How to Reach Chemnitz

Located in the Central German Metropolitan Region, the city of Chemnitz is well-connected to all the major cities and tourist hubs in Germany. Commuting to and in Chemnitz is a relatively easy task with numerous transportation options available at your disposal.


By Air:

  • The city of Chemnitz unfortunately does not have its own airport. However, it is easily accessible from the international and domestic airports of the neighbouring cities. The nearest airports to Chemnitz are-Dresden (80 kilometres) Especially Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Germanwings and during summer flights to many destinations in Southern Europe and Northern Africa.
  • Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) (100 kilometres) Flights to Russia and France
  • Leipzig-Halle (117 kilometres) Wide range of operators including Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Germanwings and many more
  • Erfurt (165 kilometres) Mainly Lufthansa
  • Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (240 kilometres) Large International Airport
  • A private airfield for business and small private charter can be found in Chemnitz-Jahnsdorf 12 kilometres away.

By Train

Being a part of the Sachsen-Franken-Magistrale (train route connecting Saxony and Franconia), Chemnitz can be easily accessed by train from several German cities.

  • Leipzig (connections every hour, travelling time is about 50 minutes only)
  • Dresden and Zwickau (mostly 2 connections every hour)
  • Nuremburg (once every hour)
  • Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and Gera (every two hours)

Although there is only one direct train from and to Berlin each day Chemnitz is well linked within the German railway system.

By Road

  • The city of Chemnitz is situated at the junction of the motorways A4 and A72. Thus, it can be easily reached from Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar, Erfurt, Berlin, Nuremburg, Prague and Munich within 3 to 4 hours by car.


The most common mode of transport in Chemnitz is by buses and trams. In terms of other modes of public transportation, Chemnitz is still lacking behind and so, you might have to rely on private transport during your stay here.

  • Trams : A huge network of partly air-conditioned light-rail carriages ferry passengers across Chemnitz. 39 tram trainsets running across the important hubs of the city ensure that most of the tourist spots are accessible by trams. You can get all the information regarding the tram routes, tickets and frequency at the tourist information office, found near to the main square in the city centre.
  • Buses : Approximately 90 buses covering an area of 400 kilometres ply across Chemnitz. The ticket rates are affordable, and the connectivity is fairly good. You can get all the information regarding the bus routes, tickets and frequency at the tourist information office, found near to the main square in the city centre.
  • Private Transport : Private transportation options like taxis, cabs and shuttle services are available in Chemnitz for pretty reasonable rates.