15 Best Things To Do in Carolina, Puerto Rico

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Carolina is a popular getaway, and you will find all types of tourist attractions in Carolina. The reason behind the popularity of Carolina as one of the finest tourist destination in Puerto Rico is because of the fact that this Carolina is filled with points of interest that range from being adventurous to historical. This heavenly place has plenty of attractions to see for beach lovers also. If you are a person who prefers partying hard, then you will definitely love the nightlife of Carolina, Puerto Rico. 

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Carolina:

1. Carolina Beach

Don’t be confused we are talking about the best and biggest attraction of Carolina Beach and that will be the beach. You will have ample ways to enjoy the sunny stretch of beautiful Cape Fear shoreline. Famous for its wide coastline, gentle waves, and numerous activities to indulge in such as shelling, fishing and surfing Carolina beach in reality is kind of a true playground for all the visitors.

2. Museo del Nino

If someone asked us to describe the famous Museo del Nino in a single word then we would say “astonishing”. For sure this place is widely popular as a children’s museum but in reality this place is really fun and you will find numerous activities organized by the museum. You will be surprised to know that this museum has more than 100 exhibits and all the exhibits have something to play with, on or around. Rest assured kids of all ages will surely find something interesting to get involved in. The center of attraction of this place is the huge volcano placed right in the middle of this famous museum and it erupts very often so you will surely get to see it erupt on your visit.

3. Pine Grove Beach

If you are looking for a great beach for swimming in Puerto Rico, then you should prefer visiting the crescent-shaped Pine Grove Beach. We are sure that adults as well as kids will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. You should know that Pine Grove Beach has become one of the favorites of tourists as well as locals. If you have a desire to visit the beach for snorkeling then you should know that Pine Grove Beach isn’t the place you should visit.

4. Hacienda Campo Rico

Are you a tourist spending your vacation in Puerto Rico and in search of ways to create exciting and fun memories or are you a resident of the island and have been in need to take a break from your busy life? No matter who you are Hacienda Campo Ride is a place that you should visit if you are in Carolina. You can involve yourself in numerous activities are catered by this place. You can go on horseback riding, zip lining adventures, get involved in archery tag and many more. We would suggest you to visit this place with your family and friends.

5. Club Brava

If you have the desire to check out the one of the best elegant and sophisticated environment in Puerto Rico then you should consider visiting the popular Club Brava. Club Brava is an entertainment venue that allows visitors to experience the nightlife in Puerto Rico. This place will offer you high energy dance scene as well as a relaxing atmosphere that of an upscale lounge. In very less time Club Brava has become a popular landmark in the nightlife of the famous Puerto Rico between guests visiting the beautiful island as well as locals.

6. Mist Club Lounge

For sure we have included the names of some of the clubs in Puerto Rico in the list of places that you should check out. But we will defend ourselves by saying that it was important to mention these landmarks of nightlife in Puerto Rico as this island is popular all over the globe for its wild nightlife. One of the best clubs in Puerto Rico is the Mist Club. You will get to enjoy the nice view of beach from the club as the club is set up on the terrace. Enjoy the nightlife in Puerto Rico with fine drinks, delicious food and sick beats.

7. Ecco Bella Spa

On your vacation tour to Carolina Puerto Rico you must have a desire to spend your vacation in a relaxing environment and to give your body a break from the daily life hassle and stress. One of the best ways to take a break from hassle and stress of daily life is by visiting the famous Ecco Bella Spa. The Ecco Bella Spa is a unisex beauty salon that offers a wide range of services to its customers.

8. Isla Verde Beach

Isla Verde Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. If you are thinking that on visiting this beautiful beach you will get to enjoy pleasures of a tropical beach then you are wrong you will also get to experience the vibrant nightlife and in addition to that a chance to involve in a variety of water sports.

9. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico showcases the paintings, exhibitions, Puerto Rican Serigraphs/Silkscreen and a children art section located on the bottom floor of the museum. Although this museum is quite popular among locals and tourists, but then also you won’t feel that the museum is overcrowded. If you love art and have a desire to see some of the best paintings, then you should definitely visits the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. No matter whether you love voting art museums or not after visiting Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico you too will agree that Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico offers a great break from beaches, historical sites and restaurants.

10. Condado Lagoon

Condado Lagoon is one of the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico. Apart from offering a great view this place also offers a great setting that is ideal for spending time with your loved ones. This is a great place that even your kids will enjoy a lot.

11. Pinones State Forest

The Pinones State Forest is a great place to hang out if you want to get away from overcrowded streets and city. This place is designed especially to fulfill relaxation and recreational purposes. The Pinones State Forest also features an 11 kilometer boardwalk/trail running through dense mangrove forest along the beautiful island’s stunning northern coastline. You will get to enjoy the stunning beauty of forest and witness awesome rock formations.

