How to Reach Dalhousie


  • By Air: The nearest Airport is 75 kilometres at Pathankot. Prepaid taxis and State transport buses run between Pathankot and Dalhousie.
  • Pathankot is connected only to Delhi so Gaggal Airport in Kagra district is also used by tourists.
  • By Train: Chakki Bank Railway station at Pathankot is the nearest railway station to the city. Train transport is the most popular medium in the area. Superfast, deluxe and express trains travel to Pathankot.
  • By Car: The scenic views on the Pathankot-Dalhousie road make it a very pleasant journey. If you start from Delhi, you will have to travel through Karnal, Ludhiana and Jalandar. The Highway is well built.
  • By Bus: Himachal Road Transport Corporation and Haryana Road Transport Corporation provide bus services in Dalhousie. Private luxury and semi luxury buses run from Delhi to Dalhousie every day.


  • By Foot: Many local people prefer to roam around the town on foot during pleasant days. The town is small so this is an option tourists opt for as well.
  • By Car: You can hire a car to visit tourist spots. During peak season, the car owners hike the prices.
  • By Pony: You can ride ponies in Dalhousie to travel shorter distances in the town. Many locals use this way and many tourists enjoy it too.
  • By Bus: State transport buses provide services to tourist attraction which are far away from the town.