How to Reach Delphi


It’s common to travel to Delphi via Athens, though you may also arrive there by buses from other town.

  • By Air: The closest airport is Athens International Airport, about 200 km away.
  • By Taxi: Renting a taxi, or your own car in Athens for the day to take to Delphi is also common.
  • By Bus: From Athens, the three hour bus ride costs EUR 15 - EUR 20. From Italy, buses leave from Patras.


  • By Foot: The village and the ruins site are both small enough that walking is convenient.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are readily available in the village.
Route Distance Time
Athens to Delphi 146.36 km 2 hours 26 mins
Tinos to Delphi 311.31 km 5 hours 11 mins
Fira to Delphi 387.73 km 6 hours 27 mins
Ankara to Delphi 1160.02 km 19 hours 20 mins
Leopoldov to Delphi 1164.35 km 19 hours 24 mins
Cairo to Delphi 1280.84 km 21 hours 20 mins
Florence to Delphi 1378.41 km 22 hours 58 mins
Prague to Delphi 1513.87 km 25 hours 13 mins
Munich to Delphi 1587.09 km 26 hours 27 mins
Milan to Delphi 1656.38 km 27 hours 36 mins