How to Reach Cebu City


  • By Air: Cebu’s international airport is at Mactan and is well connected and modern. There are a number of daily flights to the rest of Asia like Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China etc. The airport is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city centre. You can hire a cab from the airport that will take you to your preferred destination in the city. Alternatively, visitors also have the cheaper albeit a lot more inconvenient options of hiring a Jeepney or travelling by ferry.
  • By Boat: Cebu is one of the biggest ports in Philippines. If you are travelling from nearby Cebu namely Manila, Butuan, Zamboanga etc. you can travel by a ferry to Cebu.


  • By Jeepney: Jeepneys are shared taxis that are extremely popular as a means of transport in Philippines. They are colorful and quirky and travelling in them would help visitors capture the spirit of Cebu beautifully. They are basically like small buses that ply on almost every street in Cebu. You can board a jeepney when it's parked at a stop or by flagging one down as they drive past.
  • By Taxi: If you don’t want to tread into unchartered waters, travelling by a taxi would be the best option for you. Taxis are plentiful in Cebu. Unless you're familar with the city, always insist on a metered fare as a negotiated fare will almost always be much higher.
  • By Bus: Cebu has two local bus terminals: the North bus terminal and the South Bus terminal. Buses generally run on the north-south routes. Buses are convenient and cheap.