Best Things To Do in Coffs Harbour, Australia

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  • Muttonbird Island: Named after the bird that uses this island as a nesting ground, the Muttonbird Island is adjacent to the Coffs Harbour and a popular tourist attraction. If you visit the island between August and April, you’ll get to see the offspring of the muttonbirds.
  • Pet Porpoise Pool: With a considerable amount of marine life which includes reef fish, baby crocodiles, seals, penguins, turtles and of course the dolphins, the pet porpoise pool holds interactive shows every day that proudly exhibit their sea animals. There are also private shows that allow you to pet, feed and swim with the dolphins or seals.
  • The Big Banana: The Big Banana complex is one of the most unique tourist destinations of Australia. Welcoming you with a huge concrete banana, The Big Banana talks of the past, present and future of horticulture and has a variety of amusement activities that have to be paid for separately.
  • The Clog Barn: Visit Australia’s little piece of The Netherlands and see for yourself how clogs are made and the significance they hold in Dutch culture. If the model village appeals to you, book yourself into one of the cute little accommodations there and take a dip in the worlds only clog shaped swimming pool.
  • South Solitary Island: Dubbed at the most isolated in New South Wales, the South Solitary Island is only accessible through the licensed tour operators that will take you there and back. The Island has an old lighthouse and keeper’s quarters that was abandoned in 1975.

Below we have a list of things to do in Coffs Harbour and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Coffs Harbour getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Coffs Harbour

Here is the list of things to do in Coffs Harbour and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Pet Porpoise Pool

    4.2 (266 Votes)
    Pet Porpoise Pool

    Water Body, Aquarium, Water Sport

    The Pet Porpoise Pool is a popular attraction among the tourists. Apart from the obvious ‘porpoise’ the aquarium also plays host to a few reef fish, baby crocodiles, seals, penguins and turtles. There’re interactive shows held, on a daily basis and yes, it’s possible to get kissed by a dolphin. They have a few other private shows where you can play ball, swim and pet and...Read more
  2. The Big Banana

    4.2 (282 Votes)
    The Big Banana

    Monument, Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Water Sport

    The monument that got the craze for the ‘big things’ going, the Big Banana welcomes you with a huge concrete Banana. The Big Banana park talks of the past, present and future of banana packing and plantations-there’s a plantation to amble about in, if you’d like. If not, you could opt for any of the other paid activities like ice skating, laser tag or toboggan rides to n...Read more
  3. Sealy Lookout

    4.6 (294 Votes)
    Sealy Lookout

    View Point, Scenic Drive, Observation Deck

    The best lookout point of Coffs Harbour, set within the Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, the Sealy Lookout and the Forest Sky Pier offers 180 degrees worth of picturesque views. It’s just a 10 minute drive from the banana plantation. Extending 21 meters into the horizon and standing 15 meters from the ground, words are clearly not enough to describe the vistas.
  4. Dorrigo National Park

    4.7 (120 Votes)
    Dorrigo National Park

    National Park, Park, Hiking Trail, Bird Watching

    The Dorrigo National Park is Australia at its best! The park houses a range of attractions sure to give you a day trip you will remember for a long time. Highlights include: Bird watching Trekking and hiking Sky Walk Walking through the rainforest Crystal Shower Falls Visitors love to spend an entire day at the park taking in the magnanimous beauty of it all and unwind at the Café afte...Read more
  5. The Clog Barn

    4.3 (272 Votes)
    The Clog Barn


    You don’t need to be in Holland, to own a pair of clogs! A slice of the clog culture is vividly visible at Coffs Harbour- The Clog Barn. Not only can you see how clogs are made but you could also take a stroll through the model village and if the mood suits you, book yourself into one of the many accommodation options here. Live like the Dutch, swim in the world’s only clog shaped p...Read more
  6. Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

    Nature, Bird Watching

    The Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is known for its varied species of beautiful butterflies fluttering away in and out of lush green trees, shrubs and vibrant flower. Highlights Include: Butterfly species like Blue Banded Eggfly Blue Triangle Cruiser Lurcher A truly spectacular sight, the house is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon especially if you are travelling with children.
  7. Coffs Harbour Beach

    4.5 (205 Votes)
    Coffs Harbour Beach

    Outdoors, Beach

    Located close to the Jetty, the Coffs Harbour Beach is like a pleasant dream- with clear water, tranquility and the soothing sound of the waves. Tourists and locals love to take walks along the beach while children play in the sand. There are no watersports arranged here- probably why the beach remains a silent heaven!
  8. Carobana Chocolate Factory

    4.7 (164 Votes)
    Carobana Chocolate Factory
    The Carobana Chocolate Factory is known for arranging chocolate making workshops. The factory has coach and factory tours which are a tourist favorite. Visit the factory to know about the nuances of chocolate making at its best! The factory also has an in house store where you can buy delectable chocolates for loved ones.
  9. Bunker Cartoon Gallery

    2 (188 Votes)
    Bunker Cartoon Gallery

    Art Gallery

    If you’re looking for a collection of contemporary black and white cartoons, your search ends at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. Australia’s first and only black and white cartoon collection can all be found here. An authentic WWII bunker was transformed into an art gallery and hence, the name.
  10. Bellinger River National Park

    Outdoors, National Park, Nature

    A beautiful park to trek through, the Bellinger National Park is every nature lover’s dream come true. The pristine waterfalls add charm to the park while the peak ‘Griffith’s lookout’ offers a panoramic view of the Dorrigo Escarpment- a rare treat in itself! A must if you visiting the park solo or with family and friends.
  11. Bruxner Park Flora Reserve

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail

    Had too much of sightseeing? Are you ready for some adventure? Drive up to the Bruxner Park Flora Reserve and sign up for one of the many of their forest trails. Treat yourself to a fabulous view of the city from the lookout points, frequented by many. The trails are fairly easy and are full of sign posts, so the chances of losing your way or not being able to finish the trail is next to nil. D...Read more
  12. South Solitary Island

    Island, Light House

    True to its name, the South Solitary Island is one of the most isolated places in New South Wales. In fact its location is so odd that the island is only accessible by a helicopter- the tours conducted by the Precision Helicopters and National Parks and Wildlife. South Solitary Island is home to a lighthouse and a keeper’s quarters that were abandoned 1975 when the lighthouse was automate...Read more
  13. Artisti Di Espresso

    4.6 (97 Votes)
    Artisti Di Espresso


    The cafe is known for its rich coffee with light meals and a range of desserts- from muffins, tarts to sandwiches. The perfect place to grab a bite or two on the way to explore the city, the Artisti Di Espresso is sure to find a loyal customer in its visitors. Do try their signature gluten free muffins, white chocolate muffins and ofcourse that hot cup of coffee!
  14. Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre

    Art And Culture, Exhibition

    Highlighting the Yarrawara culture, the cultural center includes highlighting on other cultures which are fast fading away. The perfect way to learn about history of these cultures along with their struggles, beliefs and art, the center also provides many programs and guides along with skill-based workshops. Highlights include: Gumbaynggirr History Site Tour Bush Tucker and Medicine Walk Music...Read more
  15. Muttonbird Island

    4.7 (179 Votes)
    Muttonbird Island

    Island, Trail, View Point, Walking Area

    A little ahead of Coffs Harbour lays the wondrous island by the name of Muttonbird Island. Considered to the best mini day trips you can take from Coffs Harbour, the island is named after the bird species that are found here in abundance, especially from late August to early April. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some baby muttonbirds. There’s a 500 meter walk to the top of...Read more