How to Reach Charlotte


  • By Air: Charlotte Douglas International Airport is located on the west side of Charlotte near Billy Graham Parkway. This airport serves domestic and international flights and connects 35 international destinations to Charlotte nc. You could use a taxi at the rate of 25 dollars flat from the airport to uptown Charlotte.
  • By Train: The Amtrak station is a convenient stop from where you can get into the city of Charlotte. However the rail route is not much recommended as walking from here may not be very safe.
  • By Car: Highway route 85 (northeast-southwest) and 77 (north-south), I-85 and I-77 can be used to get to the city.
  • By Bus: The Greyhound bus stop in uptown Charlotte is a convenient way to get to the city. Megabus also connects various surrounding cities to Charlotte.


  • By Bicycle: You could explore Charlotte by bicycle. Helmets are mandatory for kids. Getting acquainted with the traffic rules and laws is a must.
  • By Bus: The bus routes connect you to various attractions in the city and are a convenient mode of transport. Trolley bus is the LYNX line between the South End and Uptown. They stop at Light Rail stations as well.
  • By Train: Light Rail corridor is a quick and easy way to commute in the city. There are stops at almost every major attraction in the city.
  • By Car: The city has a good network of roads. So you can explore the city at your own convenience by car.
  • By Taxi: The taxi service in the city is probably the easiest way to commute. The rates are standard and taxis can take you to almost every corner of Charlotte. The sign on the roof of the taxi is lit that means the taxi is passenger less. You could also share a taxi for cheaper options.
  • On Foot: Most of the city’s attractions are located close by and can be explored on foot.