Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen

About Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is a place of interest in Copenhagen. You can see its beautiful image on this page. While looking for the information about Copenhagen Airport, first of all, you will find the exact address written on the right side. Note down the contact number so that you can contact the responsible authority for any information. Check out the ticket price to plan your budget. The timings and total time required sections will make your trip to Copenhagen Airport well-managed.

To make your trip to Copenhagen Airport in Copenhagen comfortable and safe, you can check the public safety stations. For any medical emergency, remember the pharmacies located nearby. You can shop a lot around Copenhagen Airport and so, you need to check out the ATMs and banks present in the locality. Traveling Copenhagen by car? Don’t run out of fuel and visit the nearby Gas Stations. Park your vehicles safely at the parking lot provided near Copenhagen Airport. If you plan to travel like a local, find the bus stations and railway stations given on the page. The city of Copenhagen also has some internet cafes for your ease.

If you are new to Copenhagen and planning to visit Copenhagen Airport, visit the Tourist Information Centre. The city also offers some wonderful accommodation options near Copenhagen Airport including the BnBs and Hostels. Select a suitable one on the page. There are good restaurants around Copenhagen Airport to satisfy your taste buds. Dying to get a drink? Head to fabulous Bars, Hotel Lounges, Jazz and Blues Cafes, Sports Bars, Wine Bars, Breweries located in the area. For desserts and coffees, you would like to visit Bagels and Donuts, Bakeries, Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses, Dessert, Ice Cream Parlors, Juice Bars and Smoothies. Are you in hurry and just want a quick bite? Visit Delis, Diners, Fast Food, Pizza, Burgers, Food Trucks.

There are plenty of places for a gastronomical delight near Copenhagen Airport in Copenhagen. The city is home to some of the phenomenal cuisines like American, Chinese, French, Indian. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Asian, Sushi. This city page will also guide you to explore many specialty places such as Barbecue, Buffets, Seafood, Steakhouses, Vegan and Vegetarian, International considering your requirement and preference. If you have been to Copenhagen Airport in Copenhagen, and you want to edit any information about it, Triphobo welcomes your contribution delightfully.

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Find places near Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen

