Events and Festivals in Delhi

The main festivals of the year both take place around October:

  • Dussehra is a ten day long festival, celebrating the defeat of Ravana (a demon) by Ram, on the tenth day the structure of Ravana is symbolically destroyed.
  • Diwali is the world famous ‘festival of lights’ and is a celebration infused with candle light, diyas (oil lamps) and fireworks.
  • Other popular festivals include Lohri in winter (around January), Holi (festival of colours, in March), Baisakhi (Sikh New Year, in April) and the Mango festival (April to May).
  • Delhi has a vibrant and trendy nightlife. Hot spots change constantly, a good way to keep up with the trends is in ‘Time Out New Delhi’ (a bi-monthly publication). Stand alone pubs and restaurants must close at midnight, but bars and night clubs in the larger hotels are popular, and stay open longer.
  • For safety it is best to travel in groups, do not go into deserted areas at night, travel by registered cab and women especially should exercise caution.

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