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Baker's Bakery & Cafe, Custer Reviews

  • Nice location, friendly staff. We picked up a few pastries, roll and coffee. Ate outside. Beautiful. The food was okay, roll and turnover still a bit frozen and the coffee was tolerable... all in all, a decent place for a dougnut and coffee.

  • EPIC! Portions were huge, ingredients were very good. Best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. Breakfast burrito was amazing, omlett was huge and stuffed with goodness. Worth the wait.

  • Breakfast options are very tasty, high quality and hand made style: like eating at home! You can be sure you will be very satisfied with their generous plates. Fast and kind service!

  • Everything was good when we got there, sat right away, got our coffee, water and food fast. It wasn't until our table was overtaken by ants, then it fell apart. My buddy reached for the ketchup and brought back a hand full of ants, that's when we noticed the ants crawling up the walls crawling all over the condiment and all over the table. We moved tables and asked to talk to the manager. She was very rude when she came to talk with us saything that they already moved us and asked what else we expected her to do. All we asked is to be compensated because we lost our appetite and no longer wanted to eat there so she gave us there "hotel discount" that came to just over two dollars. What a joke! The only thing that was nice about the whole experience was the waitress, she was very nice.

  • Awesome food and service. Very quickly was seated, orders taken and received. Great food! Beautiful pastries.

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About Baker's Bakery & Cafe, Custer

Baker's Bakery & Cafe is located in Custer, United States.

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