15 Best Things To Do in Dalyan, Turkey

by Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Dalyan, Turkey is a picturesque town located on the Dalyan River on the southwest coast of Turkey. When thinking about the best places to visit in Dalyan, you will be spoiled for choices! From beautiful beaches to ancient rock tombs and city ruins, Dalyan tourist attractions are a treat for the senses. You can also indulge in some refreshing and rejuvenating thermal mud baths in the Lake Köyceğiz which are one of the major tourist attractions of Dalyan.

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Dalyan:

1. Sea Turtle Research Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

This place is located on the southern end of Iztuzu beach. It was established n 2009. The rescue center has served numerous loggerheads and green turtles efficiently. June Haimoff greatly influenced the construction of the place. Everyone is going to enjoy the view of turtles. It is going to motivate everyone to care about marine animals. People will witness turtles receive treatments after getting injured by fishing nets boats and others.

Admission Fee:For Admission Fee call the office for the information. Also, you can make donations to facilitate this noble course.

2. A Visit to the Iztuzu Beach

This fantastic beach has a combination of salty and fresh water on either side. This makes it one of the unique beaches n Dalyan. There is a place where turtles breed called Caretta Carettas. While here you can enjoy a lot of water sports. There are also a lot of eat-outs where you can enjoy their local foods. Take everything that everyone may need and head out for an eventful time. You will be delighted.

Admission Fee:Visiting the beach is free. Even so, you will need a few notes with you to take care of a few things like transportation, meals, and so on.

3. A Terrific Time at Lycian Rock Tomb

It is reasonable for one not to think about visiting tombs. But since you are in Dalyan, you have to do so. These tombs were created during the 400BC era. They are outstandingly gorgeous, and the age looks good on them. When darkness sets in there are gleaming lights that light up the place. The sight is a beauty to behold. The tombs are constructed into the mountains found there. They overlook a beautiful river that flows gently. You can get to this place by hiring a taxi or driving yourself.

Admission Fee:You can visit this place with your kids. Even so ensure that they are close to you at all times. The admission fees are not explicitly stated.

4. How About Learning History at Kaunos?

This is a perfect historical and ancient ruins site to visit with your family. The touring team can use a boat to get to the place and then trek for a short while. The location is approximated to have existed from the 400BC era. It has a rich history of the area. There is a lot to see and learn here. Remember to carry a water bottle and some sunscreen tubes for everyone. The temperatures in this place are very high. Also, wear comfortable shoes.

Admission Fee:The ticket price can cost you around 10TRY. You will spend on hiring a boat as a means of transportation.

5. Visit the 12 Islands

This is a boat trip that you cannot afford to miss for anything in the world. Get your drink ready and hire a boat. This day will be a day to remember for everyone for their entire life. For this boat trip, you will have to visit 12 Islands in a day. Imagine the fun that you will have! You can do a lot of fun activities during the trip. You can swim, engage in diving, and so much more. Get your sunscreen ready to go and your snacks and drinks.

Admission Fee:The ticket price can cost you up to 23 TRY for adults, and 11 TRY for kids.

6. A Dip into the Sulunger Lake

This is also one of the most amazing places that someone can take their spouses and children. The Sulunger Lake has a lot of minerals that are healthy for your skin and serve as therapy for the body. The massive green water is beautiful and enticing. You can take a dip and enjoy a swim. Carry along with you some food and drinks. Do not forget your sunscreen as well. There is a lot of beauty for you to enjoy here.

Admission Fee:The amount of money you will spend for this trip will depend on the cost of the boat ticket which varies depending on the boat.

7. Exfoliate at Liza Cavus Thermal

Kids love playing in the mud. Any adult that knows the importance of exfoliating will automatically love covering themselves with dirt. This is the perfect place for everyone to play with dirt. Go out and dip yourself in mud and let it dry on your skin. You can then enjoy a jet spray to wash off all the dirt. When you are all clean and ready to go, you will testify that your skin looks and feels terrific.

Admission Fee:Visiting this place may cost you around 4 TRY. It is worth all that you will spend.

8. Visit Nur’s Art Gallery for the Love of Art

There is something excellently outstanding about art galleries. They give you a chance to learn a bit of the people’s culture and more. This is one of the best places to visit n Dalyan without a doubt. It is located at the main square. There are a lot of ceramic products, art pieces and so much more. It is a perfect place to get some gifts for loved ones. Everybody is going to enjoy the beauty of Dalyan’s art.

