Best Things To Do in Carolina, Puerto Rico

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  • Hacienda Campo Rico
  • Carolina Beach
  • 15 Knots Kiteboarding School
  • Museo del Nino
  • Caribbean Outfitters
  • Unique Outdoor Experience
  • Mist Club Lounge
  • Club Brava

Below we have a list of things to do in Carolina and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Carolina getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Carolina with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Carolina

Here is the list of things to do in Carolina and tourist attractions in city.

  1. El San Juan Casino

    4.4 (2021 Votes)
    El San Juan Casino

    Hotel, Casino, Entertainment, Resort

    Situated near the Isla Verde beach, the El San Juan is a resort and casino and is part of the Hilton Hotels. The El San Juan’s Royal Casino is the place you should be at if you are in search of entertainment and world-class gaming. Grand, dazzling and vibrant, this boutique casino is spread across 7,500 square feet and houses 180 Slot machines, Blackjack tables, Craps, Caribbean Poker and...Read more
  2. Pine Grove Beach

    4.6 (2109 Votes)
    Pine Grove Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Water Sport

    Situated in the district of Isla Verde, the Pine Grove Beach is the perfect example of an oxymoron! Made up of contrasts, one part of the beach has calm waters where visitors can go for a quick dip, swim or even snorkel. The east side of the beach however, has predominant wave action and is perfect for surfing, boogie boarding and body surfing. A must visit, no matter which type of a beach bum ...Read more
  3. Carolina Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Water Body, Walking Area

    The smell of the beach sand is crisp, the air salty from the ocean. The clouds above are full and not daunting. Hear the chatter of people, dressed in a skimpy swim wear, tanning under the sun. The distant sound of sea gulls and waves crashing against rocks sounds melodious. Children making sand castles run their fingers through the fine white sand which otherwise clings to your toes. You are a...Read more
  4. Hacienda Campo Rico

    4.6 (1022 Votes)
    Hacienda Campo Rico

    Heritage Building

    The Baron spared no expense in building a grand hacienda on his plantation. This was during the time of the Spanish colonisation and the baron build this large estate to deal with cultivation of coffee plantation. Now the same hacienda invites you to discover the stunning beauty of Puerto Rico. The Hacienda Campo Rico lets you reward yourself to a perfect vacation! Make yourself at home at the ...Read more
  5. Caribbean Outfitters

    5 (1173 Votes)
    Caribbean Outfitters

    Water Sport

    You feel a deep sense of satisfaction, contentment, and gratification after a long hard day fishing. You have to understand fish movements, preferences, and habits, where they are to be found at any particular time. Fish can be finicky and hard to predict. It is a challenge to figure out the consistency of the fish and where better to learn all about fishing than at the Caribbean Outfitters. Me...Read more
  6. Club Brava

    4 (363 Votes)
    Club Brava

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Dance Club, Disco

    Club Brava, an iconic nightlife haunt. Dedicated lovers of melody flock to this hotspot to get a taste of the newest sounds from experimental DJ’s, spinning seductive blend of music, night after night, making each night a memorable event. You are sure to get an eyeful at the trendy young crowd boogying till the wee hours of the morning! A rocking club inside the El San Juan Hotel, Brava i...Read more
  7. Museo Del Nino

    4.7 (421 Votes)
    Museo Del Nino

    Museum, Children Museum, Educational Site

    Almost anything can spur a child's imagination. For the child, play is the process of learning, developing new skills and connecting with others. The child is carefree and spontaneous. By playing the child can follow her interest, explore the unknown, link choices, overcome shyness and fear and make friends. The Museo del Niño is a fun hands on place full of collaborative, reflexive...Read more
  8. 15 Knots Kiteboarding School

    Entertainment, Adventure Sport, Water Sport

    Combine the natural elements of wind, water, and wave and you experience one of the most enormously exciting water sports- Kite Boarding. It is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and gymnastics all rolled into one extreme sport. And to learn this, enrol yourself with the 15 Knots Kiteboarding School in Caroline, Puerto Rico. A kite boarder harnesses t...Read more
  9. Mist Club Lounge

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Dance Club, Disco

    Like the mist swirling and dancing, dithering and then dispersing and fading away is leaving a magical feeling behind. This is how you feel at the Mist Club Lounge. Grab a Coca Rita or Bellini Sunset and let the orange and creamy texture slide down your throat warming your core. The cocktails in this lounge is like galaxy spilling from a bottle! The music spreads delight and the panoramic view ...Read more
  10. Unique Outdoor Experience

    Outdoors, Cave, Cavern, Hiking Trail

    Climb trees, hike, rappel, or simply explore caves, unique experiences which gets your adrenaline pumping. You float into the forest, swing from tree tops, descend past trees, get  back to ancient arboreal roots at an adventure site called Unique Outdoor Experience where travelling through the treetops is the way to go. You climb over 100 feet into the canopy of the forest for a truly awes...Read more
  11. Ecco Bella Spa

    Leisure, Spa

    If you have had a tiring whirlwind tour of Carolina, head over to the Ecco Bella Spa for a pampering massage and feel your stress melt away. Using modern massaging techniques, the staff at the spa is well trained and the services they offer will pamper you into feeling blissful. Some recommendations- EccoFacial, Back Cleansing, Spa pedicure, Hot stone therapy and Exfoliating scrub.
  12. Kasalta

    4.3 (5 Votes)


    The bakery and cake shop of Kasalta is one of the most sought after Cuban-Spanish Deli shops by the beach. It specializes in fresh homemade bread, sandwiches, Spanish hams and wines apart from their signature on-site dishes. If you are in a hurry, you can walk up right to the counter to order from the delicious looking colourful cookies, chocolates, cakes, pastries, breads and pies while the fr...Read more
  13. Ceviche House

    4.6 (5 Votes)
    Ceviche House

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Ceviche House is a famous restaurant in Carolina. The restaurant is situated across the street and the food served by them is lip-smacking. They are specialized in seafood. Seafood Ceviche and chicken dish are really good at this restaurant. Some of the food items that you must order from the menu are calamari, Peruvian potato, mix ceviche with tostones. You will also get good preparation of sh...Read more
  14. Luis Munoz Marin International Airport Parking Lot

    3.8 (18 Votes)
  15. Pelayo Restaurant

    4.4 (25 Votes)