How to Reach Culebra


  • By Air: The San Juan Isla Grande Airport connects this island city to most other Caribbean cities. Puerto Rico has main International airport where airlines connect from the rest of the world.
  • By Boat: This is the main source of communication to this island. The number of water bodies makes it convenient for tourists to choose boats for better conveyance. The nearest ferry port is Fajardo.


  • By Car: Cars are available for within the city communication but not all the time.
  • By Boat: This is the main way of communication from one place to another within the city and it is also the most convenient. 
Route Distance Time
Fajardo to Culebra 39.06 km 39 mins
Humacao to Culebra 58.94 km 58 mins
Rio grande to Culebra 59.05 km 59 mins
San juan to Culebra 88.45 km 1 hour 28 mins
Guaynabo to Culebra 90.05 km 1 hour 30 mins
Bayamón to Culebra 96.18 km 1 hour 36 mins
Ponce to Culebra 146.52 km 2 hours 26 mins
Arecibo to Culebra 160.54 km 2 hours 40 mins
Rockland to Culebra 1156.32 km 19 hours 16 mins
North kingstown to Culebra 1160.31 km 19 hours 20 mins
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  • Es posible transportar un auto sin reservación previa

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    • To reach by car without a reservation may be questionable as private cars on rent may not always be available. However, there are plenty of other options on how to reach Culebra on this page

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