Best Things To Do in Colmar, France

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Wondering what to do in Colmar? On your Colmar itinerary should be the areas of Little Venice and Old Town. Apart from these, Colmar sightseeing also includes a trip to the Musee d’ Unterlinden, the Gazon du Faing, the Koifhus and the Maison Pfister. Your Colmar trip planner is incomplete without including Eglise des Dominicans, Hohlandsbourg Castle, Bartholdi Museum, House of Heads, Musee du Jouet et du Petit Train and the Statue of Liberty to the list! Other Colmar sehenswürdigkeiten (or Colmar attractions) include Eglise St. Martin, Schwendi Fountain, Parc Attractions Haut Rhin and the Musee d’ Histoire Naturelle et d’ Ethnographi. Colmar shopping includes a trip to the Poterie Tonin.

Below we have a list of things to do in Colmar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Colmar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Colmar with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Colmar

Here is the list of things to do in Colmar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Little Venice

    4.6 (1272 Votes)
    Little Venice

    Art And Culture, Neighborhoods

    Little Venice is a neighbourhood that is crossed by canals of the Lauch river. Because of the canals, the area became known as Little Venice! It is a quaint locality with colourful olden era homes and the picturesque canal bursting with flowers. A definite visit for photography enthusiasts.
  2. Old Town

    Art And Culture, Restaurant, Market, Street Market

    Visit the Old Town while in Colmar. From architecturally marvellous buildings to wide shopping streets, colourful houses, canals and a charming atmosphere, the Old Town has everything.
  3. Musee D'unterlinden

    4.4 (1021 Votes)
    Musee D'unterlinden

    Art Museum, Museum

    The Musee d’Unterlinden (under the linden tress) is housed on the site of the former Dominican convent of Unterlinden. The museum’s collections include paintings, sculptures and objects from the 12th to the 16th centuries. On the first floor, you’ll find Folk art and traditional decorative arts. The basement houses modern and contemporary permanent and temporary exhibitions. I...Read more
  4. Statue Of Liberty

    Museum, Statue, Architecture

    12 meters in height, the Statue of Liberty at Colmar is a replica of the original one. The replica is based at the north entrance of city and was sculpted and installed in 2004 to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Auguste Bartholdi, the designer of the original Statue of Liberty.
  5. Musee Du Jouet Et Du Petit Train

    Museum, Children Museum, Specialty Museum

    Spread across 3 floors, the Musee du Jouet et du Petit Train is a delightful place full of activities for children and adults alike. The museum was created when the City of Colmar made the acquisition of Georges Trincot's prime collection. On display are toy automata, dolls, cars, boats, planes, steam engines and a lot more. Do watch the computer-controlled puppet show ‘The Fox and the St...Read more
  6. Bartholdi Museum

    4.2 (875 Votes)
    Bartholdi Museum

    Museum, Statue

    The Bartholdi museum is based in the same house where the world renowned artist, painter, designer and sculptor Auguste Bartholdi (1834 - 1904) was born. The museum houses displays dedicated to this emblematic artist. The museum is spread over 3 floors and has on display the replicas and models of monuments designed and built by Bartholdi. A special place is reserved for the original models of ...Read more
  7. Eglise St. Martin

    Church, Religious Site

    An archaeological find, the Eglise Saint Martin (St. Martin's Church) in Colmar is also known as Collegiale Saint Martin. It dates mainly to the 14th century and contains some notable Gothic artworks. There are a variety of interesting medieval sculptures on the exterior. The interior features a remarkable Baroque organ and beautiful stain glass windows. A must visit for arc...Read more
  8. Eglise Des Dominicains

    4.3 (949 Votes)
    Eglise Des Dominicains

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    The Eglise des Dominicans or the Dominican church was built somewhere in the late 1200s. Over a period of time, the church has undergone many renovations, yet, it has still retained its tranquillity and charm. The major attractions within the church are the Virgin in the Rosebush- a masterpiece by Martin Schongauer, and the Issenheim Altarpiece.
  9. Koifhus

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Monument, Restaurant

    A must visit for architecture buffs, Koifhus is an historic monument in Colmar. Built in the year 1480, the building was initially used as the customs and administrative quarters of the city. Since then the building has housed a theatre, a bank, the Chamber of Commerce and a school. Today, the building houses a renowned restaurant and places of trade.
  10. Hohlandsbourg Castle

    4.2 (818 Votes)
    Hohlandsbourg Castle

    Castle, Historical Site

    Situated around 7 kms from Colmar is the town of Wintzenheim. It is home to the famous Hohlandsbourg Castle. The construction of the castle is dated at 1279. A classified historical monument since 1840, and progressively renovated since the 1990s, the castle is a must visit when in Colmar. At an altitude of 620 metres, the Hohlandsbourg castle offers a superb panoramic view of the Alsace plain,...Read more
  11. Maison Pfister

    3.9 (1132 Votes)
    Maison Pfister

    Historical Site, Architecture

    The Maison Pfister or the Pfister house was built in the year 1537. It owes its name to the family who restored and occupied it during 1841-1892. The building is the first example of Renaissance architecture in Colmar. The Maison Pfister is a two-storied structure with wooden galleries, octagonal turret and wall hinges representing biblical scenes.
  12. Gazon Du Faing

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail

    Gazon du Faing is a hike route and is situated around 30 kms from Colmar in the city of Alsace. Although many hikers go on a mission to conquer the summits, for the lesser adventurous folks, a gradual climb of around 20 minutes will bring you to the beautiful Luc Blanc. You can also explore the National Reserve of Tanet. Pack your picnic baskets and head off to Alsace for a thrilling day.
  13. Schwendi Fountain

    Art And Culture, Statue, Architecture , Fountain

    The Schwendi Fountain, another masterpiece by Auguste Bartholdi was built in 1898 and is surmounted by a bronze statue of Lazare de Schwendi (1522-1583). Lazare de Schwendi was a war chief between 1564 and 1568 and fought against the Turks in Hungary.
  14. Monument Du General Rapp

    Art And Culture, Monument, Statue, Architecture

    This one is for Auguste Bartholdi’s art lovers. Made in 1854 by Bartholdi, the statue is dedicated to General Jean Rapp (1771-1821). It was initially displayed at the Champs Elysees in Paris. It was later shifted to Colmar. The statue comes with its own share of history. It was destroyed by the Nazis in 1940. However, it was restored after the war and has had its place of glory since then...Read more
  15. Poterie Tonin

    Specialty Shop

    The Poterie Tonin is a jewellery store in Colmar. They have handmade unique bronze jewellery with precious stones. The jewellery design is authentic to the region. Check put their ceramic creations as well.