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Colorado Springs is a haven for tourists who want to actually go out and explore their vacation destination. There are literally hundreds of things to do in Colorado Springs and many more to see in and around the city. Tourism is a major employer in the city which practically justifies the previous statements. Some of the most famous attractions that you have to catch a sight off before you leave the beautiful town are the Garden of Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, United States Air force Academy, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and many many more mesmerizing pieces of natural and manmade beauties.

For travelers who want a little bit of hands on action and don’t mind getting their hands dirty can try hiking, horseback riding, cycling, rock climbing and white water rafting. And all the above attractions are not even the tip of the iceberg. Believe me when I say that no one can ever regret spending a vacation in this wonderful city.

Below we have a list of things to do in Colorado Springs and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Colorado Springs getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Colorado Springs with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Colorado Springs

Here is the list of things to do in Colorado Springs and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Garden Of The Gods

    4.8 (1375 Votes)
    Garden Of The Gods

    Outdoors, Trail, Hiking Trail

    Calling this magnetic bounty of nature a park is such an understatement! Garden of Gods is a national natural landmark of the United States and boasts fantastic rock formations which were referred to the assembly of gods by one of the explorers who discovered them and introduced them to the world in true sense. Inhabited by tribes since 1330 BC, the Garden of Gods is displays outstanding rock f...Read more
  2. Pikes Peak

    4.8 (1207 Votes)
    Pikes Peak

    Outdoors, Trail, Peak, Nature

    Set in the majestic Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak Summit is undeniably one of the most popular in the United States and with its gigantic height, it deserves to be! The Peak is named after explorer Zebulon Pike whose expedition led to the discovery of this peak in the 1700’s. Hiking up to the peak has since then been on the bucket list of ambitious climbers and the routes include picturesqu...Read more
  3. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    4.8 (1056 Votes)
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Outdoors, Zoo, Adventure

    America’s exclusive and only mountain zoo that nurtures the largest Giraffe herds in the world, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is also home to plenty of diverse animals in around 200+ species. The huge alpine forests serve as a habitat to over 800 animals including monkeys, hippos, tigers, snow leopards and bears. The encounter Africa exhibit within the zoo which serves as a new home to African el...Read more
  4. United States Air Force Academy

    Museum, Stadium, Hall

    An extensive campus dotted with academy, Falcon Stadium, chapel and Arnold hall and a museum that honours Air Force Personnel, the United States Air Force Academy can be visited through a guided tour. The guided tour walks you through various programs like the Chapel, the Arnold Hall facility which exhibits military and Academy collectibles and a dining area and auditorium of official events. Y...Read more
  5. North Cheyenne Canon Park

    4.8 (600 Votes)
    North Cheyenne Canon Park

    Outdoors, Trail, Park, Nature

    Home to heavenly trails, waterfalls and natural beauty that is nothing short of a treat to the eyes, North Cheyenne Canon park is a must visit on your trip to Colorado. Officially founded in the 19th century, this 1000 acres nature’s park is home to stunning delights like Helen Hunt Falls, Silver Cascade Falls and White Fir Botanical reserve amongst others. The park hosts popular events l...Read more
  6. Helen Hunt Falls

    4.7 (915 Votes)
    Helen Hunt Falls

    Outdoors, Nature

    Located within the Cheyenne Creek in the North Cheyenne Canon Park, these falls are named after United States poet, writer and activist Maria Hunt Jackson who strived for the improvement of Native Americans. The falls delightfully welcome you as you enter the North Cheyenne Creek and are also the final point of the Columbine trail which begins at the Starsmore Discovery Centre. Admire the beaut...Read more
  7. Old Colorado City


    Dating back to the 19th century, the Old Colorado City Historic district is the original settlement of Colorado City which was formed due to the establishment of Colorado Town Company. Today, the district displays signs of the old town and is a busy shopping area where you can spend hours and won’t get bored. Dotted with multiple art galleries and shopping centres and plush boutiques that...Read more
  8. U.s. Olympic Training Center
    A sporting pilgrimage for local athletes and coaches, this US Olympic training centre is the former home of ENT Air Force Base and also the HQ of North American Defence Command. Home to well-equipped training centre that can extend services to about 557 coaches and athletes at a time, this centre also is a great place for dining and recreation. Visit the place and take the guided tour to explor...Read more
  9. Glen Eyrie Castle


    The Glen Eyrie Castle, built in 1903, is an English Tudor style castle constructed by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. The castle is a major tourist attraction as it is quite a charming building and very significant in Colorado Springs history. General public is allowed to visit and go sightseeing around the castle and according to their wish they can take a guid...Read more
  10. Palmer Park

    4.7 (293 Votes)
    Palmer Park


    The Palmer Park is a huge 730 acre park in Colorado Springs which contains 25 miles of trails, baseball fields, soccer field, volleyball courts, picnic grounds and dedicated dog parks. With its large sandstone bluffs and great size, the park feels like a wilderness area and not in the middle of a city. The park is a perfect spot for enthusiastic hikers, families who want to picnic or mountain b...Read more
  11. Starr Kempf's Kinetic Sculptures


    Starr Kempf’s metal sculptures are incredibly intricate and graceful steel wind kinetic sculptures. It means that the structures shift and move when the wind blows at them. He built most of them near to his house where a majority still lie till date. These sculptures are a testament of the artist’s ingenuity and unmatched skills. Starr Kempf was an American sculptor, architect, arti...Read more
  12. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

    Park, Hiking Trail, Picnic Spot

    Spread out over 1680 acres, the Cheyenne Mountain State Park lies just next to the majestic Cheyenne Mountain. There are trails of upto 20 miles spread out over the park which can be accessed by hikers and bikers any day of the week. Apart from just offering scenic hiking trails, the park also offers places for folks to picnic, camp or practice their archery skills. The flora and fauna in the p...Read more
  13. Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

    Brewery, Adults

    This place has been brewing in Colorado Springs since the past 23 years. The makers of this place take a lot of pride in their brew and food. They consider it to be more of craftsmanship. There is experimentation with lip smacking fires, concocting flavor rich fires and entrees, and delicious meals. Once in Colorado Springs, you just cannot miss this place.
  14. Ghost Town Museum

    4.3 (122 Votes)
    Ghost Town Museum


    Avidly described as a place which takes you to a trip back in time, it is an interesting place with a nice little museum. It is a true preservation of Colorado’s western part, Ghost Town Museum is a fun and historic look back, at the kind of town that Colorado used to be in the 1800s and 1900s. There’s a boardwalk connecting quite a few shops which contain thousands of fascinating a...Read more
  15. Memorial Park

    4.4 (96 Votes)
    Memorial Park

    Park, Lake

    Memorial Park or Memorial Community Park is an open community park. It has a wide range of sports facilities, including an indoor and outdoor pool, a recreation centre, trails and Prospect Lake. It has hosted the region’s largest balloon festival held on Labour Day since 1977. It is a large multi use park. You can play sports and hangout for a picnic here. There are some monuments to expl...Read more

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    • I suppose you are referring to North Pole - Santa's Workshop. If yes, it is located at the following address: 5050 Pikes Peak Highway, Cascade CO 80809. For more information, you can either visit its official website or call on  1 719-684-9432.   

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