  • Name: Jyske Bank Address: Sundbyvester Plads 1
    Distance: 2.854 km away
  • Name: Danske Bank Address: Københavns Lufthavn, Arkadevej 4
    Distance: 0.92 km away
  • Name: Danske Bank Address: Amager Landevej 42
    Distance: 2.082 km away
  • Name: Arbejdernes Landsbank Address: Kastrupvej 201
    Distance: 2.068 km away
  • Name: Nordea Address: Amagerbrogade 245
    Distance: 2.814 km away
  • Name: BankNordik Address: Amager Landevej 56
    Distance: 1.957 km away
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  • Name: Københavns Politi, Lokalstation Lufthavnen Address: Lufthavnsboulevarden 8
    Distance: 0.509 km away
  • Name: Københavns Politi, Lokalstation Amager Address: Kamillevej 3
    Distance: 1.636 km away
  • Name: Moreeyes Aps Address: Kirstinehøj 38B
    Distance: 2.161 km away
  • Name: Venstresocialisterne Vs - Amager Address: -
    Distance: 2.923 km away
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  • Name: Kastrup Apotek Address: Skottegården 2
    Distance: 1.28 km away
  • Name: Tårnby Apotek Address: Kamillevej 4
    Distance: 1.705 km away
  • Name: Gyldenrisparkens Apotek Address: Amagerbrogade 264
    Distance: 2.515 km away
  • Name: Amager Høreklinik Aps Address: Amager Landevej 33
    Distance: 2.041 km away
  • Name: Pentracom Denmark Address: Gartnertoften 3
    Distance: 1.755 km away
  • Name: Din Hørespecialist Address: Amagerbrogade 248, 2300 København S
    Distance: 2.732 km away
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  • Name: Eyecon Bar Address: KØBENHAVNS LUFTHAVN 3
    Distance: 0.119 km away
  • Name: Bingo Bar Address: Kastrupvej 116 A
    Distance: 2.899 km away
  • Name: Scott-Inn Pub Address: Skottegården 4
    Distance: 1.274 km away
  • Name: Oksen Bodega Address: Tårnby Torv 5
    Distance: 2.998 km away
  • Name: Bredager, Cafe Address: Kastruplundgade 20 A
    Distance: 0.949 km away
  • Name: Kastrup Center Pub Address: Kastrupvej 328
    Distance: 0.945 km away
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  • Name: Brasserie Salt & Pepper Address: Engvej 171
    Distance: 1.896 km away
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  • Name: O'Learys Address: Terminal 2, Københavns Lufthavn 1
    Distance: 0.273 km away
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  • Name: Lagkagehuset Address: Sortedam Dossering 9
    Distance: 1.289 km away
  • Name: Orchide Chokolade Address: Skottegården 6
    Distance: 1.307 km away
  • Name: Air Konditoriet Address: Kastruplundgade 4
    Distance: 1.071 km away
  • Name: Høyers Bageri A/S Address: Kirstinehøj 6
    Distance: 2.448 km away
  • Name: Post Parkens Bageri Address: Kastrupvej 205
    Distance: 1.957 km away
  • Name: Guldbageren Kastrup Address: Kastrupvej 205
    Distance: 1.996 km away
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  • Name: Bryg Selv Address: Kirstinehøj 58
    Distance: 2.663 km away
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  • Name: Aloha Ocean Hotel Address: Amager Strandvej 386
    Distance: 0.804 km away
  • Name: Copenhagen Airport Address: Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
    Distance: 0.607 km away
  • Name: Joe's Cafe' Address: Alleen 84
    Distance: 0.803 km away
  • Name: Cafe Kystens Perle Address: Bryggergården 14
    Distance: 0.848 km away
  • Name: Allehånde Café Address: Havkajakvej 16
    Distance: 2.046 km away
  • Name: Det Lille Pizza Hus Address: Saltværksvej 78
    Distance: 1.196 km away
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  • Name: 3'erens IsCafe Address: -
    Distance: 2.778 km away
  • Name: Smileys Address: -
    Distance: 2.379 km away
  • Name: Havnebanditten Address: -
    Distance: 1.257 km away
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  • Name: Select Service Partner Danmark A/S Address: Kystvejen 2
    Distance: 0.576 km away
  • Name: SAS-Klubben Address: Ved Diget 25
    Distance: 0.783 km away
  • Name: Address: Alleen 75, 4. th
    Distance: 0.722 km away
  • Name: Lanes & Lounges Address: Englandsvej 337
    Distance: 2.78 km away
  • Name: Løjtehus Restaurant Address: Løjtegårdsvej 67
    Distance: 1.895 km away
  • Name: Joe & The Juice Address: Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
    Distance: 0.605 km away
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  • Name: Kastrup Grillen Address: Saltværksvej 75
    Distance: 1.239 km away
  • Name: Beduinoasen Address: Havkajakvej 10
    Distance: 2.209 km away
  • Name: Sundby Grillhouse Address: Engvej 149
    Distance: 2.164 km away
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  • Name: Grill & Pizzahouse Address: Sundbyvester Plads 1
    Distance: 2.859 km away
  • Name: Restaurant Jin Yuan Address: Kastruplundgade 22
    Distance: 0.937 km away
  • Name: Restaurant Den Kinesiske Mur I/S Address: Amagerbrogade 251B
    Distance: 2.768 km away
  • Name: Shanghai Grill Address: Amager Landevej 98 A
    Distance: 1.778 km away
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  • Name: Gorms Kro Address: Amagerbrogade 258, st
    Distance: 2.615 km away
  • Name: Graceland Address: Amager Landevej 167
