15 Best Things To Do in Colima

Colima happens to be one of the well-renowned tourist destinations in Mexico. There are several things to do here during your visit to the city. Owing to this, people come to visit this place for a long vacation to really soak up the essence of the city. Here are the best things to do in Colima, Mexico:

1. Visiting La Campana

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Tourists can pay a visit to La Campana during their trip to Colima. It is essentially an archaeological site which is present in the archaeological heritage list from the year of 1917. The site was known to be the largest pre-hispanic population center is Western Mexico. Some of the features are interlinked to the classical period of Teotihuacan culture. This site is known for featuring the presence of ceramic offerings, shaft tombs, storm drain systems, administrative, avenues, and religious center with a plethora of monuments. The site was founded in the year of 1995.

2. Taking a tour to El Chanal

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El Chanal is recognized to be a well-renowned archaeological site which is situated at El Chanal town. It is spread across an area of 50 hectares. Residents of El Chanal maintain and preserve the archaeological zone. It is developed on the banks of Rio Colima and native groups have inhabited the area from around 1300 BC this gives the place a maximum splendor.

3. Tour Coffee Route

It is also referred to as Bus Cafe and starts  from Colima Cathedral. The tour is known to last for the time period of six hours. Comala comes at the beginning which is followed by Los Colomos, August Rancho, Brotherhood of Suchitlan, Suchitlan Nogalera, Magic Zone, The Rumedadero, Los Colomos, Los Mezecales, El Remate and The Rumedadero. After boarding on the bus, people can enjoy delicious coffee and music along the way.

4. Visiting Colima Volcano

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Colima Volcano is recognized to be the one and only volcano which is still active in the country. Spread around 3,960 meters, it is also referred to as the Volcano of Fire. The best time for visiting the volcano is November to March. In the area, it is considered to be the most ideal place for rural light photography, hiking, and camping. Tourists who are willing to climb the Colima Volcano can begin from the town of Atentique after which they should go to the place, known as El Playon. There are different routes for approaching the volcano which provides several options for spending a day with the family. People can also find shops selling handicrafts, rental cottages, and roadside restaurants here.

5. Metropolitan Regional Park

Metropolitan Regional Park is recognized to be one of the well-renowned tourist destinations in Colima, which was constructed during the nineteenth-century plantations. It is located at a distance of four blocks from the historic center. The place is primarily divided into two sections. One of the sections provide different types of water activities along with pools, water slides, and wave pools. The other section boasts of dining areas, barbecues, and an artificial lake. People can also pay a visit to the zoo where they will be able to see peacocks, deer, birds of prey, crocodiles, and several other animals.

6. A day trip to Comala

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Comala is considered to be a municipality and a town which is situated in Mexico near the state capital of Colima. It is also referred to as the White Village of America. It is the historic center of the town which was, later on, declared as the Historic Monument Zone. The tourist attractions in the place are inclusive of Carrizalillos land La amria, lakes, Jabali, and San Antonio. People can indulge in fishing and boating in the lake. Pine and oak trees surround the La Maria Lake.

7. Visiting Carrizalillo Lagoon

Carrizalillo Lagoon is recognized to be an ecotourism center, which is present on the slopes of Colima Volcano. This gap is recognized to be the ideal destination for having a picnic. In this place, tourists can rent kayaks and boats. It is considered to be the perfect destination for largemouth bass fishing. People prefer staying dry here and observe different types of birds. It is also known to be the perfect destination for camping enthusiasts. If you are lucky enough to have clear skies, you will be able to view the fumaroles of the volcano. Occasional explosions are also common.

8. The Regional Museum of History

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Do not forget to visit The Regional Museum of History during the trip to Colima. It was constructed in the earlier part of the 19th century. This is essentially a popular mansion, which used to feature the old colonial style. It has undergone a wide assortment of renovations. The place was earlier a hotel after which it was turned into a casino hotel. After remodeling, it has become the cultural institute of the present. The museum boasts of six rooms which are dedicated to archaeology. The place has eight rooms which are dedicated to history. It reveals the different outstanding pieces of the regional history from the pre-Hispanic times until after Revolution.

9. El Paraiso Beach

El Paraiso Beach is the favorite destination of nature and beach lovers. It is located at a close proximity of 100 meters from El Paraiso. From Armoury, the calculated distance of El Paraiso Beach is almost 7 kilometer. As it is situated in the open sea, it is believed to be the perfect destination for practicing different water sports like windsurfing. People can find a wide array of booths along it, which offer several traditional dishes. Food lovers take delight in La Boquita, which is the most popular traditional dish here.

10. Shopping in The Alvaro Obregon Market

The Alvaro Obregon Market happens to be a traditional market which is located in the city center. It is believed to be the perfect place for walking through the aisles and purchasing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and bread. Shopping lovers can even purchase the typical crafts of the season in the Alvaro Obregon Market. Like any other market, this shopping center has an area where foodies can relish in delicious Mexican dishes. People can drink juices, enjoy enchiladas, and eat cakes here. There are also other food items to satisfy your appetite here.

