Best Things To Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

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  • Cincinnati Museum Center: This is one of the popular museum complexes of Cincinnati, located 2 miles away on the northwest region of downtown. The museum holds the ‘art-deco’ collection of the Cincinnati Union Terminal, railroad station that was used back in 1933. The complex holds 3 museums; Cincinnati History Museum, the Museum of Natural History and Science and Duke Energy Children’s Museum.
  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens: If you are travelling with your kids, this is one of the must places to visit in Cincinnati. White Bengal tigers and Gorillas are the prime attractions of Cincinnati zoo. It also holds the world’s largest insectariums as well.
  • Carew Tower And Observation Deck: Carew tower is one of the tallest buildings of Cincinnati. It’s a French Art Deco building, built in 1930. It is the National Historical Landmark of United States. The building holds numerous offices, stores and hotel rooms. On the 49th floor of the building, the observation deck is located from where you get to see the whole city.
  • Fountain Square: It is the centerpiece of the city. It holds Tylor Davidson Fountain right at the center. It’s one of the busiest place in summer and a must places to see in Cincinnati. If you wish to enjoy concerts, this place let you do so as well. In winter, visit the place to see outdoor ice rink.
  • Cincinnati Art Museum: It is one of the popular attractions of Cincinnati. It holds collection of artworks spans 5000–6000 years that includes paintings, decorative arts, sculpture and ceramics belonging to great civilizations.



  • Beside these historical places, if you wish to enjoy the nightlife of Cincinnati, come to the Downtown. The place is always bustling with theatergoers, painting lovers, music lovers and so on. In weekends, the crowd is just overflowing.


  • For shopaholic people, who has to wander around in the new the city to think about ‘things to do’, Findlay Market of Cincinnati is a heaven for them. From expensive decors to bargain bin, this market offers all kind of souvenirs you wish to buy.

Below we have a list of things to do in Cincinnati and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Cincinnati getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Cincinnati with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Cincinnati

Here is the list of things to do in Cincinnati and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cincinnati Zoo And Botanical Garden

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Garden, Wildlife Park, Zoo

    This beautiful zoo is the second oldest zoo and gardens in the US and the Reptile Building of this place is considered to be the oldest in the whole of the country. It was built in the year 1875 which was even before the whole campus was set up properly. It has at present become the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Many years ago, the local people, as well as the government, came up...Read more
  2. Horseshoe Casino

    3.8 (949 Votes)
    Horseshoe Casino

    Casino, Entertainment, Performance

    This is a Las Vegas-style gaming establishment that was opened recently in the year 2013. It is opened in place of the ‘Broadway Commons’ and happens to be one of the largest establishments of the city in the Downtown area. This is also the third such establishment to become successful in the same year by a majority in people’s opinion. The casino offers world-class gaming and...Read more
  3. Cincinnati Museum Center At Union Terminal


    Formerly known as the Cincinnati Union Terminal, this was a beautiful railroad station originally. After the decline in the rail transport trend, this was turned into an important landmark housing a number of libraries, museums, theatres, etc. At present, it is the location of the very famous museum that also puts up traveling exhibitions. The fantastic Art Deco style architecture and design ar...Read more
  4. Cicinnati Art Museum

    4.8 (709 Votes)
    Cicinnati Art Museum

    Art Museum, Architecture , Exhibition

    This is one of the oldest museums in the US and also probably the first purpose-built museum in the Midwest. The museum was built in the year 1881 and has been developing and redeveloping since then to keep up with its standard throughout these 100 years and even more. There was a lot of debate initially on where the museum was to be built but at last, the current location was chosen by the hig...Read more
  5. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

    Museum, Outdoors, Educational Site

    This museum is not just an important part of the cultural heritage but is also a very important part of the social heritage of the city. It is basically a museum that depicts and focuses on the history of Underground Railroad but is also responsible for the social development of the city as well as the country. This museum was built for a second purpose of raising awareness of freedom, toleranc...Read more
  6. Fountain Square

