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Best places to go and to do in Chanderi

Chanderi’s small town can be best explored in 2 days. The splendid architecture of Koshak Mahal built in true Afghani style and the Badal Mahal Gate add to the history of Madhya Pradesh.

A visit to the Chanderi Fort is mesmerizing and the view of the Betwa river is just as enchanting. The city of Chanderi is mentioned in ‘Mahabharata’ – an iconic mythology book belonging to the Hindu culture. The fort dates back to the 11th century and was built for the Mughal Army leaded by Babur. The famous Khuni Darwaza Chanderi is a part of this fort. Today, the fort’s grand architecture and sturdy form still survives to form one of the most popular attractions in Chanderi. A short trip to the Archeological Museum gets you face-to-face to old artefacts sculptures and relics that trace the history of Jain culture. The Chanderi museum complement the ASI museum and showcases coins, tools, dioramas and trace the birth of Jainism in the city to its disruption by the Malwa Sultanate.

The legend of Kati Ghati Gateway being carved in one night is one of the many interesting places in Chanderi while the Sacred sites of Jama Masjid and Jaintemples gives you a lesson in spirituality.  

During evenings, don’t forget to take a long walk around the Ramnagar Palace near the ‘Ghat’ where you can see locals taking a dip in the lake or simply sit on the steps to absorb the serene view all around. If you are carving for gorgeous views, the Rajghat Dam offers just that and more with the nearby park that is perfect for a small stopover when in Chanderi. The Jauhar Monument that stands in the memory of the 600 women who committed suicide during Babur’s attack on the fort, is one of the most poignant places in the town. Don’t forget to buy gorgeous Chanderi sarees at ‘Chanderi Sarees Artsy India’ and ‘Chanderi's Sarees’ located close to the town center, as you bid adieu to yet another of Madhya Pradesh’s enchanting towns.

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