Curitiba Tourism

Curitiba is one of the most prominent cities in the southern region of Brazil and is famous for various unconventional reasons. One is the spectacular public transit system, another being sexiness that goes around in the air is seen only by those who really want to see it. You will find colors of all nationalities here- immigrants who are Russian, Italian, Polish, German and Ukrainian have given this city an extremely supportive and friendly environment. Curitiba also respects arts in its own little ways- the old city bang in the center of Curitiba is known for its beautiful graffiti’s and the lovely arts fair held every week. Even though the history is enriching, the reminiscent is not a way to witness it. As it is a fact with Brazil, partying and Rio is very fashionable. But Curitiba again aces that aspect by possessing a system which highlights recycling and sustainable development long before they were even known to half the World.

The population of this city has so many attributes to show- that you will never have enough of them. If cities could adopt Curitiba’s model and make it their role model- most urban evils would be eradicated in no time. Its innovative measures taken to solve issues like poverty, homelessness are commendable. The man behind most of these highlights is its three term mayor- Jaime Lerner who was the brain behind some amazing transformations the city underwent in the 1970s. Fortunately, Football fans got a chance to witness its warmth and its inviting nature when it played host various times during the 2014 FIFA, but you do not need to wait for another World Cup to come around to do the same. In a way, the city has proved itself and clearly deserves you just as much as you deserve everything that the city has to offer to you.

Essential travel information and Curitiba tips for your visit

Essential Info

  • Time Zone: UTC−03:00
  • Currency: Brazilian Real
  • Electricity: The voltage in Curitiba is 110 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.
  • Internet: The Internet speed is fairly high. But free wifi is not readily available.
  • Languages: Brazilians speak Portuguese with a local touch to the language. German and Italian are also widely spoken in Curitiba, along with English in touristy areas.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Military Police (first number to call) 190 or 911
  • Ambulance 192
  • Fire Department 193
  • Civil Police 197
  • Curitiba Tourist Board (41) 3250-7721/ 3352-8000


  • Surroundings of the Main Bus Terminal (Rodoferroviária) are not very safe. If you come during dark hours, take a taxi even if your hotel is at a walking distance.
  • Downtown squares are fairly safe during the days. But, after 8:00 pm, are a hotspot for thefts, drug dealers and it is better to avoid the main passage areas. Take the streets on the edges.
  • Historical Center- Avoid going alone.
  • Batel neighborhood – Be aware and the neighborhood acts just fine.
  • The neighborhoods on the south side of the city (Sitio Cercado, Fazendinha, Pinheiriho, Cidade Industrial, Tatuquara)- are slightly unsafe, so avoid specially after dark.
  • At night it is best to get around by taxi. The public transport are almost entirely off after midnight.

Off Beaten Path

  • Visit Honey Island.
  • Visit lighthouses of Knowledge. They are located in 45 neighborhoods.
  • Visit the Municipal Market.
  • Go to the Telepar Tower.


  • At almost all restaurants and bars, a standard "serviço" service fee of 10% is included as a line item at the end of the "conta" or bill. It is not compulsory.
  • It is not customary to give tips in Brazil. Only if you find the service exceptional and have a good exchange rate, you can let people know by being generous.

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