Chakradharpur Tourism

Chakradharpur is a town with a municipality in West Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand, India. It is located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau 62 kilometres (39 mi) west of Jamshedpur, 115 kilometres (71 mi) south of Ranchi, 101 kilometres (63 mi) east of Rourkela and 24 kilometres (15 mi) north of Chaibasa (which is the district headquarters). The town serves the mineral-rich areas of Jharkhand and Odisha, as well as the cement, steel and limestone industries in the region. The major languages spoken in this area are Santali, Ho, Bengali, Odia, Gujarati, Hindi, English, Kurmali, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi. Major inhabitants of the town are railway employees. It has a large share of area covered with railway establishments, primarily employees' quarters. It has scenic views and secluded landscapes in the periphery. In the Indian Independence perspective, Chakradharpur had been the place for freedom fighters like Raja Arjun Singh Deo, Jagabandhu Pattanayak (Jaggu Dewan), Pandit Gopabandhu Dash, Pundit Godabarish Mishra, Rahim Bux and Fakeer Chand supporting Gandhiji for his non-cooperation movement and Khilafat Movement by Maulana Mazharul Haque against British Raj in 1920. This is one of the Railway divisions generating huge profits in goods freight sector. It is also known as CKP named after its Railway Station code. It is the divisional headquarters of Chakradharpur Railway Division in South Eastern Railway Zone (India) with a huge historical touch of tribal area of Chotanagpur. Chakradharpur is close to boundaries of two neighbouring states Odisha and West Bengal. It is enriched with huge amount of natural resources like rivers, mountain valleys, and forest reserves.


A place in India, Chakradharpur is an interesting place to visit, given its unique culture, history and character. A gripping city on its own right, Salkia also deserves a visit. Salkia is bestowed with interesting set of attractions for every type of traveller. A holiday in Chakradharpur can generally be of 1-2 days.

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