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  • Piazza delDuomo: Right in the centre of the city, Piazza del Duomostands spreading its beauty all over Catania. The Elephant Fountain at the entrance adds elegancy to the monument. This is one of the ‘must-see’ places to visit in Catania.
  • Via Etnea: When it comes to things to do in Catania and if you are a shopaholic, this is the right place to spend your money. Right from clothing to jewelry, this is the main shopping street of Catania. One can clearly see from where this street has got its name. This street runs from Piazza del Duomo till the edges of Mt. Etnea.
  • Fish Market: If you are wondering what to do in Catania, visit the famous fish market of this city. Right below the Piazza del Duomo, lays the vibrant fish market. If you wish to enjoy fresh fish during your travel, make sure you visit this place.
  • Piazza Stesicoro: To see the remnants of Roman Amphitheatre, visit Piazza Stesicoro. It is located right at the entrance of Mercato de la Fiera and is considered as one of the popular Catania tourist attractions.
  • Basillica Cattedrale Sant Agata: It is the main place of worship for catholic, located at the southeast region of Piazza del Duomo.

Below we have a list of things to do in Catania and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Catania getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Catania with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Catania

Here is the list of things to do in Catania and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Caltagirone

    Outdoors, Landmark

    Caltagirone is a small historic town famous for the production of pottery, especially terra-cotta wares and maiolica. In recent times, the place has also gained popularity due to its ceramics and terra-cotta sculptures. The landmark of the town is a 142-step monumental staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, established in 1608. The place was almost completely ruined in an earthquake in 1693, after...Read more
  2. Mount Etna

    4.6 (1628 Votes)
    Mount Etna

    Educational Site, Volcano

    Mount Etna is an active volcano which is currently the tallest in Europe, standing high at 3,329 meters. It is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The volcano is spread over an area of 1,190 sq km, with a circumference of 140km at the base. It was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in June 2013. It has also been declared as a Decade Volcano by the United Nations. A...Read more
  3. Piazza Duomo

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Cathedral

    Piazza Duomo is the main square located right in the middle of the city. It is surrounded by many important places. On the eastern side is the cathedral, and on its north is the Town Hall, while on the other side is the fountain dell’Amenano. At the center of the plaza, is a lava stone statue depicting an elephant placed atop an obelisk in the middle of a marble fountain This entire struc...Read more
  4. Catania Cathedral
    The holy site of martyrdom of Saint Agatha, Duomo Di Catania or Catania Cathedral is considered a local landmark and dates back to 11th century and was built in the Normal style of architecture. Destroyed later in the earthquake of 17th century, it was reconstructed in the Baroque style. The longitudinal building has three naves with a transept and three apses in Norman lava stone. The remains ...Read more
  5. Giardino Bellini

    4.4 (1164 Votes)
    Giardino Bellini

    Outdoors, Garden, Park, Statue

    Giardino Bellini is the oldest garden in the city. There are portions of the garden that can be traced back to the eighteenth century. The present-day garden, however, was inaugurated in January 1883, covering an area of 72,000 sq m. It was shut down to the public in 2006 for construction purposes before being reopened again in September 2010. The garden has two symmetrical hills, with special ...Read more
  6. Aci Castello

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Castle, Historical Site

    This historic locality was established around the Norman Castle, built in 1076 by the Normans. It is situated on the coastline of the city, with an amazing view of the wide ocean. In 1169, the town started expanding following an eruption of the nearby Mount Etna. Today, this 8 sq km wide town is a popular tourist destination owing to its historic relevance and scenic surroundings.
  7. Museo Storico Dello Sbarco In Sicilia 1943

    Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    Museo Storico dello Sbarco is the most popular museum in the city. It recounts all the historic events that took place between 10th July and 8th September of 1943 during the landing of the Anglo-Americans. The war is reconstructed with the help of testimonials, installations, demonstrations and important documents dating to that period. This museum successfully takes people back in time to that...Read more
  8. Parco Archeologico Greco Romano Di Catania

    Museum, Educational Site, Historical Site, Nature

    This attraction is an archeological site and museum built in 2010. The place is bestowed with the responsibility of researching, maintaining, enhancing and determining the use of other historical monuments. It also protects and preserves thousands of ancient artifacts and relics dating to the 16th century. The museum consists of a small interior shop which sells museum guides and information bo...Read more
  9. Castella Ursino And Museuo Civico
    Castello Ursino & Museo Civico is a castle-cum-museum. The museum part of the building was opened in 1934, when the city was in urgent need of a civic museum. Castle Ursino seemed to be the perfect place because of its vast structure and ample empty space inside. The museum now holds the collection of Biscari-Benedictines, the collection of Zappala Asmundo and many other private donations. ...Read more
  10. A' Piscaria Mercato Del Pesce
    Piscaria literally means fish and this is the oldest fish markets in Catania. A heaven for sea-food lovers, this crowded market not only sells fresh fishes but also has great eateries and food stalls serving scrumptious fish delicacies! Drop in here for a rustic fish meal to remember!
  11. Fontana Dell' Amenano
    Located on the south side of the cathedral square of the Catania, this is a stunning fountain dating back to 19th century. Built entirely in Carrara marble, the fountain represents the River Amenano as a young man holding a cornucopia with water flowing through it. The water overflows from the tank and produces a bed sheet like pattern. The fountain has many folk stories surrounding it and is a...Read more
  12. Orto Botanico

    4.5 (292 Votes)
    Orto Botanico

    Outdoors, Garden, Park, Botanical Garden

    Orto Botanico is a garden which was built in 1858. Stretched over an area of 16,000 sq m, it is owned by the University of Catania and is home to many exotic and unique plants and flowers. In 1865, it was increased in size to include the plantation of some exquisite Sicilian spices as well. It consists of two divisions, namely the Hortus Generalis and the Hortus Siculus. The garden also has gre...Read more
  13. Il Castello Di Nelson

    Outdoors, Castle

    Il Castello di Nelson is a castle which has now been turned into a museum dedicated to Horatio Nelson and the royal family. The rooms of this castle contain pictures and items, like royal letters, ancient chests and ruins, battle plans, etc, all belonging to Nelson and his family. There is also a church outside the main castle within the same campus, which contains further paintings and tombs. ...Read more
  14. Via Etnea
    The ultimate destination for Shopaholics, this street in Catania is known for its great boutiques, excellent collections and fashionable.
  15. Basilica Della Collegiata

    4.6 (389 Votes)
    Basilica Della Collegiata
    Also known as Santa Maria Dell’ Elemosina, this church in Catania is a classic example of Sicilian Baroque style of architecture. Dating back to the 18th century, the design of the church is attributed to the Angelo Italia who changes the orientation of the previous structure that stood on the ground of the church and destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 17th century. The majestic f...Read more

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