    Distance: 1.581 km away
  • Name: Firmaet Af 31. Juli 2010 Address: Greisvej 21
    Distance: 2.617 km away
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  • Name: Restaurant Kastrup Strandpark Address: Kastrup Strandpark 1
    Distance: 1.24 km away
  • Name: Madklub hos Mette Address: -
    Distance: 0.263 km away
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  • Name: Flyvergrillen Address: Amager Landevej 290
    Distance: 2.11 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: Kystvejen 1
    Distance: 0.56 km away
  • Name: Gylles Gadekøkken Address: Amagerbrogade 266
    Distance: 2.472 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: Københavns Lufthavn 1, c/o Terminal 3, 1. sal, 1th
    Distance: 0.208 km away
  • Name: Steff's Place - Terminal 3 Address: -
    Distance: 0.6 km away
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  • Name: India Gate Address: Englandsvej 371
    Distance: 2.834 km away
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  • Name: Bella Italia Address: Amager Landevej 180
    Distance: 1.611 km away
  • Name: Dal Bastardo Address: Løjtegårdsvej 99
    Distance: 2.22 km away
  • Name: Al Pacone Address: -
    Distance: 0.805 km away
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  • Name: Cafe Le Perr Address: Kastruplundgade 11
    Distance: 0.951 km away
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  • Name: Castello Pizzeria Address: Kastrupvej 110
    Distance: 2.951 km away
  • Name: Tårnby Pizza Address: Tårnbyvej 51
    Distance: 2.534 km away
  • Name: Seher's Pizza & Grillbar Address: Kastrupvej 326
    Distance: 0.957 km away
  • Name: Marios Pizza Address: Melstedvej 17
    Distance: 2.991 km away
  • Name: Restaurant Al Pacone Address: Alleen 82
    Distance: 0.802 km away
  • Name: Pizza Address: Sirgræsvej 4
    Distance: 1.034 km away
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  • Name: Caviar House + Prunier Seafood Bar Address: Terminal 3
    Distance: 0.147 km away
  • Name: Caviar House & Prunier A/S Address: Københavns Lufthavn 3
    Distance: 0.126 km away
  • Name: Yo! Sushi Address: -
    Distance: 0.142 km away
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  • Name: MASH Steakhouse Address: Terminal 2
    Distance: 0.282 km away
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  • Name: Ye Sushi Address: Skottegården 6
    Distance: 1.301 km away
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  • Name: Thai Take Away Address: Sirgræsvej 4
    Distance: 1.034 km away
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  • Name: Statoil Address: Amager Landevej 153
    Distance: 1.583 km away
  • Name: Lufthavn F.M.B.A. Indkøbsforeningen Københavns Address: Magle Allé 3
    Distance: 1.542 km away
  • Name: Shell Address: Amagerbrogade 298
    Distance: 2.382 km away
  • Name: Statoil Address: Kystvejen 1
    Distance: 0.559 km away
  • Name: Shell Address: Saltværksvej 62
    Distance: 1.153 km away
  • Name: KB Service ApS Address: Kastrupvej 145
    Distance: 2.613 km away
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  • Name: Parkering P17 Address: -
    Distance: 1.739 km away
  • Name: Parkering P12 Address: -
    Distance: 0.112 km away
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  • Name: Englandsvej Address: -
    Distance: 2.838 km away
  • Name: Institutionen Røde Mellemvej Address: -
    Distance: 2.891 km away
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  • Name: Copenhagen Airport Railway Station Address: Terminal 3 - Arrivals
    Distance: 0.027 km away
  • Name: Kastrup Station Address: -
    Distance: 0.675 km away
  • Name: Tårnby Station Address: -
    Distance: 2.946 km away
  • Name: Öresundståget Address: -
    Distance: 0.015 km away
  • Name: Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup St Address: Terminal 3 - Arrivals
    Distance: 0.027 km away
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  • Name: Amagerhus Bed and Breakfast Address: Skovmarken 4 A
    Distance: 0.815 km away
  • Name: Cah Bed & Breakfast Address: Amager Landevej 181
    Distance: 1.564 km away
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  • Name: Copenhagen Airport Hostel Address: Amager Landevej 181
    Distance: 1.582 km away
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Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen Reviews

  • I think the airport is very good. I have been to others and they were way more stressful as this one. I like the variety of shops, the seats (which you can find all over the area) are comfortable and the staff is friendly and helpful.

  • I give CPH Airport 5 Stars even with all the construction going on at the moment. Amongst top 5 in the world... I'm also Danish and very biased.

  • Plus: Free WiFi, (need to provide an email address, though), quite clean, copious space to sit Minus: unexpected smells when there (like pea soup), though not actually bad

  • Quick check in,immigration and security check.

  • Many smart options. However sometimes we cam notice that cleaning is not fisrt priority.

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