Best Things To Do in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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They did not put this down on the UNESCO world Heritage site list for no reason. The combination of a gorgeous castle from the Middle Ages, strips of lovely Renaissance buildings, almost perfectly preserved pedestrianized historical centre, tourist attractions that are unique from each other in every way, innumerable locations with deep historical heritage, incredibly beautiful countryside, and great food all come together to make the city a true Fairy Tale Town.

The main thing to do here is walk. Walk your heart out. Head to the historical centre and stroll from one building to another without a pause. Read up on each of the locations you plan to visit before you actually step out, because even though you’re not going to be able to enter all of the locations, having an appreciation for their history creates an immersion and intimacy like no other.

Most of the tourism and sightseeing appeal is focused on history and architecture, but the nightlife is not too bad. Neither is the souvenir shopping. And you can head out into the countryside to an old castle close to the border of Austria, and observation tower that is a three hour hike out of town, and then add venture into a graphite mine.

Below we have a list of things to do in Cesky Krumlov and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Cesky Krumlov getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Cesky Krumlov with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Cesky Krumlov

Here is the list of things to do in Cesky Krumlov and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cesky Krumlov State Castle

    4.7 (374 Votes)
    Cesky Krumlov State Castle

    Castle, Historical Site, Theatre, Architecture

    If you love architecture, if you love history, and/or if you love castles in Europe, you may want to never leave this castle. The first thing you should know before your visit is that this Castle is huge. It's so big, that its various sections have their own unique individualized tours. This is because over the years that has constantly grown. First constructed in the 13th century in Gothic sty...Read more
  2. Saint Vitus Church

    4.6 (380 Votes)
    Saint Vitus Church

    Church, Religious Site, Tower, Architecture

    It is said that the two towers of the city which make up page Maine landmarks it represents the two ruling powers of its history. While the castle tower represents the royalty, the church tower represents God. The Soaring multi-storied structure was built to accommodate the Region's quickly growing population. Consecrated in 1439, after the end of the Hussite Wars, The architectural style of th...Read more
  3. Egon Schiele Art Centrum

    4.3 (318 Votes)
    Egon Schiele Art Centrum

    Art Gallery, Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    Austrian painter EgonSchiele's works were famous for three things - his many self-portraits, the intensity of his landscape imagery, and the sheer twisted sexuality of his art. This very town once reviled him for painting too many of its younger women in the nude. This centre was founded in 1992 to create a permanent exhibit for his works; find it on the top floor, along with an exploration of ...Read more
  4. Plague Column

    4.4 (406 Votes)
    Plague Column

    Landmark, Monument

    In the 16th century, there was just a stone fountain at this site, and it looked nothing like what you see today. Poor function led to the fountain's reconstruction in the 19th century. It resulted in a beautiful hexagonal monument, with a 17th century column rising from its centre. The column was built in commemoration of the plague victims of the late 17th century. The sculptures at its base ...Read more
  5. Museum Fotoatelier Seidel

    4.7 (174 Votes)
    Museum Fotoatelier Seidel

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    In the late nineteenth century when photographing was becoming the next big thing, Josef Seidel and his son Francis were at the Forefront of its artistic value. but this Museum does not merely record their art but also their lives. It provides a unique insight into the lifestyle of two photographers, their habits and routines, and an exploration of their techniques. You get to see the tools the...Read more
  6. Latran Houses

    4.1 (285 Votes)
    Latran Houses

    Historical Site

    The street Latran begins at Lazebnicky (Barber) Bridge, ends at Budejovicka Gate… but the attraction refers to all the houses in this town quarter. The area was home to the all the people and staff that made the functioning of the castle possible. If you look near the red gate, you'll see a huge arch - it contains a 900 metre corridor that allowed the nobility to move from the castle to ...Read more
  7. Town Hall

    Museum, Hall

    Town Halls - they are the obligatory architectural attraction of every touristically important historic European town. This one is a Renaissance typing building, created when two adjacent 15th century Gothic buildings on the same spot were linked together. See the bell at the side of the building? Somewhat recently, in the year 2000, during renovations, the walls of one of the buildings reveale...Read more
  8. Regional Museum Cesky Krumlov


    The main Exhibition at this museum has a mouthful of a name - Historic Presentation of the CeskyKrumlov Region from Prehistory to the End of the 19th century - But it's pretty accurate. It's recommended that before you check out the other attractions in the city, you pay this Museum a visit first to get some perspective into how the settlement developed. With a catalog of 22000 items in the mai...Read more
  9. Synagogue Cesky Krumlov

    4.1 (98 Votes)
    Synagogue Cesky Krumlov

    Historical Site, Monument, Exhibition , Synagogue

    This Romanesque Revival style synagogue was built in 1909 with support from the local Jewish community. The building is famous for its 8 sided tower. In the last days of World War II, American soldiers used it as a non-denominational church - there is a small monument in the main prayer hall that serves as a record of their presence. Today, however, the synagogue's main role is to document and ...Read more
  10. Klet

    4.6 (72 Votes)

    Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail, Tower

    The tallest mountain close to CeskyKrumlov at 1084 metres above sea level, Klet' would be joy even if all you could do is ride a scooter to get there. Once you reach the foot of the mountain at Krasetín station near the village of Holoubov, you can either take the chair lift, or you could ditch the crowd and simply hike up the forest trails. From the city, it's a gentle three hour uphill...Read more
  11. Krumlov Mill

    4 (67 Votes)
    Krumlov Mill

    Restaurant, Entertainment, Specialty Shop

    Built in the 14th century, this is one of ceskykrumlov oldest buildings. Large Gothic and Renaissance makeovers in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. When you visit, ask the people there to tell you the legend of the pearl oyster boy - t's a very charming tale. Today the mill is a hodgepodge of different kinds of attractions. There is: A restaurant serving traditional dishes (with a capaci...Read more
  12. Wax Museum

    4.6 (73 Votes)
    Wax Museum

    Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    Madame Tussauds this is not. The museum's exhibits all represent important historical figures from CeskyKrumlov and the surrounding Bohemian region. Inside, the figurines are arranged and displayed in moments of frozen actions - working inside an alchemist's workshop, or drinking in the old tavern, attend a meeting in the King's court - and the whole scene is brought to life by excellent light ...Read more
  13. Marionette Museum

    4.1 (66 Votes)
    Marionette Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    CeskyKrumlov's attractions all unusual in their own way… even so this one takes the cake. Housed inside what looks like a gorgeously appointed warehouse (a Gothic church that became a hospital that became this museum) is an incredible collection of marionettes and puppets, stage curtains and related merchandise. The Czech are famous for their long history of puppet theatre, a tradition t...Read more
  14. Zapa Bar

    4.7 (8 Votes)
    Zapa Bar

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Nightlife

    Smaller, intimate and with dim lighting, the bar's atmosphere is like something out of America's Roaring Twenties. The fantastic jazz music always playing must have something to do with it. But of course the main attractions are the drinks. These are cocktails, or as the locals like to call them, mixed drinks. Blends of alcohol from the country, the rest of Europe and the rest of the world are ...Read more
  15. Cikanska Jizba

    4.2 (69 Votes)
    Cikanska Jizba
    If you were in CeskyKrumlov and you did not deserve this bar... well, just visit this bar before you leave the city, all right? The name is not just a marketing tactic. If you're lucky enough you'll come in on the day that the local gypsy band decides to put on a show. The atmosphere in those days, there's nothing like it. The rooms, of which there are two, are both pretty small and there's onl...Read more