Astilleros Gondan

  • Address: El Muelle, S/N, 33794, Castropol, Spain
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Tags: Transportation, Transport Hubs, Ports

Astilleros Gondan is a port and a prominent transport hub in the city of Castropol in Spain

Astilleros Gondan serves as one of the entry point to come into Castropol. Thanks to Astilleros Gondan getting in and out of Castropol has been made easy. The station is equipped with all the basic facilities along with all the safety facilities.

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  • Astilleros Gondan Address: El Muelle, S/N, 33794, Castropol, Spain
  • Astilleros Gondan Price: Free
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  • Marinero Carretera Muelle-Porcillan, S/N
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  • Pescaderia Fernandon Mirandilla, S/N
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  • Buenavista Carretera de Ribadeo, S/N
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  • Estación de Autobuses de Ribadeo Avenida Rosalía de Castro, S/N
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  • Interurbana de Autocares Avenida Rosalía de Castro, S/N
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  • Hostal Pensión Residencia Ponte Dos Santos Avenida Rosalía de Castro, 18
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  • Oficina de Turismo de Ribadeo Plaza España, S/N
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