Events and Festivals in Darjeeling

  • People of Darjeeling, throughout the year, celebrate various events and festivals. Below is the month wise list of events and festivals one can witness in Darjeeling.
  • January: Bumchu is celebrated in the monastery in Darjeeling. It is considered as one of the holiest festivals in Sikkim. The whole atmosphere during this period is vibrant.
  • February: The Tibetan and Sherpa community celebrate their new year in February. People organise cultural programmes including folk songs and dances.
  • October: Dashain festival is one of the important festivals in Darjeeling. Alternative name for Durga Puja, this is a ten-day festival and is celebrated for the triumph of good over evil.
  • November: Animals like cows, dogs and bullocks are honoured in Darjeeling during the Tihar festival, which is a five-day festival.
  • December: The hill station hosts the Darjeeling Festival to celebrate the flourishing tea industry. Tasting sessions and exhibitions are organised in this festival.V

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