Leisure Activities in Chicago

All year round, leisure activities in Chicago provide a wide range of options for every age group. Chicago is loaded with lavish shopping areas, resorts, restaurants, and spas that ensure that your trip to Chicago is hassle-free. From a convincing landscape and outdoor to some world-class stay options and facilities, Chicago packs an incredible amount of diversity in the luxury activities it offers. So be it a family vacation, a friends reunion or a solo trip to feed your wanderlust, these activities in Chicago are a must try for a leisurely vacation!

Let's explore our list of recreational & leisure places in Chicago:

  1. The Art Institute Of Chicago

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    The Art Institute Of Chicago

    Art Museum, Cafe, Restaurant, Leisure

    The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest and oldest museums in USA, founded in 1879, . The museum is visited by approximately 1.5 million visitors every year. It has 11 curatorial departments and features 300,000 artworks. A Beaux-Art triumph, the building was built in 1893 and over a century, has gathered some priceless collections. You can explore African and Indian art, Americ...Read more
  2. Millennium Park

    Park, Landmark, Bridge, Walking Area

    Any Chicagoan will tell you; this is the city’s favorite haunt. It’s become famous for it’s beautiful, landscaped natural art, art exhibits and just general awesomeness. There’s an uber modern concert pavilion (The Pritzker), the kid-favorite Crown Fountain; the mercury-inspired Cloud Gate is always visually fascinating. Those looking to crossover from the Millenium Park...Read more
  3. Willis Tower

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    Willis Tower

    Landmark, Tower, Observation Deck

    Willis Tower (formerly named and still commonly referred to as Sears Tower) is no longer the tallest building in the world, still the Tower remains an important destination. It’s main attraction is it’s observatory deck, which looks out around for about fifty miles. The best part of the sky deck is the glass balcony, a ledge that extends out of the building, allowing you the surreal...Read more
  4. Michigan Avenue

    Museum, Cafe, Pubs, Restaurant

    A major street going north-south, the Michigan Avenue in Chicago can be called as the economic, cultural and social hub of the city. The famous (with shopaholics) Magnificent Mile along with the bustling North Michigan Avenue are part of the Michigan Avenue. Along the avenue, you will find many commercial offices, restaurants, museums, cafes, pubs, boutiques, shops, department stores and archi...Read more
  5. 360 Chicago Observation Deck

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    360 Chicago Observation Deck

    View Point, Observation Deck

    Want to see Chicago in the best way possible? How about you head over to the 360 Chicago Observation Deck? Located on the 94th floor of the historic John Hancock Centre, this observation deck offers magnificent 360 degrees views of the Chicago skyline. Don’t forget to carry your camera and capture beautiful memories. While there, do be a daredevil and give TILT a try. An exhilarating expe...Read more
  6. John Hancock Center

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    John Hancock Center

    Landmark, View Point, Observatory, Leisure

    Like skyscrapers everywhere, you’ll come to this place for it’s awesome observatory on the 94th floor. For the best views, visit at night. The restaurant here is pretty reasonably priced for the location, so it’s actually quite a good spot to take your beloved out to. Though you’d be charged for the observatory, their skyline bar itself is free, and the view from there i...Read more
  7. Wrigley Field

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    Wrigley Field

    Bar, Park, Stadium, Food And Drinks

    Wrigley Field Chicago is a baseball park located on the North Side of Chicago. Take Wrigley Field Tours to explore all that happens in confidentiality, home to the Chicago Cubs. The park is among the top five ballparks in the country. The 104th season of Major League Baseball in 2018 will be held at the spectacular Wrigley Field which was built in the year 1914. It’s got many firsts to it...Read more
  8. Field Museum Of Natural History Image

    History Museum, Exhibition

    This museum is so cool, the Indiana Jones made it his home base. The two leading ladies of archeology welcome you into the place; the friendly Tyrannosaur skeleton named Sue and the oldest human fossil on record, Lucy. With twenty million items on exhibit, the museum is impossible to cover comprehensively in one day; nor should you want to. Each display is a story in itself, outlining curious ...Read more
  9. Lincoln Park

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    Lincoln Park

    Museum, Park, Walking Area, Restaurant

    A designated community area in Chicago, Lincoln Park is a serene locality boasting of parks, museums, quaint houses and bustling restaurants. The actual park, after which the neighbourhood was named, is spread across a huge area and encompasses the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It also houses an outdoor theatre, the Chicago History Museum, a rowing canal and the Peggy Note...Read more
  10. Chicago Cultural Center

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    Chicago Cultural Center

    Landmark, Entertainment, Performance, Concert

    A beautiful landmark building in Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Centre is one of the most visited attractions in the city. Hosting interesting free public events, the centre draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Housing two splendid stained-glass domes, events hosted within the centre include music events, dance and theatre events, lectures, film screenings and even art exhib...Read more
  11. Magnificent Mile

    Hotel, Bar, Museum, Landmark

    The name isn’t an idle boast. The mile packs bars, shops, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and museums into a pretty tight space. Places to note include the Michigan Avenue Bridge, the John Hancock Cente, the Tribune Tower, and the Old Water Tower. Clean airy and inviting, people watching here, like in Times Square, is the treat of the day. Also, visit the popular attractions in the c...Read more
  12. Lakefront Trail

    Beach, Trail, Waterfront, Garden

    An impressive 18-mile long stretch, Chicago’s Lakefront Trail is the place to be for outdoorsy people. The trail is a paved path that runs from the Ardmore Street to the 71st Street. Along the trail, you will find lush green gardens, playgrounds for children, parks, soccer fields, volleyball nets, tennis courts, beaches and amenities such as washrooms and drinking water fountains. Popula...Read more
  13. Chicago Riverwalk

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    Chicago Riverwalk

    Waterfront, Walking Area, Cafe, Restaurant

    The Chicago Riverwalk, also known as the ‘Second Lakefront’, is a pedestrian waterfront located on the south bank of the Chicago River. Spanning from Franklin Street to Lake Shore Drive, the Chicago Riverwalk is lined with boats and boat rental shacks, restaurants, cafes with outdoor seating arrangements and even a few boutiques. If you want to have a relaxed time while in Chicago,...Read more
  14. Lake Michigan

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    Lake Michigan

    Trail, Walking Area, Leisure, Lake

    Lake Michigan, reputed to be a vacationer's dream which has 6,204 miles of snowboarding trails that are splendidly prepared for well being, security and snowboarding joy-grand winter destination. Michigan, a standout amongst the most visited spots in the United States which is generally known for being one of the best cross-country skilling ends of the line with inconceivable shows of parks an...Read more
  15. Macy's

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    Entertainment, Mall, Shopping Center

    The ‘Great American Department Store’, Macy’s is an iconic mall in Chicago. There are over 740 stores of Macy’s all across the nation. Brands within Macy’s include: Ralph Lauren Clinique Levis Calvin Klein Estee Lauder MAC Hanes Frango Chocolates Sunham And a lot more. If you want to shop till you drop, now you know where to go! Also, visit the popular attrac...Read more