How to Reach Cusco

It is advised that you plan and book in advance as it gets really crowded during the months of June and July which is the peak of the tourist season.


  • By Air: Jorge Chavez International Airport (IATA) in Lima is the closest international airport. You will be able to find flights to the place quite easily and airport cabs can easily take you to the city of Cuzco within an hour or two.
  • By Bus/Train: Cuzco has several buses and trains that reach the city from all the major cities. There are two major train stations but caution is advised while travelling by train as there have been many robberies.


  • On Foot: Walking around the city center is easy. You will be able to see most museums and places this way. You can combine it with either bus or car for the other places.
  • By Car: Most people would probably prefer to travel by rental car or hired taxi. It is convenient and not too expensive if you plan carefully.
  • By Bus: There is a decent bus service available. Moreover, there is also a decent network of tour buses which will get you to all the far off destinations and back. Busses are a great option for the budget traveler and you will get a great deal if you book with a local travel operator.
Route Distance Time
Aguas calientes to Cusco 62.59 km 1 hour 2 mins
Juliaca to Cusco 217.86 km 3 hours 37 mins
Lima to Cusco 565.45 km 9 hours 25 mins
Santiago to Cusco 724.2 km 12 hours 4 mins
Medellín to Cusco 725.48 km 12 hours 5 mins
Oranjestad to Cusco 954.14 km 15 hours 54 mins
Caracas to Cusco 1319.18 km 21 hours 59 mins
Miami to Cusco 1342.89 km 22 hours 22 mins
Fort lauderdale to Cusco 1346.33 km 22 hours 26 mins