12. Kalichi Adventures

Do you love going on adventures or being a part of a group of adventurers? If yes and you are getting bored in the busy Puerto Rico then you should consider trying Kalichi Adventures. You will get to enjoy numerous adventures activities while trekking on the south side of the beautiful El Yunque National Rainforest. You will be a part of group of 12 adventurers and there will be trained river guides who will be leading your group. You will get to experience cliff jumping, climbing, and other things that are related to canyoneering. At last you will get to enjoy stunning waterfalls.

13. Old San Juan

Old San Juan isn’t like other tourist destinations in this list. Well, we mean that this surely is one of the best places of Puerto Rico, but it doesn’t have any beaches, natural beauty or even resort hotels. But what it has is the beautiful colonial architecture colored in tropical colors. The timeless magic which is in the atmosphere and setting of this place is what attracts tourist from all over the globe.

14. Casa Escute

Casa Escute isn’t like other art museums or venues. This unique place harbors a breathtaking collection of art/paintings made by the students of the Art Institute of Carolina. If you love art and have a desire to see unique modern art then you should consider visiting Casa Escute. Although this place isn’t a typical museum but still they of organize exhibits and in addition to that you might also get to buy the art from this place. If you want a peaceful place to spend time at then you should consider visiting Casa Escute.

15. Bounce Trampoline Park

If you are travelling with your family and you have kids in your family then for sure you must make sure that they too enjoy the trip. Taking kids on historical sites and high-end restaurants will not make them happy. If you are looking for a great place where your kid can enjoy then we would suggest you to check out the Bounce Trampoline Park. It is true that the Bounce Trampoline Park isn’t quite popular among tourists, but we can assure you that it is a great place to hang out or to take your kid to. There is also a cafeteria where you can enjoy delicious food.

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    El San Juan Casino

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    Pine Grove Beach

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    Carolina Beach

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    Address: Route 187, Carolina, Puerto Rico

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    Hacienda Campo Rico

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    Address: Avenida Campo Rico (East), Carolina, Puerto Rico

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    The Baron spared no expense in building a grand hacienda on his plantation. This was during the time of the Spanish colonisation and the baron build this large estate to deal with cultivation of coffe...Read more

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    Caribbean Outfitters

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    Address: Route 187 Km 3.3, Carolina 00979, Puerto Rico

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    Club Brava

    Tags: Bar, Food And Drinks, Dance Club, Disco

    Address: El San Juan Hotel & Casino, 6063 Av Isla Verde, Isla Verde

    Timings: 12:00 am - 05:00 am Details

    Club Brava, an iconic nightlife haunt. Dedicated lovers of melody flock to this hotspot to get a taste of the newest sounds from experimental DJ’s, spinning seductive blend of music, night after...Read more

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    Museo Del Nino

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    Address: Avenida Campo Rico, Carolina, 00983, Puerto Rico

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    Almost anything can spur a child's imagination. For the child, play is the process of learning, developing new skills and connecting with others. The child is carefree and spontaneous. By playing the ...Read more

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    15 Knots Kiteboarding School

    Tags: Entertainment, Adventure Sport, Water Sport

    Address: 4851 Isla Verde Ave, Carolina, Puerto Rico

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Combine the natural elements of wind, water, and wave and you experience one of the most enormously exciting water sports- Kite Boarding. It is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding,...Read more

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    Mist Club Lounge

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    Address: 2 Tartak Street, Isle Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico

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    Like the mist swirling and dancing, dithering and then dispersing and fading away is leaving a magical feeling behind. This is how you feel at the Mist Club Lounge. Grab a Coca Rita or Bellini Sunset ...Read more

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    Unique Outdoor Experience

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    Address: Hacienda Real, Carolina 00987, Puerto Rico

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    Ecco Bella Spa

    Tags: Leisure, Spa

    Address: Paseo del Prado Shopping Center, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985

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    If you have had a tiring whirlwind tour of Carolina, head over to the Ecco Bella Spa for a pampering massage and feel your stress melt away. Using modern massaging techniques, the staff at the spa is ...Read more

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    Tags: Bakery

    Address: 1966 Calle McLeary, San Juan, 00911, Puerto Rico

    The bakery and cake shop of Kasalta is one of the most sought after Cuban-Spanish Deli shops by the beach. It specializes in fresh homemade bread, sandwiches, Spanish hams and wines apart from their s...Read more

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    Ceviche House

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: 79 Av. Isla Verde, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico

    Timings: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm Details

    Ceviche House is a famous restaurant in Carolina. The restaurant is situated across the street and the food served by them is lip-smacking. They are specialized in seafood. Seafood Ceviche and chicken...Read more

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  15. # 15 of 46 Things To Do in Carolina