15 Best Things To Do in Detroit, Michigan

by Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar Updated on 16 Oct 2018

Detroit city is calling you! Just so you know, Detroit is a city in Michigan, United States. Why just visit the crowded places in the nation? You must explore the whole of the United States because Detroit city has so much to offer you! 

It is not just the food that would interest you. You will find that there are many architectural buildings, scenic views, museums and much more. In a nutshell, you will never have a dearth of things to do.

Speaking of things to do, there are a number of things to do in Detroit, United States. We have listed the top tourist attractions in Detroit. Trust us when we say this, you would enjoy reading this list!  Take a look!

Let's explore Detroit points of interest and 15 best things to do in  Detroit:

1. Visit the Link between U.S. and Canada – Ambassador Bridge 

This bridge has relevance and you must visit it for the sheer thought that it connects Canada and United States. The Ambassador Bridge is basically a suspension bridge which connects Detroit with Windsor, Canada. 

Why should you visit this bridge? What is so special about it? 

It is the fact that this bridge stretches out and covers a long distance. It is pleasing to the eyes and you would enjoy being here! The water vistas would enthrall you! 

2. Awaken the gambler in you at Greektown Casino Hotel 

Let us add some fun to your trip! Visit the Greektown Casino hotel as there is lots of fun and frolic waiting to happen. You get to meet new people and the gambler in you would thoroughly enjoy being here. 

Greektown Casino Hotel - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

This is not just a casino! It is a steakhouse which serves delicious food and whoever wishes to gamble their money and meet new people, they can visit this must-see property! Additionally, it is a hotel and you can stay over here. You will not miss all the action! 

3. A Visit to the Detroit Historical Museum 

This is not just any other museum! We usually find museums boring because the artifacts and remains just do not thrill us! When you visit the Detroit Historical Museum, you would be glad because the exhibits revolve and they are interactive.

Kids and families love being here! You can even get your partner here as this museum is a fun place to be! It exhibits the story of the city brilliantly and you can also find recreated streets here. 

4. Make way for the fishes at Belle Isle Aquarium 

This is a grand aquarium which you cannot miss for the world! This place is known for its extensive and rare collection of garfish. The aquarium has been carefully designed by famous architects. It opened its doors in the year 1904 and continues to be a popular spot in Detroit. ‘

Won’t you go and meet the fishes? 

5. Explore the Michigan Science Center 

Detroit is in Michigan and while you are in the city, you must visit the Michigan Science Center. It is a great place for families! We usually consider science centers as an enriching experience for the kids but even adults love exploring scientific facts. 

Michigan Science Center - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

There is a planetarium where kids and adults can learn more about stars. There are interactive exhibits to keep the kids engaged! 

6. Pay a visit to the Detroit Opera House 

Do you love theatre? The Detroit Opera House embraces you and gives you an extraordinary experience. When you step inside the opera house, it is majestic and you feel like you have been transported to the past life.

Do keep a track of the events happening in the Detroit Opera House. You might just get lucky to watch a concert here! 

7. Tiempo de Gozar at Mexican town in Detroit 

When in Detroit, you must visit the Mexican town where you get the best tacos! If your heart wishes to enjoy good food and meet old friends, head to the Mexican town. It is colorful and pleasing to the human eyes!

The bakeries have some delicious items in the morning which you must try! The food is affordable and you can sit down and chit chats for hours. It is a relaxed place where you can be away from all the sophistication! 

8. View the Architectural Brilliant – Campus Martius Park 

The Campus Martius Park is a must visit for all those, who wish to witness the city life. You can find many tourists and locals here. You would find them eating the typical street food of Detroit or just having a conversation with their loved ones. It is a beach park where there are sand and lots of fun! Come here for a picnic or just sit on the sand. You will have a relaxing day! 

9. The Albert Kahn Excellence in Detroit – Fisher Building 

When you enter the Fisher building, you get transported to another world. Do you believe that magical places exist? If not then you must visit this building which is the work of Albert Kahn.

