How to Reach Crozon


  • As Crozon is on the Crozon peninsula the best way to get to this town is by water. The peninsula can easily be reached by ferry from Brest.


  • You could get around the town by boat or on foot. You could also hire a taxi or rent a car.
Route Distance Time
Birmingham to Crozon 552.03 km 9 hours 12 mins
Bromley to Crozon 611.11 km 10 hours 11 mins
Rayleigh to Crozon 676.81 km 11 hours 16 mins
Paris to Crozon 763.37 km 12 hours 43 mins
Metz to Crozon 1189.21 km 19 hours 49 mins
Pune to Crozon 8943.22 km 149 hours 3 mins