    4.6 (972 Votes)
    Fountain Square

    Walking Area, Square

    This is the most important town square in the city. The place is probably the busiest out of all as it is the center of all activities of everyone. The place is filled with shops, restaurants, offices, clubs and much more. Initially, before this place was set up in this way, there was first an Indian mound and later a butcher’s market that was replaced to form this. The name is so given d...Read more
  7. Spring Grove Cemetery And Arboretum

    Outdoors, Landmark, Wildlife Park, Historical Site

    This historic cemetery and arboretum has been designated as ‘A National Historic Landmark’, mainly because of its enchanting beauty and eventful history. This is a non- profit cemetery that was established in the year 1844. It was joint planning and initiative of the members of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society. The name ‘Spring Grove’ is given due to the presence of ...Read more
  8. Roebling Suspension Bridge

    View Point, Bridge, Architecture

    This beautiful bridge listed in the Register of Historic Places is the longest suspension bridge in the whole world. The bridge is built over the Ohio River between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. This is the best way to get to the very important places in the city such as the American Ball Park, Paul Brown Stadium, etc. The place on the footbridge at the end of the bridge where you w...Read more
  9. Cincinnati Reds Hall Of Fame And Museum

    Museum, Outdoors, Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    The museum is an important part of the very famous American Ball Park that is the home of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball team. This museum is an honor of the players past and present of the team. The main purpose of the museum is to conserve the proud memories of the achievements and events of the team. The museum collection includes trophies, medals, certificates, various sports equipment, and e...Read more
  10. Coco Key Water Resort

    Outdoors, Water Park, Entertainment, Rides

    This is the largest and the only indoor water park in the city. 5the specialty of the park is not just the water rides but the artificial temperature adjustment done. The all year round temperature is made high over here for you to enjoy the cool water splashing everywhere even more. The name is given as water resort as this is not just a park but you can even stay here for long or just a night...Read more
  11. Mount Adams

    Museum, Outdoors, Entertainment, Neighborhoods

    This is a residential neighborhood located in the Downtown area of the city. It is covered by the Walnut Hills on the Southern side and by the very beautiful Ede Park on the other three sides. This is the reason why the place is considered to be one of the most peaceful and soothing. The boundaries and barrier of the park make this place escape from the hustle and bustle of the main city. The p...Read more
  12. Full Throttle Indoor Karting

    Outdoors, Go Carting, Entertainment

    This place offers you the most exciting place to race on go karts. The karts are made in such technology that these are safe as well as comfortable for everyone starting from a novice to a very pro driver. The lap sessions are all of 8 minutes and in this time you will have top face a number of difficult turns and challenges on your way and you will have to cross all of these hurdles. The stand...Read more
  13. Carew Tower

    Landmark, Historical Site, Tower, Architecture

    Carew Tower, the hotel located in Cincinnati, is one of the iconic buildings and comprises of 49 floors, with an intimidating height of 574 ft.  This massive structure was built in the year 1930 and was designated as the second tallest building in the city by National Historic Landmarks in 1982. This hotel is also a prestigious member of Historic Hotels of America, which is propelled by Na...Read more
  14. Winton Woods Park

    4.6 (83 Votes)
    Winton Woods Park

    Park, Picnic Spot

    This park is a part of the Great Parks of Hamilton country that belong to a separate unit altogether from the State. This is managed by a bench of 5 commissioners who serve without taking any remuneration for their work. The purpose of setting up these parks was to enhance conservation of greenery and also to provide an open place with fresh air for outdoor recreation of people. The park, as th...Read more
  15. Anderson Ferry

    Entertainment, Ferry

    This is a ferry across the Ohio River from Cincinati, Ohio to Constance, Kentucky. It is a lone survivor of the many ferries that were once operated in the earlier times. This ferry is located a few miles downtown west of the city. This ferry was earlier known as the Kottmyer Ferry but was later renamed after it was sold out to the Anderson Family. The ferry has been in continuous operation fro...Read more

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