How to Reach Crete


  • By Air: By air you will be able to reach Crete by a domestic flight through any major airport on the mainland of Greece. However, you will need to book the flights well in advance as flights get booked early.
  • By Cruise liner: You can reach Crete via Cruise liner and most cruises in the Mediterranean will stop at Crete so you can plan accordingly.


  • Walking: Crete might be a little exhausting to get around by walking. The attractions are far apparent and the island is quite big in area. However, you can always drive to the different cities and walk within them.
  • Cycling: You can cycle in Crete but watch out for dehydration, uneven road surfaces and unusually aggressive driving practices from car drivers.
  • Car: Most visitors opt to hire a car to get around. You will be able to drive around yourself if you have an international license but caution is advised. You can also hire a car and driver to take you around for a stress free ride.
  • Boat: Many visitors choose to hire a boat and sail round the island, this can be arranged easily near most beaches – but be careful hiring a boat doesn't necessarily give you the expertise to use one safely.