Best Things To Do in Chemnitz, Germany

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Chemnitz bequeaths visitors with numerous interesting sightseeing opportunities spanning across various genres – from cultural hubs and historic landmarks to elaborate castles and glitzy opera houses! The museum landscape in Chemnitz is quite rich with wonderful places like the City Art Gallery, Villa Esche, Saxon Gallery and The Museum of Industry housed here. A must visit museum in Chemnitz is the Museum of Natural History, housing the famous Petrified Forest, the ‘Schlossbergmuseum’.

The most popular tourist attraction in Chemnitz is the ‘Charlie’, a seven-meter-tall bronze head of Karl Marx, also known as "the Nischel" to the locals. The beautiful Klaffenbach Moated Castle, The Red Tower, a historic structure which was earlier a part of the former Chemnitz city wall and Küchwald, a huge green area also housing a miniature railway, are the other famous sightseeing places in Chemnitz. Also, do not miss out on Burg Rabenstein, the smallest castle in Saxon.

The Opera and the Puppet Theatre are great places to catch some spectacular performances in Chemnitz. In addition to this, the city is dotted with numerous theatres and cinema halls which are great for catching up on latest movies.

For wildlife-lovers, the Chemnitz Zoo, which is home to more than 1000 animals, is an interesting place. Botanischer Garten Chemnitz and Tierpark Chemnitz are some well-known places in this city for the nature-enthusiasts.

Chemnitz is also home to a string of architecturally-significant structures like the Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Das Chemnitzer Rathaus, Historischer Theaterplatz and Markthalle.

Below we have a list of things to do in Chemnitz and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Chemnitz getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Chemnitz with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Chemnitz

Here is the list of things to do in Chemnitz and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Sachsisches Industriemuseum

    Museum, Exhibition

    Saechsisches Industriemuseum is a museum in the town of Chemnitz in Germany and houses exhibits that take you through the journey 220 years of Saxon industrial history. The museum building that was built at the start of the 20th century stands as a living testament to how industrialization has changed the state of Saxony. Served as a foundry and machine hall until 1982, today this building is a...Read more
  2. Villa Esche

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    Villa Esche


    Designed by Henry van de Velde, Villa Esche is a museum and events venue located in the town of Chemnitz. Through the rest of the 20th century, this villa was passed down generations and has served as Seat of the Soviet Military Command, an educational institute, and many more. Regarded by many as the masterpiece of European architecture, this villa was renovated in the beginning on the 21st ce...Read more
  3. Roter Turm

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    Roter Turm

    Landmark, Tower

    One of the oldest preserved landmarks in the city of Chemnitz, the Red Tower, or the Roter Turm. This tower was built towards the end of the 12th century and was initially used as a residential tower followed by the purpose of self-fortification. The tower owes its name to the red paint of the brick storey that was built in the 16th century and its former red roofs with tiles. Till the 19th cen...Read more
  4. Powerhall

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    Go Carting

    Powerhall is a go-kart racing track located in the town of Chemnitz. Made with asphalt this place offers challenging and exciting tracks for the go-kart enthusiasts. The many horizontal and vertical elements make driving on these tracks more fun. Completely re-designed, POWERhall in Chemnitz offers maximum driving pleasure with tracks that comprises of bridges, underpasses and rapid curve combi...Read more
  5. Botanischer Garten Chemnitz

    Botanical Garden

    The Botanischer Garten Chemnitz are municipal botanical garden that are spread over 12 hectares of land and are located along the Leipziger street in Chemnitz. Originally built in the year 1898, the garden was extended in the following years. The garden was badly damaged during the World War 2 but was restored later. Between 1998 and 2002, new greenhouses were built here boasting newer plants. ...Read more
  6. Die Theater Chemnitz


    Die Theater Chemnitz is a theatre and a performing arts centre in Chemnitz. Home to many arts shows like the opera, ballet, philharmonic orchestra, play, puppet theatre, young theatre, this theatre has a very old charm feeling to it. The old building looks beautiful against city’s modernity. The show schedules keep changing and the latest show timings are always available on their website...Read more
  7. Historischer Theaterplatz