11. Terraza Trapiche

Terraza Trapiche happens to be a famous rooftop bar in Colima. It is situated on the top floor of Hotel Ceballos in Colima. It is known to be one of the various outlets of the local craft beer brewery here. Tourists pay a visit to the place to enjoy the local beer. They can try one of the two lagers, the lighter Cayaco or the Colima. They can also try Ticus porter, which is slightly sweet or the Paramo IPA.

12. Relishing in delicious cuisines in Cenaduría Julia

Cenaduría Julia is known to be one of the well-renowned restaurants in Colima. Located in the northern suburb of Villa de Alvarez, it has gained high popularity as the best-loved restaurant of the area. Some of the popular dishes to try in the place are tacos tuxpenos and sopitos. Tacos Tuxpenos are essentially tortillas that are dipped in smoky adobo sauce, which are then fried and filled with pork and deep fried beans. Sopitos is another popular dish in the place, which is composed of small circular tortillas that are topped with spices, meat, and tomato sauce.

13. Taking delight in dishes in El Charco de la Higuera

El Charco de la Higuera offers Mexican food in Colima. It is a salt of the earth restaurant which stands out of the ordinary in the typical cocina colimense in the place. Tourists pay a visit to this place for relishing in Colima style dishes. The combined antojitos of the place is known to be the smorgasbord. Those who are willing to try something different can rejoice in pepena which is prepared from the intestines and heart of the cows. The hot tortillas are also loved by foodies here. The chilaquiles are however a bit exotic.

14. Rejoicing in Italian pizzas in Napoli Centro

Napoli Centro is known to be one of the top pizza destinations in Napoli Centro where people can rejoice in pasta dishes. The pizzas are really huge here. People also pay a visit to the place on a regular basis for taking delight in seafood. In this Italian eatery, people can spend long hours while sitting on the open and long terrace. They can even enjoy the view of the main square from the terrace. Tourists are going to love the decent wine list here along with the Mexican vintages which are available by the glass.

15. Planning a trip to Museo Universitario de Artes Populares

Museo Universitario de Artes Populares has gained high popularity as one of the leading museums in Colima. This is the best museum of the city where people can enjoy in folk art. Tourists are sure to love the giant puppets of mojigangas here. They can get amazed to find the supreme collection of the masks here. They can even find musical instruments here. One of the most prominent reasons owing to which people love the place is due to the fact that it has ceramic, wood, and basket sculpture from each and every state in the Mexican country. They can even find exhibits on fishing, farming, and Colima Salt making here.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Colima, Mexico

Must see places in Colima ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Colima and point of interests to visit.

  1. Jardin Panteon De Los Gringos

    #1 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Jardin Panteon De Los Gringos Image

    Tags: Cemetery

    Address: Venustiano Carranza s/n, Las Palmas, 28017, Colima, COL, Mexico

    Established in the year 1851, this cemetery was built for the residents of Colima. Today it serves as a community garden as well. You will find a lot of locals here who come often for simple strolls o...Read more

  2. La Piedra Lisa Park

    #2 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    La Piedra Lisa Park

    Tags: Park, Picnic Spot

    Address: Calz. Pedro A. Galvan Sur, Centro, 28040 Colima, Col., Mexico

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Literally meaning the smooth stone park, Le Piedra Lisa is one of the most famous attractions of Colima. The most prominent attribute of this park is La roca, which stands at a height of more than 2 m...Read more

  3. Glorieta Ninos Heroes

    #3 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Glorieta Ninos Heroes

    Tags: Landmark, Monument, Sculpture

    Address: Av Ninos Heroes 1466-A, Moderna, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

    Located to the south of Chapultepec Zone in Guedalajara, the Glorieta Ninos Heroes Monument is quite a famous attraction of Jalisco. It is the brainchild of the artist Juan Olaguibel and consists of a...Read more

  4. Metropolitan Griselda Alvarez Regional Park

    #4 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Metropolitan Griselda Alvarez Regional Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Santos Degollado s/n, Centro, 28000 Colima, COL, Mexico

    Timings: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm Details
  5. Jardin Libertad

    #5 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Jardin Libertad Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Reforma s/n, Centro, 28000 Colima, COL, Mexico

    Timings: 24-hrs Details
  6. Jardin La Corregidora

    #6 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Jardin La Corregidora Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Correjidora s/n, Jardines de La Corregidora, Jardines de la Corregidora, 28030 Colima, COL, Mexico

    Timings: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm Details
  7. Parque Bosques Del Sur

    #7 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Parque Bosques Del Sur Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Hidalgo s/n, Quinta El Tivoli, Costeño, 28080 Colima, COL, Mexico

  8. Jardin Del Moralete

    #8 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Jardin Del Moralete Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Graciano Sánchez 2, El Moralete, 28060 Colima, Col., Mexico

  9. Glorieta Del Charro

    #9 of 22 Things To Do in Colima
    Glorieta Del Charro Image

    Address: Fco. Javier Mina s/n, Las Huertas, Placetas Estadio, 28050 Colima, COL, Mexico

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