Events and Festivals in Cusco

  • Fiesta de las Cruces (May): The Festival of the Cross falls is one of the Catholic and Spanish influenced festivals in Cusco. Crosses and crucifixes in Catholic churches, cathedrals and sanctuaries throughout Cusco and the other provinces are veiled for the day. The town is decorated with crosses and boasts a plethora of events and attractions like folk music and dance, and the daring scissor dancers.
  • Semana Santa OR Easter Week/Holy Week (March/April): This is one of the most celebrated weeks in South America and a major festival in Cusco and boasts fireworks, brass bands and revelries throughout the week. The sheer buzz and great atmosphere attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe.
  • Inti Raymi (June): The festival of Inti Raymi is one of the most celebrated Inca festivals in Cusco. Saints are taken from their respective churches and paraded around the streets of Cusco, carried by groups of chosen bearers, and taken to Cusco Cathedral. The saints are supposed to stay in the Cathedral for 7 days, following which they are brought back to their respective churches on the 8th day. The saints are followed by dancers, musicians and fireworks.
  • Virgen del Carmen (July): The festival is considered to be on of Peru’s wildest festivals.  The three-day festival boasts dance, revelry, drinking, and outlandish, scary costumes and a plethora of tourists and visitors who have come to get a taste of this unique experience.
  • Puno Week (November): Puno Week is the fiesta capital of Peru. The festival is celebrated for a full week in November as a reminder of the city’s Amerindian roots. The festival boasts a huge procession that deviates into dance, music, and oblivion.

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