Best Things To Do in Cavtat, Croatia

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  • Cavtat Old Town: Lovely old town with European charm! Best suited for a peaceful stroll to get the glimpse of Croatian culture.
  • Cavtat Cemetery: A cemetery located on a hilltop with panoramic view of the entire town, the in-house mausoleum is also worth a visit.
  • Vlaho Bukovac House: The home of the world famous artist displaying his manuscripts and work pieces.  A must-visit for art lovers!
  • Church of Our Lady of the Snow: A 15th century church built in Byzantine style. Reflect the renaissance influence of the Croatian culture.
  • Church of Saint Nicholas: A petite church overlooking the waterfront with beautiful steps leading to it. Displays the artwork of artists like Vlaho Bukovac, Benedetto Genarri and Carmelo Reggi.

Things to do in Cavtat:

  • Sea Kayaking: An awesome way for adventure enthusiasts to explore the sea waters of Cavtat. It one of the most popular activities in Cavtat.
  • Boating: If you want a peaceful and surreal trip over the waters, boating facilities are available. You can also hire a motorboat and do water sporting.
  • Fishing: Get your hook and go fishing! Many local tour operators organise fishing and boating trips for tourists.
  • Get a tan: There are also specialised swimming and Sunbathing terraces especially designed for availing the beach
  • Explore the Cavtat nightlife: Never judge a book by its cover! Though a small town, Cavtat has some interesting nightlife options like the rat bar and the Amoret bar where you can enjoy your bear while you gaze at the beautiful sunset by the beach. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Cavtat and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Cavtat getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Cavtat with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Cavtat

Here is the list of things to do in Cavtat and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Snorkelling In Cavtat

    Water Sport, Snorkeling

    Snorkelling in Cavtat is an exquisite experience with the clear waters offering a great view of the under-water life. Many tour operators and even some resorts conduct guided tours for the same. 
  2. Cavtat Old Town

    Hotel, Walking Area, Cafe, Coffee House

    Lovely old town of Cavtat will woo you with its European charm. Line of restaurants, bars and the view of the beach make it a peaceful place to have a stroll, go souvenir shopping or simply relax with a chilled pint of beer. The rocky beach and the bustling harbour are a pleasant scene. The stoned homes give it a rustic look and shutterbugs will love clicking the pretty sight! 
  3. Cavtat Cemetery

    Cemetery, Town, Sculpture

    Fantastic wall sculptures, panoramic view of the pretty town and the beach, carry your binoculars and camera for a better view! This cemetery built in Brac stone is one of the masterpieces by Craotian artist Ivan Mestrovic. Climb up the hill, you can hike or take the steps. There is also a family mausoleum belonging to Racic family- a prominent shipping family of Cavtat which is worth a visit. ...Read more
  4. Boat Tours
    Ideal for exploring the entire area around Cavtat, the boat tours are a fun activity. Island hopping, beach activities and gourmet meals are the highlights of these tours. Great way to get around the town!
  5. Vlaho Bukovac House

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    The family house of this famous artist and also his birth place are not the only things that make this place special. This home also houses the hand painting by Vlaho Bukovac which made him an internationally renowned painter. The belongings of the artist, his manuscripts are well preserved and displayed in this house. The internal wall paintings and the interior of the house reflect the artist...Read more
  6. Ronald Brown Pathway

    Outdoors, Trail, Adventure, Rock Climbing

    Walking on a rocky zigzag trail which begins from the top of Cavtat overlooking Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea is an interesting activity. Grab a map and set on this adventure and you will surely be enthralled with the scenic beauty that comes on the way. The trail takes you up a steep climb to the Strazisce peak where the American trade and delegation minister of trade Ronald brown was killed ...Read more
  7. Bar Kamen Mali

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Dine In, Restaurant

    A well-known restaurant and bar in Cavtat; do not miss the Calamari preparations served here. Great atmosphere, prompt service, good drinks and finger-licking food make it one of the best places to dine in Cavtat! 
  8. Church Of Our Lady Of The Snow

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors

    Also known as Franciscan church of Our Lady of Snow, this structure is a renaissance masterpiece belonging to the 15th century. Work of famous artist icko Lovrin Dobricevic and the influence of byzantine iconography make it a landmark. 
  9. Church Of Saint Nicholas

    Church, Religious Site, Food And Drinks, Cathedral

    Overlooking the waterfront is this beautiful tall structure of St. Nicholas. Set in pale gray stone, the church also features works of Benedetto Genarri, Carmelo Reggi and Vlaho Bukovac. The ascending steps add to the allure of the church. 
  10. Sea Kayaking Cavtat

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    Sea Kayaking Cavtat

    Hiking Trail, Water Sport, Snorkeling

    Ideal activity for people of all ages looking for some adventure, Sea Kayaking is a great way to explore the promenade and the near-by islands. The tour includes a guided visit to the lagoon, a gourmet lunch and activities like hiking, swimming and snorkelling!  
  11. Rector's Palace

    Art Gallery, Palace

    A renaissance palace turned into an art gallery, the Rector’s palace houses over 35,000 artifacts, graphics, costumes, ethnographic objects and old weapons. This huge collection of heritage objects is not the only thing the place can boast about. The in-house library has a collection of over 20,000 books and also one of the most valuable numismatic collections with around 7200 pieces. A m...Read more
  12. Sipun Cave

    Cave, Geological Formation

    Known for its large lake and its great hall of icicle-like clusters, Sipun cave is one of the hidden delights of Cavtat. One of the most attractive clusters is named after St. Blaise, the protector of Dubrovnik. More than 60 different organisms are found in the cave and have opened a possibility of prolonged study in the area!
  13. Rector's Palace And St. Nicholas Church Image

    Church, Religious Site

    Rector's Palace and St. Nicholas Church is situated in the fortified city of Cavtat and is a religious site that has been dedicated to Our lady of Cavtat. The interior of the Church can best be described as portraying the simplistic aura along with a few evangelical paintings which enhance the beauty of the altar. This baroque styled church stands adjacent to Rector's Palace which houses an imp...Read more
  14. Adriana Cavtat Travel Agency

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    Odv. II / 17, 20210, Cavtat, Croatia
  15. Franciscan Monastery Hotel

    Šetalište Rata 2, 20210, Cavtat, Croatia