Best Things To Do in Daman, India

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  • Church of Bom Jesus: Dedicated to Bom Jesus, this parish church started in 1559. It displays the architecture of traditional Roman churches and is a tribute to Portugese craftsmanship. The gilt wooden altar reredos and pulpit and the statues of the six saints on the ceiling, are the main attractions at this church.
  • Fort Of Moti Daman: Spread over a vast stretch of 30,000 square metres, is the mighty Fort of Moti Daman that dates back to 1559. The fort has ten bastions, two gateways and a moat.
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary: Sharing the wall with the Fort of Moti Daman is this beautiful chapel which has wooden panels depicting the stories of saints and the ceiling is adorned with golden sculptures of angels.
  • Light House: Located within the area covered by Moti Daman Fort, the Light House provides a stunning view below.
  • Church of Our Lady of Remedies: This church has been in Daman since 1607. The altar is carved with engravings that date back to 17th century.
  • Fort of St. Jerome: Also known as Nani Daman Fort, this fort dates back to 1672. The structure covers a vast area of 12250 square metres, and has three bastions and two gateways. The main attraction of this fortification is the giant statue of St. Jerome and two human figures, at one of the huge gateways.
  • Church of Our Lady of Angustias: This beautiful church showcases Portugese craftmanship on wood.
  • Damanganga Tourist Complex: The gorgeous landscape of lush gardens, enticing waterfalls and beautiful fountains, makes this place a perfect place to spend at leisure.
  • Pergola Garden: Designed after the Pantheon in Athens, this garden is a memorial for all those Portugese soldiers who perished during the uprising for liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.


  • Jampore Beach: Located at a distance of 3 kilometres from Moti Daman, this golden beach is perfect for those looking for solidarity amidst nature. The waters are devoid of dangerous undercurrents, thus making it a hot spot for swimming. 
  • Devka Beach: This beach, located north of Nani Daman is just right for taking a stroll along the waters. While the rocky sea-bed makes it hard for swimming, there are a lot fun activities to do on the beach. 
  • Mirasol Resort and Waterpark: Located in Kadaiya Lake Garden, is the main amusement park of Daman. The rides will spike up your adrenaline levels with rides and go-karting, while those looking for more peaceful options, take a ride on the mini train or take a boat ride in the lake.

Below we have a list of things to do in Daman and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Daman getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Daman

Here is the list of things to do in Daman and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Mirasol Lake Garden

    Garden, Bridge, Lake, Boating

    One of the most visited spots in Daman is this man-made wonder of a garden. The lush garden paints quite a picture with fountains and is a perfect setting for a quite and peaceful evening with your loved ones. Along with the stunning garden, there is an equally gorgeous lake between two artificial islands, connected with a picturesque bridge. Enjoy an evening of boating in this picture-perfect ...Read more
  2. Jampore Beach

    4.1 (391 Votes)
    Jampore Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Water Sport

    Daman offers some absolutely charming beaches, and Jampore Beach is one of the top ones there are. The beach lets you get completely in touch with nature, with cool casuarina trees providing shade, while the waves keep lapping at the shore. Take a stroll along the length of the beach and ponder over life's questions. You will surely get the answers amidst such a soothing environment. The low ri...Read more
  3. Basilica Of Bom Jesus Church

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    Displaying some exquisite Portugese craftsmanship, is this 450 years old church, that has been maintained so well that it still looks as good as new. The door to the church itself gives you a glimpse of the architectural wonder you will witness inside. The pulpit in the church has been carved so intricately, that you can see every minute detail there is. The wooden altars have been beautifully ...Read more
  4. Nani Daman

    Church, Religious Site, Temple, Light House

    Daman is divided into two parts by River Daman Ganga, Nani Daman or Little Daman and Moti Daman or Big Daman. The historic importance of this place is what draws people to this beautiful part of Daman. The Nani Daman Fort, in all its majestic glory; churches beautifully displaying Gothic architecture; a lone lighthouse taking you back in time at sunset; an 18th century Jain Temple adorned with ...Read more
  5. Somnath Mahadev Temple

