15 Best Things To Do in Chur, Switzerland

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 16 Oct 2018

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Chur is the capital of Grisons Switzerland and is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. The town has a lot of ancient architecture and attractions looks just like it has been extracted from a fairy tale. Switzerland is considered one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world, and this town is a gem in its crown. A person can spend their time doing a lot of things in Chur. From historical monuments to the natural beauty, there is everything this city has. If you are visiting Chur and want to know about the 15 best things to do in Chur Grisons Switzerland, we have a list for you. In this list of the 15 best things to do in Chur, you will find the top tourist attractions & best places to visit in chur that are suitable for all kinds of people.

Here's the list 15 best things to do in Chur:

1. Visit the St. Martin’s Church

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The St. Martin’s church is one of the oldest churches in the town and was built in the 8th century. However there have been many renovations done to this church in the past year, the architecture remains intact. You will find Gothic Style architecture and huge Augusto Giacometti stained glass windows that make this church look magnificent. The insides of the church are as mesmerizing as the outsides. This is one of the must-visit locations in the town.

2. Take A Tour of the Bundner Kuntmuseum

The Bunder Kuntmuseum is one of the most famous museums in Chur. It has a beautiful art gallery that reflects the ancient local art style. You will find a lot of different work by the artists both local and international. It is one of the places that acknowledge the artistic legacy of Graubünden-born artist Augusto Giacometti. A huge collection of his painting and self-portraits have been displayed in the museum. This is the best place to visit for the art lovers.

3. Learn About the History of Chur Grisons At Rstiche Museum

The Grisons Rstiche Museum is one place where you will find anything and everything related to the history of Chur. Numerous exhibits explain the different eras in the history of Chur. There are also some interesting exhibits for the children that will keep them busy on this tour to the museum. We must inform you that it is a big museum with n numerous artifacts and if you wish to explore the entire museum, it will take half of your day.

4. Have A Fun Day at Animal and Amusement Park Chur

The animal amusement park is another place where the kids will have a lot of fun. There are a lot of different animals to interact with and different activities specially designed for the children. This is one of a kind experience where the children get to know a lot about the animals and be a part of the activities with them. If you are an adult, there is no need to be disappointed because there is plenty of things to do for you as well.

5. Pray at The St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral

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Another historical cathedral in Chur is the St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral. This is one of the biggest and the most famous cathedral in the area. The construction of this site dates back to the Bronze Age, and the present cathedral was built in the late 1400s. The cathedral is the most stunning place that you will visit in Chur. If you are looking for some peace and calm, the cathedral is the perfect place to be.

6. Hike at The Brambruesch

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Hike to Brambruesch during the summers and be mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding areas from the top. However, if you visit this place during the winters, you can participate in a variety of skiing activities. There is a ski resort in Brambruesh where you can ski and stay during your vacation.

7. Take A Walk Through Altstadt

Altstadt is the old town area of Chur and is one of the most beautiful ones. Take a stroll through the narrow alleys of the old town, and you will be transported to the times when this area was actually constructed. There are numerous old buildings and some small shops and eateries. The times seem to have stopped in this area. Grab a cup of coffee in the nearby café and enjoy your time in this area.

8. Visit the Obertor

Obertor is a four storied building that makes the entrance of the old town. The building was constructed in the medieval times and has a very peculiar architecture. There is an archway at the bottom and the narrow top. The exterior colors are light. However, it does mixes well with the other buildings in the region. This is a semi-constructed building that is another very famous tourist attraction in the Old Town area.

9. Marvel at The Architecture of Malteserturm

Malteserturm is another one of the most amazing buildings in the town. This was once the Gunpowder Tower and has now is a part of the Old Town wall. The Malteserturm tower was built in the 13th century and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The Malteserturm tower is one of the most significant attractions to visit in the Old Town area. You can get to the tower and look at its old architecture. The tourists are not allowed to climb up the tower, but it does make one of the best photographic places in the town.

10. Walk to The Sennhofturm

As we said that the old town is one of the most beautiful parts of Chur and should be visited. One of the prominent places in the Old Town that attracts a lot of visitors is the Sennhofturm. This is a 13th-century remain of the defensive wall that was once built to protect the town borders. Although the wall stretched all across the town at one time, it has now been reduced to a very small piece due to natural calamities. The architecture of this wall is an inspiration to the architects of the today’s times.

11. Explore Art at Kultur Forum Wurth Chur

If you love art, this gallery is the place for you to visit. Kultur Forum Wurth Chur has over 16,000 art pieces from the 20th as well as the 21st century. However, you will also find some medieval times art pieces displayed beautifully in the gallery. You can take a guided tour in English that will explain to you the importance of every art piece.

12. Shop at The Obere Gasse

Obere Gasse is one of the best places if you are looking for a shopping experience in Chur. You will be thrilled by the number of shops that you find here. Although Chur does not have a very big market, this is the place where you will find small and big boutiques and antique shops. You can purchase souvenirs from the local shops for your loved ones at reasonable prices. If you want to buy normal day to day things, there are numerous shops in the area that can provide you with anything and everything you need.

13. Spend Your Day at The Fontana Park

The Fontana Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the town and is the perfect spot for a family day out. You can pack and picnic and sit by the shades of the trees and enjoy various activities while looking at the beautiful surroundings. The park has a huge area, and there is plenty of room for you to play some family sports or just lie down on the grass and read a book. 

