15 Best Things To Do in Cuernavaca, Mexico

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 15 Oct 2018

While running from our hectic professional lives, we tend to seek comfort in nature's lap. One such place which is full of wilderness and historical beauty is Cuernavaca in Mexico. Located in the state of Morelos in Mexico, Cuernavaca is one of those places you cannot amiss while making your bucket list. Cuernavaca provides you with the tranquillity which you've been looking for along with various adventure activities and archaeological sites. Here we have covered you with the best places to visit in Cuernavaca. 15 of such top tourist attractions in Cuernavaca are listed below.

Let's explore Cuernavaca points of interest and 15 best things to do in Cuernavaca:

1. Visit Palace of Cortés

The Palace of Cortés located in Cuernavaca is the oldest civil structure representing the colonial era with great valor in Mexico. Based on gothic Mudejar architecture, the Palace of Cortes was built in the early 16th century during the Spanish conquest. Displaying Mexico's history with a substantial subtlety, this place is a must visit for historians and people who love dwelling in the great past of various locations. The archaeological murals displays and multiple objects extracted from the glorious past of history intrigues the traveler in an uncanny manner one can ever comprehend.

2. Pray at Cuernavaca Cathedral

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The Cuernavaca Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Church not only provides a confrontation with spirituality but also an ecstatic treat for the eyes. The central altar area of the church is one of the most distinguished parts of the city as it represents the modern architecture blended with historical aspects.  The chapel and the facade provides an open area for tourists to sit and relax as well as enjoy the serene environment of the place. Moreover, the Cuernavaca Cathedral is commonly known as a pilgrimage site for travelers.

3. Visit Chapultepec Ecological Park

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The Chapultepec Ecological Park situated in Cuernavaca is an excellent place to hang out along with family and kids while being surrounded by a surreal environment full of lakes and natural wilderness.  Chapultepec is a beautiful park with extreme cleanliness and a refreshing era emitting cool vibes from the very source of it. On top of this, the place comprises of other attractions like castles and museums adding to the beauty of the site. This place cannot be missed while one is taking a tour of Cuernavaca.

4. Visit Spanish Language Institute

The Spanish language institute is one of the most famous institutes of Mexico which specializes in the Spanish language adding to the ethnic culture of Latin America. An excellent place for the development of linguistic skills and giving an edge to the tourism of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Accompanied with proper classrooms and allied facilities along with a refreshing cafeteria, this institute not only serves as a medium of learning a new skill but also a great place for tourism.

5. Canoeing at Mil Cascadas

Are you a sporty and adventurous soul? If yes, try canoeing at Mil Cascadas at Cuernavaca. Basking in the turquoise waterfalls surrounded with natural wilderness and plenty of cafeterias surrounding the place provides an overall edge to the site. Equipped with all the necessary equipment ensuring proper safety along with appropriate instructors, this activity is worth undertaking while in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

6. Feel the culture at Robert Brady Museum

Crafted with Mexican artifacts and antiques The Robert Brady Museum is the home of American artist Robert Brady which stands proudly in all its glory in Cuernavaca. Displaying various pieces of art which Brady used to collect portraying the intricate culture of Mexico in great detail. The museum serves as an excellent place for the lovers of literature and for those who wish to seek and unveil the past of various cultures.

7. Visit Museo de Cuauhnahuac

Representing the Spanish era with great zeal and enthusiasm, Museo de Cuauhnahuac is known for its exhibits of the pre-historical conquests. The statutes, structures, and history will leave you in awe of the beauty of the place. Located in Zocalo, Museo de Cuauhnahuac holds various amazing paintings portraying Mexican history in the best way one can ever think.

8. Feel fresh and alive at Garden Borda Cultural Center

Garden Borda Cultural Center built in the 19th century, is one of the most famous sites in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The gardens are draped most sequentially and uncannily accompanied with fountains, staircases, and terraces. One can also visit the mansion alongside the gardens and very well come to terms with the aristocratic lifestyle in the early 19th century of the Mexican bureaucrats. Garden Borda Cultural Center is an overall place for scenic beauty with a historical edge.

9. Dig the past at Zona Arqueologica Teopanzolco

Zona Arqueologica Teopanzolco is a small archeological site located on the outskirts of Cuernavaca. Although due to excessive heat, the place is a bit deserted but on the contrary is a right place for archaeologists and visitors interested in the ruins of the past. Zona Arqueologica Teopanzolco is an underrated but fantastic site containing the ruins and ancient temples providing a substantial contribution in research of the Mexican history.

