How to Reach Curitiba, Brazil

The Easiest Way to Reach Curitiba


  • By Bus: Curitiba's has a station known as the Estacao Rodoferroviária. It is a really big bus and train station in Curitiba. It consists of three terminals mainly which serve trains, interstate buses intrastate buses. You can use these scheduled bus services from Curitiba to all over Brazil, as well as locations in Chile, Paraguay and some cities in Argentina.
  • By Plane: The nearest airport to Curitiba is Aeroporto Afonso Pena. It is located at a distance of about 17 kilometers from the main city in a neighboring region known as San Jose dos Pinhais. Regular city buses depart from here at different fares and you can opt for them to get to your main destination. Most major airlines operate in and out of this Airport.
  • By Train: The Brazilian Government does not provide passenger train services anymore. Even so, you should definitely take a ride in the tourist train route of Paraná State's ocean coast, which ends in Paranagua for some beautiful scenic views along the way.
  • By Car: The main highways connecting to Curitiba are BR-116 south and North. BR-101 and you can choose to drive in from either San Paolo, Florianopolis and Port Alegre.


Curitiba’s main public transit system consists of buses by and large. It opened to the World- the first Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) which resulted in a large shift from the usual automobile travel system to the public transport system. The government is also planning on introducing an underground metro station.

  • By Car: Most destinations are connected by the bus and travelling by road is going to be difficult for you especially if you are a first timer in Brazil. Most roads are one way and it would take you quite a while to reach your desired destination.
  • By Bike: The city boasts of a 100 kilometers of bike routes and you can like 30,000 bikers opt for these routes too; to completely breathe in the lovely air of the city.
  • By Bus: Remember the fares may differ for various routes but you can choose to connect for free between the bus routes if you change or connect internally from bus or train stations. 

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Modes of Transportation in Curitiba

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Curitiba. The most preferred mode of transport in Curitiba is Car.

Average distance: 13.16 km Average time: 34.36 min

  • Car 66.67%
    Driving 28.42 min Walking 0.63 min Waiting 0.08 min Overall average time for 14.15 kms 29.13 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 8.33%
    Bus 40 min Waiting 11.67 min Walking 4 min Overall average time for 10.17 kms 55.67 min
  • Motorbike 2.78%
    Motorbike 25 min Overall average time for 12 kms 25 min
  • Walking 8.33%
    Walking 39.33 min Driving 10 min Overall average time for 7.67 kms 49.33 min
  • Bike 5.56%
    Bike 47.5 min Overall average time for 14.5 kms 47.5 min

How to Reach Curitiba from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Curitiba to Curitiba 0.38 km
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