Admission Fee:You will not need any money before you enter the gallery. However, you will need some cash to purchase what the artists are selling.

9. Dalyan Cami

Well, it never hurts to visit a mosque. This is a small mosque in Dalyan yet rich in history and an abundance of educational facts. The construction of this mosque dates back to 1800s. Even so, a complete revamping of the place was done a year ago, and it looks brand new. It is now back in service to the local people. This is a fantastic place that will get your spiritual antennae alert.

Admission Fee:There are no fees applicable before one enters this beautiful mosque.

10. Lemon Lounge

This is the perfect place for everyone to go and chill out after a long day of touring around Dalyan. This boat is gorgeous, spacious, and excellent. The staff is amiable. The stop-offs are perfect. The food is out of this world. Enjoy the boat trip as the breeze hit you and pass through the strands of your hair. You can not miss saving a date with the Lemon Lounge boat. The perfect time is the last day of the vacation.

Admission Fee:Call the company to find out the rates they are offering for more accurate information.

11. Lime Restaurant and Bar

This is the perfect place for the family to enjoy their meal. The location offers Mediterranean European and Turkish cuisines for people to choose from. It is a gorgeous place perfect for romantic dinners as well. While the kids are enjoying their food, the parents can go to the bar to enjoy a few drinks before they head out to sleep. This place is wonderfully lit and the ambiance s perfect.

Admission Fee:This restaurant allows kids and adults alike. You will need the money to pay for the meals. The price for every meal differs depending on what you are eating.

12. Unique Art

This is a lovely shop for anyone to visit. It is full of beautiful and elegant shiny commodities. The items here are hand-made and spectacular. It is a perfect gift shop when you are shopping around for gifts for relatives and friends. The place has gorgeous things for both men and women. Therefore, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy shopping here. There is everything to love about the place.

Admission Fee: As you visit the place carry along with you enough shopping money because you will need a lot of it.

13. Ottoman Karaoke & Cocktail Bar

For everyone who wants to enjoy the Dalyan nightlife, this is the perfect place for them. They can have all the fun in the world in this place. They will sing to their favorite jams and dance the night away. The fun does not compare. Have some shots of liquor with your loved ones and make memories. The place is beautiful and famous. Your night will be perfect.

Admission Fee:The only money you need here is for paying for your drinks and taxi.

14. Sunray Bar

This is yet another fantastic place to pass the night away. It is a beautiful and gorgeous place that everyone will love. The live music goes a long way to entertain people. You can enjoy your drinks under the lovely skies and have a romantic time. The illuminated tombs form a perfect backdrop for the bar giving it an exquisite view. The atmosphere is beautiful, and you will enjoy the Turkish company.

Admission Fee: You will need some money for the drinks and the taxi. No persons under the age of eighteen are allowed in the place.

15. Dalyan Dive Center

This site is a fun and adventurous place to visit. Whether you know how to dive or not, do not worry. The staff will take care of you. They are friendly and accommodative. Everyone is going to have a fantastic time that is out of this world.

Admission Fee:You will need to pay some amount of money for the activities that the center provides. There are also expenditures like for drinks and so on.

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    Lycian Rock Tombs

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    Address: Dalyan Beldesi, Fethiye/Mugla, Turkey

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    12 Islands

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    Sulunger Lake

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    Liza Cavus Thermal

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    Address: Dalyan, Turkey

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    This is an experience you either love or hate. Most of us would love it. Once you're at the place you plaster yourself in mud that is sort of smelly, and then let it dry over you. While having the mud...Read more

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    Lemon Lounge

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    Address: Merkez Liman | Tezcan Hotel karsisi, Dalyan 48840, Turkey

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    Sunray Bar

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    Address: Maras Mh. Maras Cs. No 46 / B, 48840 Dalyan

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    Central Park Restaurant Image

    Address: Gülpınar, Atatürk Cad./322 Sok. Central Park Hotel No:4, 48600 Dalyan/Ortaca/Muğla, Turkey

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    Had a very nice brunch there but suprised to be charged extra for brown sauce and mustard. Very good service.

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