Events and Festivals in Cologne

There are many events that happen in the city which visitors can enjoy. The Cologne Carnival- (Kolner Karneval) is one such event not worth missing. It takes place in February and more than 1.5 million people line up Cologne streets to watch the parade with the maid triad-the prince, farmer and virgin, every year.

Art Cologne (April): The world’s oldest art fair is underway every April for six days. A haven for every art lover, over 20 countries participate attracting around 60,000 visitors. Featuring contemporary art, there are almost 200 galleries open to the public that showcase paintings, sculptures, photographs and moving art.

Christopher Street Day (July): Germany’s equivalent of a Gay Pride, the Christopher Street Day is an important for the European LGBT community. It’s a celebrated and popular event, across all sexualities and every year, thousands flock the city centre to witness and demonstrate the pride of the LGBT community. Named after the street the first gay demonstrations took place in New York in the 1960’s.

Kolner Lichter (Juky): The Kolner Lichter or the Cologne Lights as it’s called in English is one of the spectacular displays of fireworks you will ever come across. You could either enjoy the fireworks and then some on a river cruise or you could stand by the banks of the Rhine and watch as the fireworks go off in musical harmony over the Alstadt.

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