15 Best Things To Do in Cleveland, Ohio

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 16 Oct 2018

Cleveland is a city located along the Lake Erie in the state of Ohio. Also called as the ‘Forest City,’ because this whole place was once a forested area located between the Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River until a surveyor named Moses Cleveland landed here from Connecticut. The strategic location of this place between a lake and river made him believe that this place could eventually turn into a great city and thus the town was born and named after him. Here we have compiled a list of best places to visit in Cleveland.

Let's explore Cleveland points of interest and 15 best things to do in Cleveland:

1. Indulge in the World of art at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art - ImageImage Source: flickr.com

With a vast collection of 30,000 artworks and artifacts from the ancient Egypt, Europe, Africa and Asia that dates 5000 years housed in this Museum have made it one of the most distinguished and recognized institution of culture within the country. The building made of white Georgian marble itself is a work of neoclassic art.

This museum holds special exhibitions, films, and other programs for the people of Cleveland and you might be lucky to catch one of it when you visit this museum perhaps.

Address: 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio

2. Walk through the West Side Market to shop and fill your tummies

This market continues to serve the best and culturally diverse experience for all the shoppers whether native or foreigner alike. Built in 1912, to meet the demands of the growing immigrant population due to the boom in the industrial sector in the early 1900s, theWest Side Market has now become Cleveland’s oldest public market.

The place features more than 150 vendors of art, collectibles, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, bakeries, and whatnot. The wide-ranging array of ready to eat meals served here is a highlight worth feasting.

Address: 1979 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

3. Groove to the Rock and Roll music and learn its history at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Designed by the well-known architect I.M. Pei, this one of a kind museum harbors some of the most significant contributors to the Rock and Roll Genre. This museum aims to inspire and engage its audiences with the power of rock and roll through the collections and displays.

The museum itself looks stunning with a glass pyramid-like structure that you would want to visit. The works within the building include the Rock portraits by Herb Ritts, Legends of Rock and the Pink Floyd Wall.

Address: 1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, Ohio

4. Discover the phases of American Culture from the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

This living monument gives us an insight into the history of America through the 29 gardens laid in its grounds. Created by the Cleveland State University students and scholars, these ‘peace gardens’ tell all the stories of conflicts and treaties that have shaped the nation.

Some of the gardens include The Polish Garden, The Slovenian Garden and the Armenian Garden giving us insight into the social, cultural, political and economic developments during the last ten decades.

Address: 750 East 88th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

5. Celebrate the presence of Women in Air at the International Women’s Air and Space Museum

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum pays tribute to the contribution that women have made in the fields of aviation and space exploration over the years. Located in the Burke Lakefront Airport’s terminal building, this place highlights the unique contributions and historical artifacts that were collected by an international organization of Women Pilots formed in 1929 named the Ninety-Nines.

The guided tours let you have a full understanding, and the admission is free of cost.

Address: Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio

6. Catch a show of a lifetime at the Playhouse Square

Tourist attractions in ClevelandImage Source: flickr.com

The Playhouse Square is the second largest center for performing arts within the country that has featured a wide range of entertaining performances. The performances include operas, dance, plays, music concerts and even readings for the community.

The artists performing here, offer interactive sessions with the audience and also promotes educational classes and workshops among its viewers to endorse this art. While here, don’t miss the 20-foot tall, magnificent chandelier with pendants and fixtures, the GE Chandelier, the world’s most massive outdoor chandelier.

Address: 1501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 200, Cleveland, Ohio

7. Explore the city life at the University Circle

This famous urban town is one of Cleveland’s vibrant districts that house a variety of educational, medical, cultural and social institutions. Here in the city, you would have a lot to explore shop and dine at various places within the town.

The old mansions along the streets of Magnolia, Bellflower, and Ford turned into beautiful restaurants and shops makes it eye-catchy. And don’t miss to ice skate at the Rink at Wade Oval if you visit this place during the winter.