An hour at the Fisher Building is enough but you must take a guide along with you! You could ask a local to guide you! It is the lobby which will captivate you forever. 

10. Check out the Spirit of Detroit 

The spirit of Detroit is a famous landmark. If you are in the area and you want to see one of the best sights of the city, you must check out the Spirit of Detroit. It is a statue of a man holding two objects in both his hands. It has a deep meaning and majority of the people are clueless about the symbolic structure.

Spirit of Detroit - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

You must visit the Spirit of Detroit. You can find many restaurants around for a quick bite. This is the type of place where you should get clicked! The statue is an absolutely brilliant work of art. 

11. Witness the beauty of nature at Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory 

If it is spring and you are looking for a place to cool off then the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is the best place to visit. It is a small place but has the prettiest flowers and plants. The conservatory is close to Belle Isle Aquarium and you must take out time to visit this beauty! 

12. Praise the Lord at Old St. Mary’s Church 

When you are off for a trip, do visit the church and praise the lord. It is a beautiful Catholic church in Detroit and you must make sure that you attend the Sunday mass. The architecture of this church is inspiring and it will leave you enthralled.

13. Relax at the Mariner Park 

Do you want to see Lake St. Clair? If the answer is a resounding YES then you must visit the Mariner Park. You can relax here and take a peaceful walk. There are a little fishing spot and a lighthouse too! 

In a nutshell, it is a place where you can spend hours romancing or thinking about life. Sometimes peaceful times are needed and this place is ideal for the same! 

14. A Delicious Pizza at the Supino Pizzeria 

Supino Pizzeria has received positive reviews from all the visitors. If you want a no frill pizza which tastes brilliant then make your way to this lovely pizza place. The ambiance is great and you can even catch a drink here! If you are just hungry or you want to catch up with old friends, this place is the best! 

15. Dime Store for Classic Cocktails 

Do you need a drink? Head to Dime Store for classic cocktails and craft beers as this place is famous for the same plus you would not regret being here. It is a great place for a brunch and you can get some amazing twist of brunch favorites. Try it to believe it! 


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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Detroit, Michigan

Must see places in Detroit ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of Detroit tourist attractions & points of interest.

  1. # 1 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 1761 times in trip plans
    Detroit Institute Of Arts

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum, Entertainment, Tourist Center

    Address: 5200 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The Detroit Institute of Arts, or DIA as termed by many, was first founded in 1885 as the Detroit Museum of Art. It is located in Midtown Detroit, Michigan, and occupies a huge area of 658,000 square ...Read more

  2. # 2 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 474 times in trip plans

    Tags: Outdoors, Landmark, Entertainment, Town

    Address: Greektown, Detroit, Michigan, United States

    Timings: 12:01 am - 12:00 am Details

    Greektown is the historical, landmark commercial and entertainment centre of the city of Detroit. Located north east of downtown Detroit, this site of the Greek Parade, is well connected by the Detroi...Read more

  3. # 3 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 936 times in trip plans
    Detroit International Riverfront

    Tags: Park, Walking Area, Dine In, Broadway

    Address: Detroit Riverwalk, Detroit, MI 48243, United States

    Timings: 06:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    Detroit RiverFront is one of the hallmark attractions of the city of Detroit. The RiverFront extends from the Ambassador Bridge in the west to the Belle Island in the east, for a total of 5.5 miles or...Read more

  4. # 4 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 676 times in trip plans
    Joe Louis Arena

    Tags: Sport, Arena, Stadium, Play Ground

    Address: 19 Steve Yzerman Dr, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Joe Louis Arena, or The Joe, home to the 11 time Stanley Cup winners Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey league, is a hockey arena located in downtown Detroit. The Arena is one of 3 hockey arenas...Read more

  5. # 5 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 334 times in trip plans
    Belle Isle Park

    Tags: Garden, Park, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    Address: East Jefferson and East Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48207.

