Best Things To Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

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  • The main sightseeing attractions are no doubt the beaches. Among these the must visit is the Flamenco Beach. The other beaches include Zoni, Brava, Carla Rosario, Westa, Trash and many more. Some beaches here are ideal for snorkeling but not for swimming and the others allow swimming as well. Other than that kayaking is also on the must try list.
  • The coral reefs are very attractive here and you will find them in all shapes and sizes.
  • The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge is again one of the main attractions here covering a large part of the island and known for conserving a number of eco systems. Te flora and fauna is worth exploring here. You can also arrange for camps and picnics in some parts of this place.
  • The various Culebra adventure tours are not to be missed on your visit to this island city. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Culebra and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Culebra getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Culebra with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Culebra

Here is the list of things to do in Culebra and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Flamenco Beach

    4.8 (494 Votes)
    Flamenco Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Entertainment, Water Sport

    This beach is one of the prime reasons of people visiting this place and loving it. It is not only the most popular beach in the whole country but in the whole island. Sources also say that it is among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Apart from its immense beauty, this place is also known for the many tourist facilities it provides. This includes kiosks selling yummy sea f...Read more
  2. Kayaking Puerto Rico Or Aquafari

    Outdoors, Beach, Entertainment, Adventure

    The name ‘aquafari’ is a combination of two words- aqua and safari that defines this amazing excursion. This is probably something you will love to be a part of. This can be a full day trip or a part day one. This includes exploration of the beautiful beaches and the bays of the island and also getting an insight into the rich marine life. The whole journey starts in the morning fro...Read more
  3. Culebra Island Adventure

    4.6 (357 Votes)
    Culebra Island Adventure

    Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    This is nothing but the activities that you can enjoy on this Caribbean Island and are administered by the Tourism Department of the nation. These are further carried on by the several eco tours that are organized. The activities that you can enjoy are mainly swimming, kayaking and snorkeling given the water filled locations in here. the adventure tours, as the name suggests include all kinds o...Read more
  4. Culebrita

    5 (275 Votes)

    Island, View Point, Entertainment

    Isla Culebra, also known as Culebrita is a part of the Puerto Rican Archipelago and lies on the eastern part of the Caribbean Island. It is known as Nature Reserve and thus forms a part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge. It is also known as the land of lighthouses on the Caribbean due to the presence of quite a few here. The main one is known as the Culebrita Lighthouse. The Culebrita is ...Read more
  5. Culebra Eco Tours

    Outdoors, View Point, Entertainment, Adventure

    The Culebra Eco tours along with the jet -ski tours are the only ones that take you on a voyage to explore the unseen parts of the island. Their main motive behind all this is to make people conscious about the natural treasures on this island. The tour takes you through the rich marine culture, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the greenery, the nature reserves and a lot more. A...Read more
  6. Zoni Beach

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    Zoni Beach

    Beach, Entertainment, Water Sport

    The Zoni Beach is a part of the Culebrita Island and is one of the most beautiful beaches among all the six. The size of this beach is small and it is never much crowded so it is a good idea if you want to spend some time in peace and serenity. There is though not much facility of water sports or snorkeling in here but you can definitely explore them all if you are part of one of the water safa...Read more
  7. Carlos Rosario Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Entertainment

    This beach is just another branch of the beautiful Caribbean island of Culebra. Though Flamenco is the most popular but it gets a bit crowded at some times. If you want complete peace and serenity, the Carlos Rosario is the best option. The water here is much softer and the beach is never crowded. It is rather empty even on weekends to make it easier for you. The beach is also ideal for snorkel...Read more
  8. Mamacitas Restaurant And Bar

    Bar, Outdoors, Restaurant, Entertainment

    Mamacitas is the best place to halt when you are visiting Culebra. It is probably the most favorite tourist house in this island city. The friendly staff and deluxe facilities have made it immensely popular and the location is also very convenient when you want to do sightseeing. Apart from just the guest house, there is also a restaurant and bar that serves lip smacking delicacies to its guest...Read more
  9. Museum Of History

    Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    This is a small museum set in a cute little house that contains all that you would like to know about the history of the people of the city. The history of this city is often overlooked by the world the reason for which might be the fact that the history of this nation was not of much effect for the rest of the world. This small museum contains quite a number of lovely photographs and artifacts...Read more
  10. Pez- Vela Catamaran

    Outdoors, Beach, Island, Waterfront

    Culebra being an island city is rich with beaches and water reserve. The Pez-Vela that means a sailfish is a catamaran style sail boat that is put for public use by Captain Bill Penfield who owns the boat and also supervises the voyage himself. It is a full day trip that covers all that you would like to visit in this beautiful place. You will be served with snacks, lunch and drinks on your tri...Read more
  11. The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Bird Watching

    It is one of the many wildlife refuges that is managed and administered by the US fish and wildlife department. It covers a huge area and is mostly known for the exotic range of birds and extraordinary animal life of the place. The refuge area also covers a diverse range of plant life. The wildlife refuge was first set up on 27th February, 1909 by Theodore Roosevelt as the result of his dream t...Read more
  12. Brava Beach

    Outdoors, Beach

    This is a deserted tropical beach with the perfect settings that you might have pictured in your mind. This needs hiking from the Flamenco Beach to reach till here. The name Brava comes from Spanish which means brave. It is due to the fact that the Brava Beach waters are filled with dangerous currents as well. This is the reason for which swimming is not allowed in the beach.
  13. Tamarindo Estates Beach Apartments


    Tamarindo Estates Beach Apartments is a beachfront property which offers stunning views of the ocean and a private access to the best walk-in snorkeling. The place is blissfully serene and is perfect for those of you who wish to relax and have a rejuvenating time. It might not be a very luxurious place but offers absolute seclusion. It’s a 60-acre estate of natural greenery and offers ab...Read more
  14. Villa Boheme

    4.6 (11 Votes)
    Villa Boheme
    To spend your Puerto Rican holidays in an undisturbed manner, you can mark your stay in the Villa Boheme. It is a beachfront guest house that is celebrated for its comfy rooms and hospitality of unmatched quality. All the rooms of this facility are brightly decorated and all of them are spacious and gives access to natural light and air. The facility offers an impressive set of amenities too li...Read more
  15. Playa Resaca

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