14. Go Mountain Biking at Alpine Bike Park

If you are a fan of the adventure sports, the Alpine Bike Park offers various mountain biking trails. You get a bike on rent at the park itself and take it on the ride to one of the trails. This is one thrilling experience you should not miss. However, you do need to have an experience of biking, and you might also be asked for a license before you are provided with the bike.

15. Board the Bernina Express

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The Bernina Express is the best experiences that you can have in Chur. This express connects Chur to Poschiavo and Tirano. You can take this train ride and have a really amazing traveling experience. This red colored express takes you through some of the most scenic locations on your way to your destinations

Add these 15 best things to do in Chur Grisons Switzerland on your bucket list for your trip to this mesmerizing city. Although this is a small town, you will not run out of choices when it comes to activities. Apart from these 15 best things to do in Chur Grisons Switzerland, you will find numerous activities that will surely entertain you. If you want to explore the town and live like the locals, befriending the locals is a good option. So, Wait no more and grab your bags to explore the town, Chur on your trip to Switzerland. 

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Chur, Switzerland

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    Obere Gasse

    Tags: Outdoors, Entertainment, Market, Shopping Center

    Address: Old Town | between the Obertor and Arcaspl.,Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A major street in the Old town, the ObereGasse is lined with small boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and everything you need to shop till you drop! Highlights include: Local market on Saturday morni...Read more

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    St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral

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    Address: Hof 18, Chur 7000, Switzerland‬‬‬

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    Built in the 12th century all through the 13the century, St Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral is an architectural marvel and a spiritual mecca located at the heart of Chur. The cathedralwelcomes you with st...Read more

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    Fine Arts Museum - Bundner Kunstmuseum

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    Address: Postplatz, 7002 Chur, Switzerland

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    If you want to keep up with the art pulse of the city, then head to the Kunstmuseum, a museum which displays art in all shapes and sizes from 18th century till present! A rare feat to justify art of a...Read more

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    Ratisches Museum

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    Address: Hofstrasse1 ,7000 Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Original the residing place of Paul von BuolzuStrassundRietberg who gave house its Baroque styled design. In the 19th century under the concern of lawyer, historian and politician Peter Conradin von P...Read more

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    Hiking Through Brambruesch

    Tags: Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    Address: Chur, Switzerland

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    In summers, Chur is flooded with hikers covering the beautiful terrain of Brambruesch. Eventhough many clubs are associated with hiking trips here, solo hikers are not uncommon. The popular trail is t...Read more

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    Arcas Square

    Tags: Cafe, Square

    Address: Arcas 6, Chur 7000, Switzerland

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Arcas square is known for its quaint ambience and cobbled square which meet small cobbled alleys in the old city of Chur. Even though there is not much to see, the square is perfect to unwind in the m...Read more

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    St. Martin Church

    Tags: Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Address: Kirchgasse 12, 7000 Chur, Switzerland

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    Built in 1491, St Martin Church has many stories attached to it. The most common one is of a speech delivered here by Martin Luther King himself! The church is known for its characteristic steeple whi...Read more

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    Tags: Outdoors, Square, Specialty Shop

    Address: Old Town, Chur 7000, Switzerland

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    If you are travelling with children or simply are a child at heart, then this square is sure to give you a good time. The square itself is lined with old building and has a play ground. But the highli...Read more

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    Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Administration Building

    Tags: Walking Area, Architecture

    Address: Bahnhofstrasse 27, Chur 7000, Switzerland

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Constructed in 1907 by Nicolaus Hartmann, the administration building depicts the authentic style of building in Chur. The simplistic and structured design stays true to ‘BündnerHeimatstil&...Read more

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    St. Martinsplatz

    Tags: Square, Heritage Building

    Address: Near Obertor and Untertor Towers, Chur 7000, Switzerland

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A square in front of St. Martin Church is as perfect as the old town itself! Streets lined with cafes and restaurants, old buildings, cobbled pathways and the steeple of the church all make for a pict...Read more

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    Kultur Forum Wurth Chur

    Tags: Art Gallery, Museum, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition

    Address: Aspermontstrasse 1, 7004 Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Experience art at its best at the KulturforumWurth. Initiated by Reinhold Würth in 1960’s, the gallery mainly showcases art from the 20th and 21st century even though the collections includ...Read more

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    Giger Bar Kalchbuhl

    Tags: Bar, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    Address: Comercialstrasse 23, 7000 Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Conceptualized and designed by H.R Giger, a Swiss artist most popular for his design in Oscar winning movie ‘Alien’, the Giger bar was opened in 1992 to offer fans of the movie an extra-te...Read more

  13. # 13 of 135 Things To Do in Chur | Added 564 times in trip plans
    Fontana Park

    Tags: Outdoors, Park, Nature

    Address: Old town, GrabenStrasse, Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    A park dedicated to Benedict Fontana who died in the 1499 Battle of Calven, Fontana Park accommodates a memorial in his honor. Located on the Grabenstrasse in Chur, the Fontana Park was originally bui...Read more

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    Address: Chur 7000, Switzerland

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    The ‘evening hotspot’ for locals and tourists alike, Welschdorfli is perfect if you want to explore the nightlife of Chur. Some of the most popular bars are located here and so is the popu...Read more

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    The Alpine Bike Park At Churhausberg

    Tags: Outdoors, Trail, Nature

    Address: Spundis, 7074 Chur, Switzerland

    Timings: 08:30 am - 04:45 pm Details

    If mountain biking interest you or you simply want to feel the adrenaline rush, the Brambrüesch mountain offers one of the best terrains to explore the Swiss terrain like never before. Rent a bik...Read more