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Danang is surprisingly comprehensive as far as sightseeing goes – natural wonders, religious monuments, historical heritages, beautiful beaches, a French-colonial styled hill station retreat, excellent museums exploring the city’s Champa heritage, an unexpected Gothic Cathedral, terrific nightlife and many shopping opportunities.

The five Marble Mountains are everyone’s favourite attraction. Tourists, before actually visiting, are often under the impression that these are all in a single location. Well, yes, but it’s a BIG location, and you can still get lost getting from one mountain to the other. There are many stone and marble cutting operations in the village at the mountain’s feet – good place for souvenirs.

The Son Tra peninsula has some excellent hiking trails, beautiful motor-biking paths, a series of pretty beach, and rising above them all, the giant statue of Lady Buhhda.

The city is famous for a series of bridges that are at once important works of architecture, vital to the city’s economy, and glorious tourist traps when lit up at night. One bridge actually breathes fire.

Nightlife is thriving. You have the usual selection of clubs and pubs and bars, but the one to watch is Marilyn’s, which is going for a serious retro effect, complete with an upcoming rock and roll musical!Tourists should check in on them for further information.

Shopping-wise, make sure to check out the city’s stone and marble village. The Hoa Kahn night market isn’t too bad. The Con Market is a great place to meet the locals and have a traditional lunch. But most definitely check out M. Legrand, the city’s only pearl shop. There are also a great number of spas.

Below we have a list of things to do in Da Nang and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Da Nang getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Da Nang with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Da Nang

Here is the list of things to do in Da Nang and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The Marble Mountains

    4.2 (2065 Votes)
    The Marble Mountains


    The incredible Marble Mountains can be a little confusing to get around to, so keep in mind they are a cluster of 5 marble and limestone formations within driving distance, or even walking, if you've got the time. The legend goes, a dragon came out of the water, laid an egg that hatched a beautiful girl, and the shells of the egg became the mountains. Each mountain represents an element: :Thuy ...Read more
  2. Lady Buddha And Linh Ung Pagoda


    72 metres tall, with a base 17 metres in diametre, the statue of the Lady Buddha is easily the most striking sight in the city. The magnificent monument is made of single slab of marble and rises over the Son Tra peninsula. And what's the point of building something that tall and not climbing it? Steps carved into the statue itself will take you up 17 floors, each floor representing the life of...Read more
  3. Dragon Bridge

    River, Bridge, Walking Area

    Sticking to the facts first: the six laned Dragon Bridge that spans the Han River is aptly named for its 666 metre length and 37.5 metre width, its $88 million cost, the 2,500 LED lights that illuminate it at night, the fact that it greatly boosted the city's economy by making travel to surround regions simpler… and the gigantic bridge-spanning dragon that actually breathes fire. The gre...Read more
  4. Ba Na Hills

    4.4 (730 Votes)
    Ba Na Hills

    Outdoors, Cable Car

    This hill station west of Da Nang is the local favourite weekend retreat. It was founded in 1919 by the French. Since accommodation is not upscale, or even well organised, the best way to visit is on a day trip. And though you can drive up the mountain, it's MUCH better to take the funicular which rises 400 metres. You can board the cable car at the address given in the tips and warnings. You'l...Read more
  5. Non Nuoc Beach

    Beach, Walking Area

    Arcing along the foot of the NguHanh Son Mountain, this beach is frequently listed as one of the most beautiful in the world. The crystalline water is a vivid blue. Areas of high surf make is popular with surfers. Its waters shelter some beautiful coral reefs. And while seaweed is not often a marketable feature, those found here are actually exported. The area around the beach is choc-full with...Read more
  6. Museum Of Cham Sculpture

