lake has three large beaches and is also the centre of various leisure activities. Swimming, pedal boats, boating, fishing, picnics, mini golf, volley-ball, pony riding are some of the activities one can enjoy at the lake. You can also spot a number of ducks an...Read more
  9. La Bastide Saint Louis

    Outdoors, Historical Site, Food And Drinks, Market

    Situated outside the walls of the fortified city of Carcassonne, the Bastide was built during the reign of Saint Louis in 1260. Having retained its symmetrical arrangement of streets, the Bastide boasts a remarkable architectural heritage. It’s an old, charming little town with a wonderful central square. Wander the old city streets for shopping, sightseeing, food hogging and market barga...Read more
  10. School Museum

    4.3 (721 Votes)
    School Museum

    Museum, Educational Site, Specialty Museum

    In the heart of Carcassonne lies the School Museum. It allows tourists, young and old alike, to explore the ambience and workings of a local school as it was during the 1880s to 1960s. Check out the teaching resources, writing equipments (including ink and quilt pens) and school furniture.
  11. O2 Aventure

    4.6 (383 Votes)
    O2 Aventure

    Entertainment, Adventure, Tunnel

    A must visit for adventure lovers, the O2 Aventure boasts of many activities. Sample this 2 giant zip lines across a lake, an aqua park, yellow course, Bambi course, red course etc. For the lesser enlightened, these courses include suspended tunnels, suspended stilts, zip lines and many more.
  12. Museum Of Fine Arts

    4.3 (640 Votes)
    Museum Of Fine Arts

    Art Museum

    The Musee Des Beaux Arts or the Museum of Fine Arts houses artefacts and paintings from the 17th century to present. The first floor comprises of a permanent exhibition consisting mainly of portraits and paintings. The other floors house temporary exhibitions thrice a year. Definitely worth a visit on your trip to Carcassonne.
  13. Maison Des Memoires

    4.4 (463 Votes)
    Maison Des Memoires


    The Maison des Memoires or the Mansion of Memories holds a permanent exhibition about the life and works of the ‘surrealist’ poet Joe Bousquet (1897-1950). The house where the museum exists was also the poets’ abode.
  14. Mayronnes Sculpture Trail

    Trail, Exhibition , Sculpture

    Near town of Mayronnes, around 25 kms from Carcassonne lies the stunning sculpture trail. The trail is around 5 kms long and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. There are permanent sculptures and an annual exhibition which takes place during April to September. The sculptures are interesting, amusing, puzzling and artistic. Since the trail is uphill, the view from the top is breathtaking.
  15. Chocolats Jeff De Bruges

    Food And Drinks, Specialty Shop

    A chocolate store, all things cocoa!! Need we say more?! Ganache or praline, deep black or milk, the chocolates at Jeff de Bruges are made with the finest ingredients. Eat some there and take loads of boxes for your friends and family back home.