Best Time To Visit Cuernavaca

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Best Time To Go To Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca’s climate can be described to be a tropical savanna like. The temperatures in the region are hot but because of the city’s altitude, it is somewhat moderated. The temperature remains almost the same throughout the year with only minor variations in between.

  • Winter: As compared to the rest of the year, November to February are the months when the mercury drops down by a few degrees and the weather becomes quite cool.
  • Summer: The months of March to October can be considered as summer months with April and May being the warmest. Heavy rainfall occurs from June to September making it the wettest period.

The best time to visit Cuernavaca would be either from November to February when the weather is cool or during the months of March to May when the mercury rises a little but rainfalls are yet to come. There is no peak season or off season as tourists flock to the city the whole year around.

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