15 Best Things To Do in Chihuahua, Mexico

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 16 Oct 2018

Cheers to the holiday vibes, explore the charm of Chihuahua!

Chihuahua is the capital of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The city is well known for the historical places which have made their place amongst the National monuments of the Nation, That’s why the city is also becomes host of the various Historical events organised around the nation.

Let's explore Chihuahua points of interest and 15 best things to do in Chihuahua:

1. Visit the holy Cathedral

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The Metropolitan Cathedral Church is the church of Holy Cross, Our Lady of Regal and St Francis of Assisi. It is the main building situated inside the building of Catholic Church in Chihuahua. The Church is also associated with Christian Theology. Apart from that, the church is famous for being the finest example of colonial architecture in Northern Mexico, which was originally constructed during 17th Century. The church is also seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chihuahua.

2. Quinta Gameros

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Quinta Gameros is an essential historical asset of the Mexico. Situated in Chihuahua City, Quinta Gameros was built between 1907 & 1910. Gameros in English means Country house, so it was basically developed as a mansion and has managed to secure the position of National Monument of Mexico due to the rich history and architecture it holds. Currently Quinta Gameros holds a regional museum. The place has been stilling the show amidst the Archeology and history lovers since the 19th century era.

3. Museo casa

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Popularly Known as Casa Chihuahua de Patrimonio Cultural which means Casa Chihuahua Cultural Heritage Centre was once also held the position of Federal Place of Chihuahua. Well the place holds quite a history and is honored among the people around whole nation due one name- Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who is popular as father of the nation. Father Hidalgo was the leader of the volunteers fighting for the freedom of Mexico, This place served as Jail in his time. He was captured and executed in the jail. His jail cell is honored as a national shrine today. Today the place serves as historical museum, specializing in travelling exhibits.

4. Museo Histórico de la Revolución

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As per the name depicts, Museo Histórico de la Revolución is A Historical Museum singing the tales of revolution in the heart of Mexico. The museum is housed in the former estate of General Francisco villa. If you love to turn the pages of history and archeology, this is the place for you. The Museum depicts exquisite architecture and sculptures as well as various artifacts of the owner like his pistols, photographs and his vehicle. 

5. Museo Del Mamuth

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Mamuth- the Mammoth, depicts that the place is the museum of the city. The place is popular among the nation. As it has preserved the history since the era of reptiles to humans. The Museum exhibits the gigantic skeleton of the mammoth which children never fail to marvel with owe. Besides that species of flora and fauna, the extinct species are preserved as fossils here.

6. Grutas Nombre de Dios

Grutas Nombre de Dios, which means “Grutas- Name of God” is considered as a holy place in Chihuahua. These caves are set on the Northeast of the city, which exhibits the nature made art in the form of various rock formations. The 17 underground chamber makes the place visit a really adventures and memorable journey for tourists and geology lovers.

7. Templo de San Francisco

The place is considered as one of the most valuable city in due to two reasons. One is because it is one of the very few still-standing colonial monuments in the City Centre. While the other reason is, as per the name Templo de San Francisco which means the Church of St Francis is one of the main Catholic churches of Mexico. The place is quite a talk! Do visit this preserved monument while Chihuahua visit.

8. Museo Casa Juárez

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Another historical place. The Museum Casa Juárez, Popularly Known as Museo de la Lealtad Republicana means the museum of the Republican Loyalty. It is a 19th century building which is famous because it was the house of president Benito Juárez during his visit to Chihuahua and that’s why was once de facto which means National Palace of the Mexico. The place is must visit in order to observe the history, politics and Royalty of the Mexican Culture.

9. Café Cortez

That was all about the fun and adventures, but what about the hunger and thirst? Well Café Cortez can be the perfect place for you! The excellent coffee does it all! But apart from that, the café is also famous for various dishes like Panini and mouthwatering sandwiches! Hold on, stop and have a lunch and relish the taste of Mexico!

10. Plaza Del Ángel

Where to stay while you’re in Chihuahua? This place is the answer to your question. Plaza Del Ángel is a hotel situated in Chihuahua. The place boasts huge rooms with fully automated equipment and world-class amenities, which provides warmth of home and comfort to the visitors while their tiresome journey.

11. El Chepe

How about a train ride? El Chepe, more known as Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico the Chihuahua Pacific railway is a major railway line in Mexico. It is must try because the city it covers during its journey. During the 673 km journey it cuts through the copper canyon, the most beautiful and historic rugged canyon series. Due to this the El Chepe is popular amongst the tourists for sightseeing and because of being important transportation line it is famous amongst the locals too.

12. Peguis canyon

An exquisite geological creation, where the Conchos River cuts through the mighty mountain. This place is set on the northeast of the Chihuahua. The canyon is worth a long drive! The place is a jewel for photography lovers and long road trips while visiting Chihuahua.

13. Liberty Street

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The street is one of the most popular representative of the city. The pedestrian street was manufactured in 17th century. Today the place is modified in exquisite stone made street with huge porches which helps the tourists, especially kids to enjoy long walks and sightseeing and also shopping. For this very reason the street is popular for outsiders and also home landers.

14. City hall

The City Hall is considered as one of the most important and most historic buildings in Chihuahua. It is an early 20th – Century building located facing the Plaza de Armas. It holds the power of the city as it houses the mayor of Chihuahua and the city council. While visit, must visit the salon as it is famous place in the hall. The place is also considered as the main landmark in the city.

15. Extremo Park

Why to do anything normal when it comes to adventure? Do everything Extreme! This park supports this moral. This park is the house for various adventure activities which will take your emotions to the extreme levels.  Hanging bridges, Canoeing, Camping and other facilities which can help you enjoy the most adventures activities. This place can be the must visit for the youngsters and children during their visit to Chihuahua.

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