Events and Festivals in Coffs Harbour

  • Sawtell Chilli Festival (July): The little seaside town of Sawtell isn’t a part of any one’s itinerary, but come July and the town exudes festivity like never before. The annual chilly festival attracts both locals and tourists by the thousands. A fun outing for a family, there are street performances, live concerts and as the name suggests, a variety of chilly based products. The highlight of this festival is the chilly eating competition where people with the highest threshold for spicy foods try and eat as many chilies as they can.
  • Coffs Harbour Gold Cup Day (August): Coffs Harbour’s most awaited social event, the Gold Cup Day is essentially a horse race, an important occasion of the Coffs Cup Carnival. Though the Carnival goes on for around 2 weeks, the most populated event is this race which features an 8-race program, full betting facilities, lots of food and beverage outlets and entertainment activities for children as well.
  • Coffs Harbour International Buskers' Festival (September): If you see a lot of people around the Coffs Harbour’s City Square, you know the Coffs Harbour International Buskers' Festival has come to town. Held at a time when the schools are off for the holidays, the International Buskers’ Festival is a preferred family outing with stand-up acts, acrobatics and stunts and a lot of activities that cater to not only adults, but also the kids. Most of the shows are free of cost whilst there are some formal events that require a ticket.

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