Best Things To Do in Chania, Greece

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  • Old Venetian Harbour: Combines historical architecture, wonderful eateries and a spectacular view of the sea to become the best thing Chania has to offer.
  • Botanical Park Of Crete: Revived from the remains of a fire in 2003, and more beautiful and interesting than ever.
  • Aptera: The Ruins of an ancient city decimated by an earthquake in the 7th century.
  • Agii Apostoli: A seaside village with beaches of golden sands and some interesting local traditions.
  • Limnoupolis WaterPark and PistaPark: Two family fun attractions side by side, only a little way out of Chania.

Below we have a list of things to do in Chania and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Chania getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Chania with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Chania

Here is the list of things to do in Chania and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Old Venetian Harbor

    4.7 (756 Votes)
    Old Venetian Harbor


    This is practically the only reason people even come to Chania– A gem of natural beauty and history. As if lovely bars, cafes and restaurants in front of a seaside weren’t enough, tourists are particularly enchanted by the various monuments left behind by the foreign occupations – Venetian, Ottoman, and Egyptian. The harbour, built by the Venetians in the 14the century, quickl...Read more
  2. Botanical Park Of Crete

    4.7 (748 Votes)
    Botanical Park Of Crete

    Botanical Garden, Educational Site, Lake, Bird Watching

    Looking at this 20 hectare park, 18km from Chania, it’s hard to imagine this lush wonderland was ever a victim of fire… which happened in 2003; there’s a centennial olive tree here commemorating the fire. The highlights of the park are: 150 species of fruit trees; and the dozens of herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants that Cretan mountains are famous for. Animals such as b...Read more
  3. Chania Archaeological Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, Educational Site, Architecture

    This Venetian Church of St. Francis, which was reportedly once the largest church in Chania, was once also taken over by the Turkish and converted into a mosque. The Archaeological Museum was established here in 1963. Its exhibits, arranged in chronological order, mostly cover: Pottery, carved stone objects, sealstones, sculpture, metalwork, gold jewellery and coins Roman mosaics Neolithic cla...Read more
  4. Firkas Fortress And Maritime Museum Of Crete

    Museum, Military Museum, Historical Site, War Memorial

    The building was used as a barracks to house the Turkish army,to protect Chania from raiders from the sea. This was also the place where Crete’s union with Greece was celebrated. Check out the fantastic panoramic view of the harbour… and then come down to the museum. The Maritime Museum of Crete is a red building that covers history right from antiquity to the Battle of Crete. High...Read more
  5. Limnoupolis Water Park

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    Limnoupolis Water Park

    Water Body, Water Park, Entertainment, Water Sport

    Greece can get pretty hot. That’s why people of Chania head out to this fantastic little water park. It’s not got much, only 11 rides, but those 11 are spectacularly fun and addictive. This water park offers fantastic rides, slides and water fun. Limnoupolis is located in a green, scenic area which sets it apart from many other parks of its kind which are often sadly devoid of veget...Read more
  6. Ancient Aptera

    Temple, Ancient Ruin, Theatre, Architecture

    13 km from Chania are the ruins of Aptera, an ancient city that was very powerful from Minoan to Hellenistic times. The name means ‘without wings’, and refers to a legendary battle between the Muses and the Sirens, in which the losing Sirens were stripped of their wings. The city was entirely ruined by a 7th century earthquake. Today, the highlights are: A monastery of St. John The...Read more
  7. Agii Apostoli

    Beach, Water Body, Waterfront, Village

    This small waterfront village takes its name from its church, the Agioi Apostoloi ("Saint Apostles"). Only 4 km from Chania, it’s famous for its summer volleyball tournaments, its sardine feast, its charming woods, its pretty and small coves, and beaches that are a favourite with Chania residents on the weekends. The three beaches are: Chrissi Akti: Golden colored sands The Horseshoe Bea...Read more
  8. Folklore Museum Of Chania

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    Folklore Museum Of Chania

    Museum, History Museum, Natural History Museum

    Curated by Aspasia Bikaki and Irini Koumandraki the Museum is housed within the Firka Fortress, just like the Maritime Museum. It’s an improperly named, because it has little to do with storytelling and more to do with the agricultural way of life of the traditional Cretans. Highlights include: Exhibitions on the agricultural implements and tools. Exhibitions on household occupations suc...Read more
  9. Nautical Museum Of Crete

    4.5 (474 Votes)
    Nautical Museum Of Crete


    This fascinating museum was opened in 1973. It is spread on two different sites in the same city. The main building displays the recent nautical history, as well as from the last century and Second World War. It has a collection of models of different ships, nautical instruments and historic photographs. The second site, which is on the opposite side of the port, has a reconstructed Minoan boat...Read more
  10. Museum Of Typography

    4.7 (89 Votes)
    Museum Of Typography

    Art Museum, Museum, History Museum

    Yannis Garedakis, founder of the paper Haniotika Nea, was enraptured n his youth by the solemnity of typographers manually setting type. Year later, that led to him beginning a collection of printing presses and other typography associated art. Today that collection has expanded to: Two elaborate, cast iron printing presses of the beginning of 19th century. A true copy of the Gutenberg printin...Read more
  11. Pistapark

    4.6 (410 Votes)

    Waterfront, Park, Water Park, Entertainment

    5 km away from Chania, in an Olive Tree dominated landscape, is a lovely surprise of an attraction – GoKarting in Crete! Situated right next to the popular waterpark, this place has an ultra-modern cool kart track for both cart and Moto races!  For those who have become mature in this art can test their skills on the separate Motocross dirt track. Moreover, the race track has an elec...Read more
  12. Elephant Cave Image

    Cave, Historical Site

    Elephant cave is one of the most spellbinding underwater caves in Greece where the bones of a unique species of elephant were found. The existence of the cave was not known until 1999 when a fisherman found its entrance. After passing the 6.5 metres wide and 9 metres high entrance, you would have to pass a tunnel of forty metres. After swimming in, you would be able to observe an exquisite seri...Read more
  13. Lake Kournas

    4.5 (8 Votes)
    Lake Kournas, Georgioupoli 730 07, Greece
  14. Elafonisi

    4.7 (5 Votes)
    Elafonisi, Inachori, Greece