    4.3 (257 Votes)
    Somnath Mahadev Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    In the small village of Dabhel, lies this very important temple that attracts thousands of devotees from all over the country every year for the renowned 'Gangaji Fair'. The Somnath Mahadev Temple resembles the world-famous Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The glass interiors is what makes this temple so unique, despite being small in size. While it is generally peaceful, the fair gives it another le...Read more
  6. Mirasol Water Park

    4.2 (299 Votes)
    Mirasol Water Park

    Water Park

    Mirasol water park in Daman is a haven of mystical peace and natural serenity! Located in Kadaiya Village at Daman. An abode which is a cocoon of style and class! Nestled in lush, tropical grounds of Daman, Mirasol Resort is deeply rooted in it’s local heritage and quintessentially landscaped. Imagine living in a tastefully designed resort with the most sophisticated modern amenities...Read more
  7. Devka Amusement Park

    3.8 (542 Votes)
    Devka Amusement Park

    Amusement Park, Beach, Garden, Park

    An amusement park overlooking the beach, will definitely make your day. The Devka Amusement Park is on the beach itself, and if you visit the beach with your children, there is no doubt that this is where they will pull you to. With exciting options like water ballon raft, bungy-jumping, swings and cricket pitch, this park will keep kids busy all the time. For adults, who would like to simply e...Read more
  8. Nani Daman Fort

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Fort

    The St Jerome Fort was dedicated to one of the most prolific priests of the Catholic Church, and there is a giant statue of him at one of the huge gateways. Handed over to the Portugese by the Mughals, this fort encloses an area of 12250 square metres, has three bastions and two gateways. Although in ruins, the fort is maintained really well. Along with the fort, there is the Church of Our Lady...Read more
  9. Governor's Palace

    Light House, Fort

    Located inside the Moti Daman Fort, is the Governor's Palace. The highlights of this structure are the exquisitely carved stairway and embellished chandeliers, that make this place a complete beauty. This heritage building has an old-world charm that adds to its attraction, and that is what draws in visitors to this beautiful structure. The view of the sea from here is simple breath-taking. You...Read more
  10. Jetty Garden

    3.9 (405 Votes)
    Jetty Garden

    Garden, River, Leisure, Fountain

    This beautiful garden is situated on the shores on River Daman Ganga. Artfully designed, this garden displays an elegance that will keep you awe-struck. The exquisite fountains will hold your complete attention, as will the array of exotic flora all over the garden. The seats all face the shimmering waters of the river, and the well laid lawns will make you take your shoes off and just enjoy th...Read more
  11. Dominican Monastery

    4.2 (507 Votes)
    Dominican Monastery

    Religious Site, Monastery

    Once upon a time, a globally renowned seminary, the Dominican Monastery used to be the headquarters for theological studies. Located inside the premises of Moti Daman Fort, scholars from all over the world used to visit this monastery to get enlightened with knowledge. But now, it is just a shadow of its former glory. The monastery's sudden downfall is a mystery till date. But that doesn't keep...Read more
  12. Devka Beach

    3.9 (208 Votes)
    Devka Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Water Sport, Picnic Spot

    One of the popular beaches in Daman, Devka Beach is a perfect place to stroll lazily along the shoreline. For those with families, this is a perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones, under the cool shade of the coconut trees. There are various water sports arranged by the locals of Devka Beach, so you are assured to have some fun time too. For kids to have some more fun, there is the opti...Read more
  13. Daman Ganga Tourist Complex

    Garden, Food And Drinks, Fountain

    Daman Ganga Tourist Complex is a unique place that has everything possible to make your day. An expansive garden with a beautiful landscape, along with sparkling waterfalls and dancing fountains, this place is truly an exotic haven. You can gorge on delicious food at the cafeteria, while enjoying the natural view. And, if a few hours are not enough to drink in the beauty of this place, there ar...Read more
  14. Daman Airport Image
    Daman Airport is a domestic airport located in the Union Territory of Daman, India. It is located at an elevation of 10 m (33 ft) above mean sea level. The airport is owned and operated by the Airport Authority of India.The airport has one runway, which is 1,400 m (4,593 ft) long and 30 m (98 ft) wide. The airport has a single terminal building, which can handle up to 100 passengers at a time.T...Read more
  15. Cathedral Of Bom Jesus
    The Portuguese styled 17th century Cathedral of Bom Jesus is a religious and architectural site. The intricate rosewood carvings and the ornately gilded altar area are eye-catching.