Address: University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio

8. Walk among the fishes at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

This massive aquarium is spread over an area of 70,000 square feet housing a 230,000-gallon tank that exhibits both local as well as exotic creatures of the marine life. The entire aquarium divided into different zones like the Coral Reef, Coastal Zone, Lakes, and Rivers categorize the whole species of water.

Some tunnels let you take a closer look, and the museum also offers educational programs for the visitors.

Address: 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, Ohio

9. Experience the world of modern art at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

The museum is one of the Museums within Cleveland that exhibits art forms but the only one in the region that displays contemporary and modern arts making it one of the leading centers of cultural importance I the city.

This museum showcases works by more than 2000 artists worldwide and is aimed to give the visitors an insight into the modern art and inspire them in sparking up their creativity and imaginations. It also has various interactive programs for the people coming in to experience art.

Address: 11400 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

10. Get onboard the decks of the Steamship William G. Mather

Cleveland attractionsImage Source: flickr.com

Built as a carrier for iron ore, grains, and coal in 1925, this ship was then named “The Ship That Built Cleveland” due to its frequent voyages transporting the necessary items for the steel mills that helped the economic development of Cleveland.

Today this ship is anchored on the port and serves as a museum to experience what life was on this enormous and beautiful freighter. The engine room, pilot house, cargo hold and everything else on this ship is worth visiting.

Address: 601 Erieside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

11. Relax, surf or paddle board on the beaches of Cleveland Metroparks

beaches of Cleveland Metroparks - ImageImage Source: flickr.com

Cleveland Metroparks is the best way to vent the bustling of the cities to bask in the sun and relax. The Cleveland Metroparks are a group of 18 parks in and around the city of Cleveland and is locally called the ‘Emerald Necklace.’

The beaches at the Edgewater Park offer a clear view of the city skyline and have all sorts of provision for surfing and paddle boarding. The cluster of parks also includes hiking trails and waterfalls at the Euclid Creek Reservation. Never miss out on the fun this place has to offer.

Address: 4101 Fulton Parkway, Cleveland, Ohio

12. Meet the only Tyrannosaur dinosaur specimen at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

With the mission to inspire a sense of belonging and passion among the future generations, this museum exhibits around four million specimens from various fields like the geology, paleontology, archeology and so forth.

What makes this place unique, is the display of the only specimen of a small tyrannosaur dinosaur in the World. Other famous exhibits include the sled dog, many mastodon, and mammoth skeletons.

Address: 1 Wade Oval Drive, Cleveland, Ohio

13. Explore the mouthwatering cuisines at Little Italy

This place is a culturally rich area that has succeeded in bringing a slice of Italy into the city of Cleveland. The Italian sculptor, Joseph Carrabelli established this place as he began sculpting granite and marbles at this place. 

This place filled with heritage museums, restaurants, cafes, and shops make up an ideal place to visit in Cleveland. The wide variety of Italian dishes is what attracts most of the people to this beautiful neighborhood.

Address: Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio

14. Enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Erie from the balconies of Garfield Monument

Places to visit in Cleveland Image Source: flickr.com

Built to honor the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield, this monument is one of the highlights in the city.

The monument has elements of Romanesque, Gothic, and Byzantine traits of architecture and stands 180-feet tall. The view of the Lake Erie form the upper outdoor balcony shouldn’t be missed when you are here.

Address: 12316 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

15. Watch the Cleveland Indians going for a home run among a thousand Cleveland citizens

The Progressive Field is a state of the art, urban stadium and home ground for the Major League Baseball team, the Cleveland Indians. It isn’t the guided tours of this stadium that one must look for, but rather a match of the Indians and cheering along with the locals as they smash the ball out into the crowds, which will give you goosebumps.

Address: 2401 Ontario St, Cleveland, Ohio

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    Great Lakes Science Center

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    USS COD Submarine Memorial

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    Western Reserve Historical Society

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    Museum Of Contemporary Art Cleveland

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    Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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    Middleburg Heights United Church Of Christ

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    Washington Learning Center Golf Course

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