How to Reach Deadwood - The Easiest Way to Reach Deadwood


  • By Air: The closest airport to the city is the Rapid City Regional Airport and is served by four major airlines namely Delta, United, Northwest and Allegiant. It’s an hour away from Deadwood.
  • By Car: It’s easy to get to Deadwood from Rapid City by using US Route 14 A. Alternatively you can drive from Wyoming using I-90.


  • On Foot: You can easily travel to most of the city’s sights on foot. It will only be difficult for you during times when the city is plagued by snow storms.
  • By Car: Driving through Deadwood is a great option. There isn’t much traffic and the street signs are clearly marked. Be careful during times of heavy snow though.
  • By Trolley: Travelling by trolley is the cheapest way to travel through the city.

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How to Reach Deadwood from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Terraville to Deadwood 4.6 km 4 mins
Maitland to Deadwood 8.7 km 8 mins
Spearfish to Deadwood 15.39 km 15 mins
Custer to Deadwood 21.32 km 21 mins
Sturgis to Deadwood 23.84 km 23 mins
Hot springs to Deadwood 37.13 km 37 mins
Tioga to Deadwood 134.95 km 2 hours 14 mins
Holyoke to Deadwood 184.35 km 3 hours 4 mins
Loveland to Deadwood 186.11 km 3 hours 6 mins
Denver to Deadwood 187.25 km 3 hours 7 mins