10. Learn and feel at Jardin Botanico y Museo de Medicina Tradicional y Herbolaria

Jardin Botanico y Museo de Medicina Tradicional y Herbolaria is a botanical garden plus natural park located near Zocalo. The main attraction of the place is its excellent research in medicinal plants and herbal dynamics. The site is full of tranquility and refreshing atmosphere amidst the plants. Trees and herbs are giving you a minute to appreciate the beauty of nature. Moreover, the guides will tell you about each plant in great details about its medicinal and herbal use and a sense of the abundance of nature's wealth.

11. Shop and eat at Plaza de la Constitucion

Plaza de la Constitucion is the shopper's stop in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Filled with loads of local vendors, and shopkeepers selling various items of interests for the tourists as well as the localities. A perfect place to eat to your heart's content and shop and discover the different ethnic clothes and accessories till your feet allows. The musical groups performing in various corners of the area will give you the feeling of being in a Mexican vicinity.

12. Visit Centro Cultural Teopanzolco

Teopanzolco is a famous cultural center in Cuernavaca. The Centro Cultural Teopanzolco is an excellent place to relax and mediate by being in the vicinity of nature. The pyramid in the middle of the areas projects the history of Mexico in an exciting manner. On top of this, the temples surrounding the fields are a must visit and the localities are much more humble one can imagine.

13. Capture at Iglesia del Sagrario

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Iglesia del Sagrario is one of the most known churches in Mexico located in Cuernavaca. The Iglesia del Sagrario church is like a small castle holding weddings due to its exquisite view from outside. The surrounding area is very famous for photography and sightseeing. It has an excellent cafe and bookstore in the surrounding streets. Best known for holding weddings in a fairy tale manner, Iglesia del Sagrario is the church you have been looking for if you want to have a Disney princess feel on your wedding day.

14. Visit Calvario de Cuernavaca

Calvario de Cuernavaca is another Catholic church in Cuernavaca. One can find peace of mind and let your soul float in the waves of spirituality while in Calvario de Cuernavaca. The inner structure of the church provides quite a fantastic view to the tourists. A pilgrimage, as well as an adventure tourist, can visit this place while in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

15. Visit Parque Barranca De Amanalco

Parque Barranca De Amanalco is one of the best places to hangout om Cuernavaca and witnesses the purified clean streams along with the natural flora and fauna. A walk in the park will refresh your soul from the mundane lives of every day.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Cuernavaca

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    Instituto Del Deporte Y Cultura Fisica Del Estado De Morelos

    Address: Avenida Universidad S/N, Lienzo del Charro, 62137 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

    Timings: 06:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Instituto del Deporte y Cultura Física del Estado de Morelos is a boot camp fitness center in Cuernavaca. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you. A number of tr...Read more

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    Unidad Deportiva Revolucion

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    Address: Calle Netzahualcóyotl s/n, Centro, Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

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    Museo Robert Brady

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 4, Netzahualcóyotl, Centro, 62000 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    In order to preserve and promote the extensive collection of Robert Brady while establishing parallel debates, the namesake Robert Brady Museum seeks to pay a tribute to the painter, collector and des...Read more

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    Casa Jacaranda Image

    Tags: Restaurant

    Address: Calle Jacarandas, Colonia Delicias,62083 Cuernavaca, Mexico

    Casa Jacaranda is a beautiful holiday home that can accommodate a maximum of seventeen guests and offers innumerable amenities for a comfortable stay experience. From showers to a kitchenette, microwa...Read more

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    Parque Revolucion

    Tags: Swimming Pool

    Address: José Ma. Morelos y Pavón, Cuernavaca Centro, Centro, 62000 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

    Timings: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    The smooth and spacious floor of the indoor basketball court and the large outdoor swimming pool with lap swimming facility are what make the Parque Revolucion perfect. Those who wish to learn swimmin...Read more

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    Casa Ecologica Tanque Amate Sapac Image

    Tags: Nature

    Address: Av Vicente Guerrero, Maravillas, 62230 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

    Timings: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    Ecological house Tanque Amate Sapac is an ecological reserve in Maravillas. It was created to improve the environmental conditions of the vicinity. The material used to construct the building is entir...Read more

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    Palacio De Cortes  Image

    Tags: Museum

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Dave New

    Second December we have visited here and it is still closed after the 2017 earthquake. They say it could be another 18 months before it is open. Plan accordingly.

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    Parque Ecologico Chapultepec  Image

    Tags: Park

    Timings: 09:30 am - 05:30 pm Details
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    Adn Mx

    For me is the best park in Morelos. I suggest this park for more activities it has a lot of free spaces.

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    Parque Mariano Matamoros Image

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    Address: Calle Tule, Lagunilla del Salto, 62039 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

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    Yuno Gasai

    Buen lugar

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