    4 (1688 Votes)
    Museum Of Cham Sculpture

    Museum, Sculpture

    The Cham people are a Vietnamese ethnic group. This museum, opened in 1989 in a French colonial building, is the greatest collection of Cham artefacts in the world. It consists of almost 300 incredible works of terracotta and stone sculpture from the Kingdom of Champa. Organised by location of discovery, most of the artefacts are from the 7th to the 15th centuries. They comprise of icons, pedes...Read more
  7. Son Tra Mountain

    4.3 (551 Votes)
    Son Tra Mountain

    Outdoors, Hiking Trail

    How much time you spend on this beautiful 693 metre high mountain depends on how much you want to do. If you're just here for the Lady Buddha statue then this ought to be a quick trip. But there's a lot more to see. For starters, the peninsula on which the mountain rises has three beaches nestled at its base. The sweeping roads of the mountain are very popular with bikers (the road is quite ste...Read more
  8. My Khe Beach

    4.4 (887 Votes)
    My Khe Beach

    Beach, Cave, Walking Area

    This pretty twenty milestrech of sand is said to be the country's most luxurious beach. Easy to see why - the high-end resorts, the upscale restaurants and the spas along the beach seem to be innumerable. The beach itself is great for both families and the sportsy. The slope of the beach into the water is very gentle so it's entirely safe for kids to head in. Yet, there's some great surf too, i...Read more
  9. Han River Bridge

    River, Bridge

    The bridges spanning Han River are usually impressive, but this one in particular holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. That's because this was the first bridge here designed by the Vietnamese, and the built by the locals themselves. It is a cable stayed swing bridge that moves so that ships can pass through. At night, the bridge is brightly lit up with neon-colored LED light - a b...Read more
  10. Danang Cathedral

    3.9 (490 Votes)
    Danang Cathedral

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    Built with astonishing speed in 1924, at a time when Vietnam was still under French occupation, the bubble-gum pink colored church is a striking sight. The style is Gothic, with rhombic arches over the entrance. At the very top of the building is a metal alloy rooster, inspired by stories from St. Peter. At 70 metres of height, the church towers prominent over the city centre. In 1963, the chur...Read more
  11. Site Archeologique De My Son

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Unesco Site

    Make a day trip out of Danang to see the ruins of ancient Hindu temples inside a valley surrounded by green mountains. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important historical heritages of not just Vietnam, but the country too. It was built by the Champa people, who ruled the land here for a millennium and a half. Unfortunately, a massive fire sometime in the past, and later bombi...Read more
  12. Asia Park

    Amusement Park, Festival

    This excellent amusement park was made with every intention of becoming the favourite weekend destination of both locals and tourists, especially families. The place is divided into three sections - the amusement park, the central zone, and the cultural park. Though construction on all areas isn't complete yet, the places that ARE open are already a huge hit. On most days, it starts quite late ...Read more
  13. Queen Spa

    4.6 (183 Votes)
    Queen Spa


    This seems to be the city's favourite spa. For quite reasonable prices you're provided with an extensive range of excellent services. Various types of body massages, specific area massages, pedicure services, face massages, waxing, body scrubs and skin whitening. The staff are very willing to adjust according to your directions. There's a sauna too. The decor itself isn't very spa-like; it look...Read more
  14. Sky 36

    Nightclub, Adults

    The city's favourite nightclub is set atop the NovotelDanang Premier Han River. It covers three stories and is the highest nightclub in the city. An evening here isn't cheap. Most clubbers are either wealthy locals or travellers with cash to spare. But if you do have the money, then the place is very welcoming indeed. State-of-the-art audio design, vivid neon lighting, a great bar, luxurious so...Read more
  15. Cao Dai Temple

    4 (331 Votes)
    Cao Dai Temple


    Caodaism is a new religion - it became official as recently as 1926 in South Vietnam. Devotees practice ancestor worship, non-violence, vegetarianism - all with the purpose of achieving union with God. There are millions of them now. This temple is the largest temple of that religion in Central Vietnam. For visitors, coming across this temple is often surprising, not least because most have nev...Read more

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