How to Reach Changchun - The Easiest Way to Reach Changchun


  • By Air: Changchun is served by the Changchun Longjia International Airport and is around 30 km away from the city centre. Regular flights operate to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. A regular shuttle service exists from the airport to the city centre. It is even possible to take a cab.
  • By Train: The cheapest way to travel to Changchun is by rail. Connections exist from cities like Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Jilin, Shenyang and others. You can book your tickets through any good tourist guide.
  • By Bus: Long distance buses ply from cities like Beijing, Harbin, Jilin, Dalian and Shenyang. This is a faster, though slightly more expensive option.


  • On Foot: It is possible to travel through Changchun on foot when the weather is comfortable (between June to October) however, distances are large so use other forms of transportation if you’re planning to see more of the city.
  • By Train: There are certain parts of the city that you can see by traveling by light rail. The tickets are cheap and the train operates from 6 am to 9 pm every day.
  • By Bus: Buses are a convenient mode of transport however everything is in Chinese. If you cannot read the language, it’s better to use other means of transport lest you get lost (not in translation, we mean actually).
  • By Minibus: Some places in Changchun are only accessible by minibus and the fare is cheap. They can be crowded.
  • By Three-wheeler: Only an option if you’re traveling in the south side of the city. There are no meters so be prepared to haggle.

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How to Reach Changchun from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Shanghai to Changchun 878.92 km 14 hours 38 mins
Beijing to Changchun 1015.2 km 16 hours 55 mins
Taichung to Changchun 1291.6 km 21 hours 31 mins
Hong kong to Changchun 1698.23 km 28 hours 18 mins
Central district police service centre to Changchun 1700.62 km 28 hours 20 mins
Tokyo to Changchun 1710.48 km 28 hours 30 mins
Singapore to Changchun 2956 km 49 hours 16 mins
Pune to Changchun 5593.22 km 93 hours 13 mins
Adelaide to Changchun 5709.59 km 95 hours 9 mins