    Located just outside the Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof is a theatre square which boasts some of the most amazing buildings of the city of Chemnitz. With many cafes, restaurants and hotels close by, you will see many locals as well as visitors spending their evenings here. This theatre buildings exudes old charm and has been beautifully restored. Sandwiched between Chemnitzer Kunstsammlungen and the Ope...Read more
  8. Burg Rabenstein

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    Burg Rabenstein


    Rabenstein Castle, also called Burg Rabenstein, is one of the smallest medieval castles in Saxony, Germany. The castle’s history dates back to the early 14th century in a document from Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, where he promised the castle to his son-in-law Frederick II, Margrave of Meissen. While the castle is spread over two hectares of land, the castle is enclosed by a 180-meter-lo...Read more
  9. Wildgatter Oberrabenstein Chemnitz

    Wildlife Park

    Located on the outskirts of the city of Chemnitz, Wildgatter Oberrabenstein is a part of the Chemnitz Animal Park since 1973. What sets this park apart from rest of the parks is that this very spacious and boasts natural settings. The visitors visiting this park get to witness the animals in their most natural habitat. Spread over 35 acres of land, this park is home to 90 animals in more than 1...Read more
  10. Museum Fur Sachsische Fahrzeuge Chemnitz E.v.


    Museum fur sachsische Fahrzeuge Chemnitz e.V. or the Museum of Saxon vehicles e.V. is a museum located in the city centre of Chemnitz. The museum building was constructed in November of 1928 and was considered one of largest and most modern purpose building in Germany. Back then, this building was used as a parking facility. Today, this building houses one of the most unique automation exhibiti...Read more
  11. Kulturkaufhaus Tietz

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    Kulturkaufhaus Tietz


    The Kulturkaufhaus Tietz is a cultural centre that is located in the town of Chemnitz. Also called the Cultural Department Store, this place was first built in 1913 by Wilhelm Kreis and was used as a departmental store during the World War 2. After many restorations, today TIETZ is home to the Museum of Natural History Chemnitz, the Chemnitz Public Library, the City Music School Chemn...Read more
  12. Das Chemnitzer Rathaus

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    Das Chemnitzer Rathaus

    Landmark, Hall

    Das Chemnitzer Rathaus, or the Town Hall of Chemnitz is an old town hall building that has been renovated over the years and is today called the Double Town Hall. The town hall is called the Double Town Hall due to the presence of Old Town Hall and the later built New Town Hall. The Old Town Hall was built by the end of the 15th century and at the foot of this town hall are the half-figures of ...Read more
  13. Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz

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    Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz

    Picnic Spot, Train Ride

    The Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz is a 2.3-kilometre-long, narrow gauge children's railway in the town of Chemnitz, Germany. This railway line has one station, two stops, one depot and one block post. A great place to visit with your kids, all the jobs here are done by kids and teenagers, except for the engine driver and the station master. The miniature railway is the highlight of this park...Read more
  14. Galerie Roter Turm

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    Galerie Roter Turm

    Mall, Shopping Center

    Galerie Roter Turm is a shopping mall in the town of Chemnitz in Germany. Home to many shops and restaurants, a few of the shops and stores located in this mall are clothings, bookstores, electronics, pharmacies, flower shops, hairdressers, gastronomy and food, gifts and living, hobby shops, perfumes, shoes, jewellery. A favourite place to hang out among the local crowd, a visit to the mall is ...Read more
  15. Center Sachsenallee

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    Center Sachsenallee

    Mall, Shopping Center

    Center Sachsenallee is a shopping arcade featuring a variety of shops and entertainment options in the town of Chemnitz in Germany. Major international fashion brands like H & M, Media Markt, Intersport, Bench, Douglas and much more have their stores here. A few of the shopping options at this mall are bakery, beauty & cosmetics, books and magazines, health, clothes, jewellery, confecti...Read more