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Restaurant Paul Bocuse, is situated in the Collonges-au-mont-d'or, France. Restaurant Paul Bocuse is a nice place to visit in this area.

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  • Service was not what you would expect from a Michelin rated restaurant, they were serving a four person table one person at a time , food felt like it was preprepared. The food was so bad that we had to return a few dishes.

  • Excellent, savoury, warm welcome!

  • My husband and I came here for his birthday and we were both so disappointed with the lack of flavour of every dish! A three Michelin stared restaurant! No way. Shame on you Michelin!! A waste of our time and money! We ate at a small restaurant in Dublin a couple of weeks ago, €12 for our main and the taste was outstanding. Really Michelin get your act together and don’t be fooling people. We went for the €170 menu. The Amuse Bouche was leek and potato soup, I couldn’t even make te flavour out. Then I had the lobster bisque which just tasted like cream and the lobster was tough! When I was ordering my meal I went for the fillet steak. The server said medium? I thought that was odd! I said no, medium rare. My husband asked for the same. His was cooked medium rare whereas mine was cooked medium well! Michelin ***😤 I love Foie Gras but this was so runny with fat when cut into it, that we are both gone off it. The only part of the meal with any taste was the cheese and the petit four. We were so disappointed we didn’t bother with the dessert and asked for the bill. Including 1 bottle of wine and 1 espresso we paid €570. We were well aware of what the cost would be but we were shocked and disgusted by the poor quality of food!

  • I couldn't find much in terms of public transport information to Paul Bocuse restaurant. This is what I found to be the easiest. 1. Hotel de Ville subway station to Bellecour station. 2. Change to green line at Bellecour station towards Gare de Vaise station. 3. Catch bus 43 at Gare de Vaise subway station. 4. Get off at stop Pont de Collonges R.D. 5. Cross the road to Paul Bocuse restaurant. Approx. travel time 30-40 minutes. Return journey. Most appropriate: walk. Most practical: Taxi.

  • For those who are curious: truffle soup don't have obvious truffles aroma, it's rather neutral, despite intense meat taste

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