How to Reach Como

The Easiest Way to Reach Como


  • By Plane: The nearest airports to Como are Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate. There is no individual Como airport. These airports serve flights from major Italian cities.
  • By Train: Como travel by train is pleasant as Como is connected to all the major cities in Lombardy.
  • By Car: You can also go on a trip to Como by a car by taking the E35 motorway.


  • There are plenty of options for you whether you are travelling by public transport or private transportation. Como travel guide recommends the following:
  • Como has got a well organized bus system, but since the city is not so big, you are better off walking by foot. There are also buses going out of the city.
  • Another great and convenient way of exploring the lake area is by boat. There are three kinds of boats that you find; the slow boat also called Battello, fast boat (aliscafo) and car ferry (traghetto). More about the routine of the buses can be found at the Como tourist information.
  • You can also get a taxi to get around Como, but this is a much expensive option.

Modes of Transportation in Como

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Como. The most preferred mode of transport in Como is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 14.11 km Average time: 39.35 min

  • Train/Metro 29.51%
    Train 31.89 min Walking 7.89 min Waiting 5.61 min Bus 3 min Other 2.22 min Tram 1.67 min Overall average time for 20.84 kms 52.28 min
  • Walking 13.11%
    Walking 30 min Train 4 min Bike 1.88 min Waiting 1.75 min Bus 1.5 min Tram 0.88 min Overall average time for 5.56 kms 40 min
  • Motorbike 4.92%
    Motorbike 11 min Overall average time for 17.17 kms 11 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 3.28%
    Tram 12.5 min Waiting 4.5 min Walking 3.5 min Other 2.5 min Train 1 min Overall average time for 4.5 kms 24 min
  • Car 19.67%
    Driving 31.42 min Motorbike 1.25 min Walking 0.58 min Overall average time for 14.95 kms 33.25 min
  • Bike 9.84%
    Bike 27 min Walking 0.17 min Overall average time for 6.17 kms 27.17 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 4.92%
    Bus 26.67 min Walking 6 min Waiting 5.33 min Train 4.33 min Other 3.33 min Tram 1.67 min Overall average time for 12.33 kms 47.33 min
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