    Timings: 06:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    Situated in the Detroit River between Canada and the United States mainland, Belle Isle Park is a 982 acre (1,534 square meter) island park. It has a maritime museum, a zoo, a conservatory, an aquariu...Read more

  6. # 6 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 277 times in trip plans
    Gm Renaissance Center

    Tags: Waterfront, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Entertainment

    Address: Detroit, MI, United States.

    Timings: 06:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    GM Renaissance Centre located on the International Riverfront is owned by General Motors as its world headquarters. It has a variety of shops, services, dining experiences, conference facilities, movi...Read more

  7. # 7 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 282 times in trip plans
    Detroit Historical Society

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    Address: 5401 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

    Timings: 09:30 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The Detroit Historical Society (DHS) founded in 1921 with the aim of studying and discussing Detroit history.  However this changed in 1927 when under the leadership of one of the DHS directors t...Read more

  8. # 8 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 209 times in trip plans

    Tags: Trail, Tourist Center, Town, Neighborhoods

    Address: Mexicantown, Detroit

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Mexicantown is a town with a vibrant community. In the 1940s the Mexican population of Detroit started settling in Mexicantown. The Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church started weekly masses in Spanish...Read more

  9. # 9 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 233 times in trip plans
    Eastern Market

    Tags: Entertainment, Flea Market, Street Market, Shopping Center

    Address: Located approximately one mile (1.6km) northeast of Detroit’s downtown.

    Timings: 07:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Originally opened in 1841 as the Farmers Market in Detroit devoted to hay and wood sales. Through the years as the market grew sheds were built and in 1891 the Farmer’s Market moved to its prese...Read more

  10. # 10 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 229 times in trip plans
    Charles H.wright Museum Of African American History

    Tags: Museum, View Point, Exhibition

    Address: Wayne State University, 315 East Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202, United States.

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Founded by Dr. Charles Wright in 1965 along with a racially integrated group of community members this museum is spread over 125,000 square fee, and is the largest institute of this kind. With an adve...Read more

  11. # 11 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 194 times in trip plans
    Detroit-windsor Tunnel

    Tags: Adventure, Tunnel

    Address: 100 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226, United States, and 555 Goyeau Street, Windsor, ON N9A 1H1, Canada.

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This is an underground highway tunnel opened in 1930, nearly 85 years ago connecting the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. Catering to 13,000 vehicles, it is operated by th...Read more

  12. # 12 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 150 times in trip plans
    American Jewelery & Loan

    Tags: Entertainment, Shopping Center, Exhibition , Specialty Shop

    Address: 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI 48235, United States

    Timings: 09:30 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Situated on Greenfield Road,  AmericanJewelery and Loan is a  family owned and operated pawn shop. The store first opened in 1978 in the suburbs and in 1993 moved to its present 50,000 squar...Read more

  13. # 13 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 148 times in trip plans
    Cobo Centre

    Tags: Estate, Theatre, Convention Center, Exhibition

    Address: CoboCenter, Detroit, Michigan, United States.

    Timings: 09:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    A convention centre situated along Jefferson and Washington Avenues in downtown Detroit, Cobo Centre was formerly known as Cobo Hall and Cobo Arena. It has an exhibition space of 623,000 square feet a...Read more

  14. # 14 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 159 times in trip plans
    Old St.marys Church

    Tags: Church, Religious Site

    Address: 646 Monroe Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226, United States.

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Formally the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, now renamed St.Mary Roman Catholic Church is the third oldest Roman Catholic parish in Detroit. It is also called Old St.Ma...Read more

  15. # 15 of 2619 Things To Do in Detroit | Added 93 times in trip plans
    Dossin Great Lakes Museum

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Educational Site, Specialty Museum

    Address: 100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207, United States.

    Timings: 11:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    A historical maritime museum, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum is located along the Detroit River on The Strand on Belle Isle Park. Spread over an area of 16,000 square feet, it features ships no longer ...Read more

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